Does Compost help Plants Grow Faster? Now Answered

Does Compost help Plants Grow Faster

Yes, it does. In sandy soils, for example, an addition of compost helps in improving the water holding capacity of the soil. By the addition of organic matter to the soil, compost can help to improve both plant growth and the health of the plant.

1) How can Compost increase Plant Growth?

To start with, compost may allow the long-term retention of nutrients and this is possible through the enhanced ability for soil to retain nutrients chemically and biologically. Also, compost applications may help in improving other soil factors which limit plant growth asides from fertility, allowing plants to achieve more of their genetic growth potential.

2) How does Compost make Plants Grow Faster?

Compost boosts the growth rate of plants by balancing soil density. In soils that happen to be too tight, the addition of compost will help in loosening the soil. As for soils that are too loose, compost helps in clumping it together. The balancing enables plants to develop healthier roots into the soil thus, contributing to healthier and faster growth.

3) Do Plants Grow Better in Soil or Compost?

For plants grown in compost, they tend to grow about 37% more in length compared to the other two soil types and about 26% and 48% more leaves compared to the Ground and the fertilized plants accordingly. As for the stems, the stems of plants grown in compost tend to grow 26% and 63% more than the latter two.

4) Can you Plant directly in Compost?

Yes, you can. You can decide to plant in straight compost. However, incorporating the compost into your sandy garden soil or perhaps, mixing it with other additives in case of container plantings can be much better than planting directly in compost.

5) How much Compost do I add to Soil?

The standard one is a quarter to half-inch of compost if applied to the top of the soil and if planning to amend the soil, it can be an inch to two inches. Recommended maximums indicate 30% compost in a soil blend, but not above 25% compost in containers or raised beds.

6) Can Compost be used to Start Seeds?

Start with two parts compost as your base. Since all parts are measured by volume, it does not matter what one uses to measure one’s ingredients so far there is consistency. The compost slowly and gradually released nutrients into the mix and the nutrients released help in feeding seedlings as they grow.

7) When to Use Compost

Add a thick layer of compost at least 2 – 3 inches each year. This will help in maintaining healthy soil. If you are making use of homemade compost, it’s more advisable to add it in early fall. This is due to the fact that by spring, it would have broken down and worked itself into the soil.


Adding compost to your soil helps your plants grow faster as compost is rich in nutrients required by plants for healthy and faster growth. Also, compost promotes soil microbes which aid plant growth.