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4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

by Idris Ya'u
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Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetables you’ll find in lots of gardens.

They are popular because they are not difficult to nurture, they are productive, and almost all varieties can flourish in raised garden beds.

Growing tomatoes in a garden raised bed is a good choice because of its small space and accessibility.

It’s important to know that growing tomatoes in garden-raised beds is different from planting them in the ground. In this article, I will be reviewing and listing the best raised garden beds for tomatoes.

Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

1) Vego Garden Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed

4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

Vego raised garden beds have a beautiful structure and are durable. It is constructed from metal coated with corrosion-resistant material.

These garden beds are more resistant to corrosion and rust than regular galvanised steel. High temperatures can increase degradation.

The presence of aluzinc helps in the control of extreme temperatures in the raised garden bed and will not leach chemicals into your tomato.


  1. It is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials.
  2. Its height helps reduce the number of critters.
  3. It is durable.


  1. High temperature causes degradation.

2) Land Guard Outdoor Raised Garden Bed

4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

This is a budget-friendly raised bed, especially for beginners. For those who love raised beds with integrated storage, this Land Guard raised bed is a good option.

One feature of this raised bed is that it is fully functional and made of galvanised metal. Though it does not have an aluzinc coating, it features anti-corrosive zinc protection, which makes it an outstanding product among others.


  1. It is budget-friendly.
  2. It has integrated storage with galvanised metal.
  3. It features anti-corrosive zinc protection.


  1. It does not have aluzinc coating.

3) Sunnydaze Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Bed

4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

The Sunnydaze Raised Metal Garden Bed is a durable garden bed made of strong galvanised steel. It also restrains the harsh weather conditions.

Assembling is not a difficult process; it’s just a bit time-consuming due to the number of fasteners.

This product measures 40 inches with a 16-inch depth. It is a unique garden-raised bed for growing tomatoes. It has an opening at the bottom so that the water can drain freely.

Once you notice water draining by the side where the metal pieces meet to form support, you will need to repackage the soil in that area. Also, there is a one-year warranty on this product.


  1. It has a durable construction.
  2. It has a high level of corrosion and rust resistance.
  3. Can withstand harsh conditions.


  1. Assembly is a bit time-consuming.
  2. Need to bend to use.
  3. Water may drain out the sides.

4) VegTrug 8-Planter Garden Raised Bed

4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes4 Best Raised Garden Beds for Tomatoes

This raised garden bed, which is separated into eight small sections, provides the ideal environment for growing tomatoes.

With a height of 23 inches, this planter elevates the growing area to a comfortable standing height.

Users shouldn’t have to bend down or strain their backs when nurturing their herbs.

This garden bed is not difficult to assemble, which is an added advantage, but it needs a cordless screwdriver.

The lower storage shelf is an excellent feature, allowing you to safeguard your gardening tools and supplies.


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Sturdy and well-designed.
  3. It includes pre-formed liners and a removable separator.
  4. Features a lower shelf for storage.
  5. Elevated to standing height.


  1. Replacement liners are pricey.

Buying Guide

Below are the buying guides for purchasing the best raised garden bed for tomatoes.

Special Features

Raised garden beds can come with innumerable features. Some come with wheels for portability; others have built-in trellises,

removable greenhouse covers, storage shelves, stands that raise the bed to the desired height, or built-in irrigation systems.

Another unique feature is the stackable structure of some raised garden beds, which can be easily arranged for more depth or a different configuration.

No matter the environment in which your tomatoes grow, there’s a raised garden that will work for every environment.

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The Materials

Traditionally, raised garden beds are manufactured from rot-resistant timber such as cedar or fir.

But today, there is an improvement because raised beds are also made from stone, woven willow, plastic, and concrete.

The material selected will depend on personal preference.

However, for vegetable gardens, it is recommended to avoid using pressure-treated lumber because it can permeate heavy metals into the soil.

Fortunately, the majority of garden raised beds that are simple to install are often composed of rot-resistant material, food-safe wood, or plastic.

The Size

When it comes to the length and width of a garden-raised bed, consider the space constraint.

The size of the environment sets a restriction on length. Contrarily, the user’s ability to travel a certain distance determines the width.

The majority of raised beds are 6 to 12 inches height. Beds can be as high as 36 inches or even higher.

Raised beds with taller sides will require more soil, but they are easier on the gardener’s back because there’s no need to bend as far to reach the plants.

Ease of Assembly

When purchasing any garden-raised bed for tomatoes, it is important that assembling it should not be difficult because it is a ready-made product that does not require building one or shopping for materials and cutting them to the required shapes and sizes.

That is why, once you purchase your desired raised garden bed, it always comes with every material needed for optimum use.

The Cost

You need to consider your budget when purchasing your garden-raised bed for tomatoes. A metal raised-bed kit can cost several hundred dollars.

So you must make sure you purchase the product based on the cash you have at hand. And it doesn’t mean that because of the reasons above, you decide to purchase a low-quality product.

Once you see your product, make sure you buy it immediately before it becomes unavailable or out of stock.

How deep should a garden raised bed for tomatoes be?

Tomatoes need a raised bed that is between 24 and 36 inches (60 and 90 cm) deep so that their roots can grow. But if your raised bed is about 1 foot high, the growth of the plant may simply be stunted a bit.

How many tomatoes can I grow in a 2×4 raised bed?

You can cultivate two to three tomato seedlings in a sequence in a garden raised bed that is about 2 feet to 4 feet.

Because of this, there will be less competition for space for each tomato to grow vertically. It has around 1.5 feet and horizontally for approximately 2 feet.

Are raised garden beds good for tomatoes?

Tomatoes, like the majority of vegetables, want soil that drains well, is nitrogen-rich and has a pH of about 6.5.

Instead of attempting to adjust your native soil to get favorable conditions, cultivating on a raised bed enables you to establish the perfect environment for your tomato plants.


A plastic liner will hinder drainage and could suffocate the roots of your plants, so avoid using it in your garden beds.

If you encounter weed and pest attacks, consider installing a combination of metal mesh and fabric. I believe I have been able to reveal the best raised garden bed for tomatoes.

Living in Florida? Check out the best raised garden beds for Florida. Also, check the best raised bed gardening books here.

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