Benefits of Composting to Human Health

Benefits of Composting to Human Health

Just like how compost had its benefits on plants, soil, and the environment, it also has certain direct and indirect benefits on human health which are explained in this article.

1) It Reduces Methane Coming from Landfills

Methane which is a greenhouse gas is harmful to human health. When wastes are subjected to composting rather than dumping them on landfills, the waste in landfills is not only reduced but the greenhouse gas emitted such as methane, is also reduced.

A brief further explanation on this is the fact that organic wastes do not decompose in the dark, low-oxygen conditions in landfills and so, its degradation produces methane which happens to be a greenhouse gas and which is about 56 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period.

Compared to landfilling, composting organic material helps both plants and microorganisms grow and also pulls carbon out of the atmosphere. Thus, composting helps to tackle global warming.

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2) Increase in Yields of Fruits and Vegetables

Using compost in the home garden gives bigger yields of fruits, as well as vegetables. Not only that, with compost your plants become healthier. These fruits and vegetables as we all know, are good for consumption, beneficial and each has its own role played on human health such as boosting of the immune system, e.t.c. There is a saying that a fruit a day keeps the doctor away. Consumption of fruits and vegetables will have a lot of benefits on your health.

3) Reduction of Polluted Water Bodies

When fertilizers are used, they could be washed off into water bodies such as lakes, streams, e.t.c and thus, polluting the water bodies. Usage of the water most especially without treatment could have detrimental effects on human lives.

Not only that, but these fertilizers could also deplete the soil in the long run, produce nitrous oxide as well as nitrogen oxides which could cause respiratory problems and also, cause damages to the lung.

Also, when water bodies are polluted, the animals present in the water bodies could also get contaminated and consumption of such contaminated animals, e.g shellfish could result in sickness or perhaps, death.

Composting helps in reducing the amount and rate of fertilizer application. This is because it can be seen as an alternative and much safer. Some evidence even gives a suggestion that pesticides could have certain links to cancer.

All these can be avoided by using compost. Apart from compost being safer, it also helps in reducing the cost spent on purchasing these chemicals.

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Composting has a lot of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Its benefits are not limited to plants and soil alone as it goes far beyond that some of which have been explained in this article in respect to human health.

By composting, you are indirectly deriving benefits from the process of composting on your health as a human, and not only you, others also get to benefit. Thus, try and practice composting in your garden today!