Do Bush Beans Need A Trellis? – Now Answered

Bush Beans Need A Trellis

To start with, beans generally are of two types which are pole beans and bush beans. Their differences are seen majorly in their climbing habits, which is to say that their reasons and ability to need support or not is what makes each of the bean types unique in its own way.

Note that bush beans are of different types. You can learn more about the different types of bush beans here.

Bush beans generally are one of the easiest garden crops that can be planted in your garden (learn how to grow bush beans here). This is because their maintenance is quite less and it’s quite economical to manage. To answer the question of bush beans need a trellis, then the first question we should answer is what is a trellis?

A trellis is an open framework that can be made from sticks, metals, pieces of wood with the sole aim of providing supports for plants. Having understood what a trellis is, this brings us to the answer to our next question; do bush beans need a trellis? The answer is No, based on the following reasons:

Firstly, bush beans grow compactly and only grow mostly to about two feet tall or less and so are quite closer to the ground, so considering their heights, it makes needing extra support like a trellis of no use to the plants.

Another reason they won’t need a trellis is that bush beans are plants that grow uprightly on their own and take a bushy shape so they don’t need a trellis for support. In as much as they have access to adequate sunlight, they are quite on their way to producing bountifully.

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Their inability to need a support system like the trellis is what makes them quite easy to manage and grow in our garden even with limited space, this is because they take up less room in a garden and they can also be planted together in a smaller garden.

So growing bush beans is quite suitable for smaller gardens with raised beds that require no form of support.

A lot of times some gardeners who are new to beans farming have some questions they might need answers for as regards beans planting. Let’s consider a few:

1) Will bush beans climb a fence?

To answer this, bush beans will not climb a fence due to their short bushy frame and nature. As opposed to their counterpart which is pole beans that need support and will readily climb up a fence.

2) When is the ideal time to plant beans?

Bean seeds generally are best advised to be sown any time after the risk of frost has passed. This is because when the seeds are sown too early, they run the risk of rotting in the cold moist soil and this may affect the growth of the plant. Note also that beans are warm weather-loving plants, so it’s advisable to plant them when the weather warms up.

3) Considering the fact that bush beans don’t need a trellis, while pole beans need support, is that to say that bush beans are better off?

The fact that bush beans do not need support for their growth does not make them inferior or better than the pole beans. They are both types of green beans that grow as a vine or a bush and each has its own unique properties. Their climbing habit is the only thing that differentiates them from each other. They both have healthy and nutritional benefits and each will produce bountiful harvests when planted. So any of the bean varieties can be planted depending on which one works best for your garden.

4) How tall do bush beans grow?

They grow up to two feet tall. As stated earlier, they get their name bush beans from the shape they form mainly which is what contributes to their name and unique characteristics, so building a trellis for a short plant is really not necessary.

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I hope you find what you want from this article. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions. Want to grow pole beans on a trellis? Learn how to grow pole beans on trellis here.

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