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How To Grow Green Onions In Water

by Idris Ya'u
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Green onions also known as Spring onions or scallions are an important and extremely healthy food for our bodies. They are perennial crops that can be grown yearly. They have a lot of beneficial health nutrients for the body. The whole part of the spring onions is very edible and useful in our diet.

One exciting fact about this plant is that it can be eaten raw or cooked with our meals. For the Chinese, this is almost like the number one ingredient on their food list. Apart from being a good source of food enhancers, it contains essential nutrients like flavonoids, Sulphides, and enzymes that boost our immune system.

They have medicinal properties which help to fight and stop cancer cells. They also prevent diabetes due to the sulfide content it contains which helps to reduce the production of insulin that causes diabetes, fights against cold, and many more.

The truth is their much useful usage is unlimited. They are also known as vegetables from the species called Allium. Their great combination in your food makes your food taste and smells great.

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Can you grow green onions in water?

A lot of people might find it strange to know that green onions can grow in water. This is absolutely true! In fact, green onions grow easily in water better than most vegetables. The interesting part of it is that they don’t require a garden and saves you a lot of gardening stress and plant propagation.

This is one plant you can start just right at your window sill. This planting process helps to preserve the green onions especially when you have a lot of them and you want to reserve them for further use. You will have new spring onions ready to eat in about every 2 weeks’ time. Below are some useful tips needed when you want to grow your green onions in water.

Things needed:

  1. A bunch of complete green onions still attached to its roots. These can be gotten from your store.
  2. A glass jar that can hold water
  3. Water

How to grow your green onions in water

1) Firstly, you need to get your bunch of green onions ready and then you can start by cutting away the green part of the onions a couple of inches above the roots leaving only the white part of the root.

2) The second thing is to fill your container with fresh water. When this is done, you can then put the remaining part of the root you already cut aside into the water. Ensure that only the roots part is covered with the water and leave the top edges above the water.

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3) You can set them by your window sill where it can get sunlight although avoid too much sunlight and try to keep the root moist.

4) You will notice that they grow very fast and new leaves begin to sprout

5) Always change the water from time to time and keep the water fresh. This can be done every 2-3days.

6) As they grow you may notice that the plants may start getting slimy, which is unavoidable, however, this can be treated by gently peeling off the slimy part without causing damage to it.

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After some time, you will notice that your green onion plants have grown back to the size they were before they were planted. At this point, the leaves can be harvested by gently cutting the leaves all the way to the ground and used for your cooking. Alternatively, you can also trim back the plants when you notice that they are getting too long and restart the process again.

Do you also know that regrowing green onions in water has a lot of advantages attached to it?

With the above tips mentioned above on how to grow the vegetables, you will agree with me that it’s quite fast and easy to grow.

Because It’s easy to grow, it saves you a lot of stress and energy as compared to those planted in the soil
The plant can be re-grown as many times as possible by simply following the same process of planting as explained. This gives you an unlimited supply of your green onions. It’s quite economical and saves you a lot of spending on green onions.

By following these simple instructions on how to grow them in water, you are well on your way to a long-time supply of green onions.


I hope this article gives you excellent information on how to grow green onions in water. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions about growing green onions in water.

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