Do You Have To Dry Pepper Seeds Before Planting? If Yes, How?

Do You Have To Dry Pepper Seeds Before Planting? If Yes, How?

Pepper seeds that are viable come from very matured ripe peppers. A pepper that is fully ripe would have reached it’s full colour and even begin to wrinkle.

For instance if the maturity color of a pepper seed is red, harvesting the seeds when the pepper is green which is the growing stage, your seeds will not sprout.

To harvest the pepper, slice open the pepper and shake the seeds out of the fruit and into a bowl.

The best soil temperature to plant pepper seeds is a soil temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Unless you want to plant pepper seeds right away, you need to dry the seeds for at least one week to enable them to dry well so that you can store them for the next planting.

However, you don’t have to dry your pepper seeds before planting them.

They will germinate all the same. But first be sure that your seeds have reached maturity before harvesting them. This way you know they are viable seeds.

You can spread lots of ripe pepper seeds in a potting soil, and when they begin to germinate you transfer them into a bed you have already prepared.

This will give each sprout enough space to grow well without choking themselves.

Most times the reason for drying the seeds first before planting them may be because you do not intend to plant your seeds immediately.

So you dry them and store them for the next time you want to plant the pepper seeds.

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Some dry pepper seeds before planting them, this method is believed to help make the pepper seeds sprout quickly.

To dry the pepper seeds you need to spread them out, separating them such that they don’t rest on each other.

Your location should be in a dry and shady environment.

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Whether you are planning fresh seeds or dried pepper seeds. When it comes to growing peppers with seeds, you need to be patient.

It may take a week to nearly a month for them to germinate. Some varieties are faster than others.

To make your seeds sprout faster you may want to keep them warm.


Growing pepper requires a lot of patience.

Depending on the type of pepper you have, it may take 4-5 months (100-150 days) from seed to harvest.

Some grow much faster than others. Of course, under ideal conditions, they will start to produce faster. So give them plenty of heat and sunlight to get the best results.

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Since you have decided that you will not be planting your peppers seed in mediating after harvesting. And you have done ahead to dry them.

The next step to consider after you have dried your pepper, is the storage. This will allow you to keep the seeds properly to avoid damage before the time you will need them for planting.

You can store your pepper seeds in a paper bag or envelope or container. Ensure to add some desiccant or silica gels.

Label the storage to avoid mix up.

If you store your seeds properly they should last for up to two years.


So far, the fastest way to germinate pepper seeds is heating.

If you add heat from the bottom and place them in a warm place, they will sprout faster.

Now, as long as your pepper seeds are mature. They will sprout. Whether they are fresh or dried. Immature seeds from immature peppers will not grow.

Planting pepper seeds is easy if you understand the process.You will be able to grow any type of pepper from the seeds you want.