How To Grow Celeriac From Cuttings

How To Grow Celeriac From Cuttings

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Celeriac is a very tasty vegetable though not know for it’s beauty, but is used in differently in the kitchen . For this many are encouraged to cultivate celeriac of their own and at their convenience .

This lovely crop is known for its durability as it could be stored for a while; ranging from six to eight months, and will not loose it’s taste when used in soups, stews or eaten raw.

Celeriac in some conditions might take time to grow but you can be sure that at harvest it will be Worth the hard work and patience.

This article explains how you can properly plant celeriac from cuttings and where it grows best (climates suitable for celeriac). This has all the clarity you need.

How do I plant celeriac from cuttings?

It’s mostly advised that vegetable cultivation should start indoors before they are taken out. The same can be advised about celeriac. the same applies to the Celeriac.

This is key especially if you are beginning planting in the summer time of August or September. It is important to understand that keeping them indoors at first will not only prevent damage caused by the scorching heat of the sun but help them grow better .

First, you need to ensure you get the cuttings right to allow the Celeriac to be viable. You must ensure that you follow these steps to avoid damaging the plant.

To begin with, cut the root an inch (1″) under the stalk. If you notice that the celeriac still has stalks, they should be cut at the point where they start to turn green in color.

As soon as you have a good cutting, place the cutting into a jar and fill the jar half full.

Afterwards place the jar near a windowsill. This will aid the right amount of sunlight getting to the plant daily.

In two months or less the forming of the roots will be noticable and the the developing of small green stalks at the top.

Fresh water should be put into the the jar regularly. Where two or more seedlings are seen germinating in a cell the weaker ones should be removed at once to enable the stronger ones grow properly.

Just when the plant begins to take shape it should be moved to the soil. This happens when the roots are two inches long and the stalks don’t have much leaves on them. Fill up quality soil in the pot.

Ensure you dig little holes in soil in the pots and place the celeriac plant into the pot. The top half of the bulb should not be in the soil, this will aid the growth of the bulb.

If you wish to move the celeriac plant to the garden, put some compost in the soil and ensure the celeriac is grown in a cool area.

When planting more than one celeriac plant they should stay seven to eight inches (7″-8″) away. The plants should be watered regularly and sufficiently.

How do I grow celeriac successfully?

Celeriac is known to adapt well in a moisty environment, as such the soil on which they are planted should be kept regularly damp and never dry. The ground should be covered with a tough layer of mulch and should be made free of weeds and pests.

Mulch is material about 3 inches thick put on the surface of the soil in late winter, February or March.

It provides the plant with protection against the frost and add vital nutrients that improve the growth of the plant and increase organic matter.

They also help subdue weed growth around the plant, reduce water loss from the soil, and for ornamental purposes. Rotten garden compost and manure , slate chippings are examples of mulchers. Once you notice continuous drop in temperature ranging from 45°F,ensure you harden off the plant.

Is celeriac difficult to grow ?

Celeriac is an easy plant to grow but needs a long growing season , as such requires a lot of patience. Originally a biennial it is commonly grown as an annual.

Celeriac requires full proof sunlight but can adapt in regions that are not exactly hot. The soil should not be soggy , but be rich and be able to hold in moisture. Soil pH should be around 6 or 7.

Where does celeriac grow best?

Celeriac is cultivated and harvested mainly in the northern regions of Europe and parts of the Mediterranean region. It is also grown in parts of north Africa, Siberia . The variant or cultivar called the Diamant is predominantly grown in Northern America.

Though gets its origin from the Mediterranean , it’s been part of various sumptuous European dishes for a while now .

Celeriac would rather have cool growing conditions . It is essential for those living in hot regions to plant celeriac during the cool part of their growing seasons as it will grow better when the soil is 61°F and when the air temperature is 70°F to 72°F .

What should I feed my celeriac?

Celeriac feeds a lot as such it is necessary to fertilize from time to time ( every three weeks), with a balanced 10 -10-10 NPK fertilizer. Water at intervals preferably once a week .

Note: The garden should also be weed free for unhindered growth of the plant.


Celeriac is not one of the most popular vegetables grown in gardens today , neither is it’s hard – colored roots the most beautiful amongst the veggies, but what many fail to know is that it’s mostly what’s inside that matters and counts.

These presumably ugly plants have rich , nutritious and sumptuous roots that are graceful in any delicacy you desire.


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