Best Soil Moisture Meter for Trees

Best Soil Moisture Meter for Trees

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Using a soil moisture meter is essential to monitor the hydration level of the plants. A soil moisture meter helps check the hydration level, moisture level, and certain conditions to be met in the plant environment.

It helps reveal the perfect yield a plant can derive with the help of a soil moisture meter, hence bringing desires and deserved satisfaction to be met for your gardening without worry or disappointment.

I was able to thoroughly research varieties of the best soil moisture meters that are available online by determining their functionalities, sturdiness, and value with accuracy efforts.

Therefore, any of the soil moisture meters listed in this article is the best option.

1) Conserve Indoor & Outdoor Soil Moisture Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TreesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Trees

I entrust making use of this meter in the garden because it is simple for kids. The ladybug moisture meter shows its reading on a scale of 1–10. It is so much fun when kids watch the dial move as soon as they water their plants.

It is pocket-friendly. This unique meter does not entail any special characteristics, only that the probe is not long. Make sure that when planting with your kids, you make it an unforgettable experience.


  1. It is a wonderful design.
  2. It is pocket-friendly.
  3. It has a simple appearance.


  1. No special characteristics
  2. It has very short probes.

2) REOTEMP Garden And Compost Moisture Testing Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TreesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Trees

This compost meter has its own distinct moisture needs and using a common meter cannot be accurate to track your soil compost.

The REOTEMP compost meter has a wide fifteen-inch probe, which is accurate in ascertaining a good reading. This compost reader does not process any unique characteristics beyond getting a reading on a scale of 0-10. You must purchase one AAA battery.


  1. It has a 15-inch probe.
  2. It possesses a sturdy construction.


  1. No special characteristics.
  2. You will need one AAA battery.

3) Soil Master ML1240 Moisture, Light and pH Soil Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TreesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Trees

This performs many functions, as the name implies. It tests everything under the soil. It measures the soil PH, sunlight, and water.

Its probe only measures the PH and the soil moisture level within the planting environment. There is also a light sensor that measures sunlight.

All you have to do is to switch between the three options displayed to get your accurate reading. This soil moisture meter is not the cheapest, but it is pocket-friendly. It has two probes for measuring water and the PH separately, which improves its accuracy.

It damages the structure of the root more than a single probe moisture meter.


  1. It measures the light PH.
  2. It possesses a light sensor that measures sunlight.
  3. It has two probes.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. It possesses two probes.
  3. It can also damage the sensitive structure of the root.

Buying Guide for Soil Moisture Meters

Before purchasing any soil moisture meter, it is important to know the buying guide.

A soil moisture meter comes with a manual or electronic display. The electronic display communicates data while the manual display transmits data.

In particular, the use of electronics creates more opportunities for minor malfunctions, which is why most farmers prefer manual displays for outdoor use.

The analogue meter is more durable because there is no existing part that can be impacted negatively by the elements.

The Length

Some moisture meters range from a few inches in length to over a few feet. The size of the moisture meter you will be using depends on the plants, your budget, and the plant’s growing conditions.

For example, large plants need a larger probe to measure the moisture that the plant roots are getting.


Before purchasing a soil moisture meter, determine whether you’d need more information or only the moisture content. Several soil moisture meter products come with optional capabilities like pH and sun exposure measurement.

Easy To Use

Using various soil moisture meters is simple. It sounds simple, right? Put the meter in the soil. Wait a minute. You must be cautious not to damage the probes while planting them in the soil.

Some designs are fairly easy to use because they are more sturdy. If the soil is dry or stony, consumers should opt for more sturdy meters.

The Power

Customers should check to ascertain whether the soil moisture meter requires an additional power backup of any kind. Although there are a lot of battery-free soil meters, there are also devices that use batteries.

The Cost

When choosing a soil moisture meter, you should bear in mind that the prices vary based on quality and demand. The cost will increase if you want a meter that can do greater work than merely testing soil moisture.

However, you can always go for moisture meters that will not force you to spend excessively.

How Accurate Is The Reading Of The Soil Moisture Meter?

The majority of the soil moisture meters are free from error. The smaller the intervals, the more precise they are. Some moisture meters come with calibration options which give you the freedom to set the reading that the meter will use for future readings to come.

What Are Other Uses of Soil Moisture Meters?

A soil moisture meter keeps track of the moisture level in your compost inside the soil. It also tests the soil in a bed garden.


You can also use your plant moisture meter to measure rocks, which might give you an inaccurate reading, and also keep track of the moisture level in your plant compost, which will need some conditions to break down your organic material.

It is also recommended and beneficial to use any of the soil moisture meters listed above for your plants,

as these will aid in improving soil moisture and preventing certain disastrous damage to your plants, thereby reducing any potential healthy yield of the plants.

Before purchasing any soil meter, make note of which soil meter will be better and more beneficial for your type of plant. Also, be knowledgeable of which one might be appropriate and applicable to your plant.