Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds? (Step By Step Answer)

Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds? (Step By Step Answer)

In this article, I’m going to discuss the use of coffee grounds around roses. Follow along with this guide to discover whether coffee grounds are good for the roses or not.

Should you put coffee grounds around roses?

Coffee grounds around your roses or to compost helps to fertilize your soil easily and can be of abundant benefits to your rose bushes. Nitrogen is the primary available nutrient in coffee grounds and the most important nutrient for healthy roses.

Its addition to the roses helps in stimulating growth. It also helps in ensuring a more healthy, disease resistance rose. The high nitrogen content in coffee grounds make it valuable to rose growers.

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However, nitrogen is not the only nutrient present in the grounds. They also contain other essential minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and copper which serve as valuable nutrients for the roses while also improving the soil health.

Coffee grounds improve the soil structure and feed earthworms as well as microbes present in the soil which break down organic material in a form that is easily taken in by the roots of the roses.

Coffee grounds happen to be a favourite of the worms and this will benefit the roses as the worms effectively aerate compact soil thus, improving the soil structure and drainage.

After the worms feed on the coffee grounds, the worm casts concentrate the valuable nutrients and minerals, thus, increasing nutrient availability to the roses’ roots from the surrounding soil.

You can also add your coffee grounds to your compost heap as it decomposes faster and can add valuable fertile material to be used as mulch for your roses during the growing season.

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When to apply or use coffee grounds on roses?

The nitrogen present in coffee grounds makes perfect for fertilizing your roses. However, avoid applying the grounds too early or late in the season. This is because the nitrogen will end up stimulating new soft delicate leaf growth which will be vulnerable to frost damage.

Thus, it is best to apply the grounds in April/May when the rose is emerging from its winter dormancy and the new leaves are almost fully open. Avoid spreading the grounds on rose beds after mid of August as new growth requires time to harden and prepare for the coming winter frosts.

Applying the grounds after mid of August can make the new growth turn black and die in the first frost. If such a mistake is made, don’t panic. All what you need to do is to remove the damaged growth using a pruner as soon as you can. So far you act quickly and don’t waste time, your roses should be fine as most of the rose species are hardy plants.

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How to put coffee grounds around roses

Fertilizing your roses with coffee grounds must be done in moderation as there is a high concentration of nitrogen in coffee grounds and too much of nitrogen can end up burning the roots of the roses. Ways by which you can use coffee grounds as fertilizer for your roses include:

Spread half a pound of coffee grounds around each mature rose plant and water adequately. Pour your coffee grounds into a Can containing 9 litres of water and mix together. You can also add coffee grounds to your compost heap for a balance of carbon and nitrogen based mulch.


Roses like coffee grounds as the grounds help to improve the fertility, drainage and structure of the soil so that the roses can thrive and produce abundant flowers. However, it is best to use the grounds in moderation as too much of the grounds will result in too much of nitrogen and too much of nitrogen can end up burning the roots of your roses.