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5 Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Pots

by Idris Ya'u
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One of the most rewarding plants to raise is tomatoes. It’s impossible to beat their luscious crimson deliciousness.

Fresh tomato harvests are available to everyone, regardless of where they live, because tomatoes are grown in containers.

For most of the growing season, tomatoes are a popular garden resident. Whether you grow tomatoes in pots on a porch, on raised beds, or in large in-ground gardens, there are a few key factors that help any tomato plant thrive.

Growing tomatoes, on the other hand, can be a challenge because they are prone to disease, which reduces the number of tomatoes a plant yields significantly.

To avoid this, you’ll grow the plants in pots, which will give you more control over the circumstances that could induce disease.

5 Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Pots

Use Big Containers Or Pots

The first step to a successful container tomato growth is to plan. It’s similar to constructing a house from the ground up in that a sturdy foundation is required. You should make sure that you plant them in large pots.

Choose a container that is at least 18″ wide and tall*. If you have one that is 24″ x 24″, that is even better. Fill the pot halfway with high-quality potting soil and check for proper drainage.

Wash The Container Well Or Pots

Make sure the pot is clean, especially if you used it to plant tomatoes the previous year. Tomatoes are susceptible to some illnesses.

Other than addressing issues as they develop, you should grow your tomatoes in sterilized containers if you want strong, healthy tomato plants, which you do.

Growing a new set of tomatoes in a new set of clean containers is the ideal practice.

Many tomato illnesses are transmitted from year to year in pots, soil, and supports… So make sure you clean them well.

Bury Your Tomato Roots Deeply

The answer to creating long-lasting tomato plants is to provide them with a sturdy base, whether you’re repotting them or starting them from seed. What you want to do is make sure their roots go deep into the ground.

Plant the tomatoes deep in the soil, with a large portion of the stem buried, to give them extra plant strength. Roots will develop down the stem to provide the plant with extra water.

Move Tomato Plant In And Out Of The Sun

Ensure that the tomato plants receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Every green thumb knows that while plants need sunlight to flourish, they do not want to be left out in the hot sun of summer.


To produce large tomatoes, tomato plants require a lot of nutrients. So make sure to fertilize them regularly. Even in containers, you need to be smart and technical about fertilizing your plant for abundant harvests.

Using an organic tomato fertilizer (like this one*) will ensure that your plants get the minerals they need (potassium is vital for fruit production) while also avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.


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