Saving Seeds From Store-bought Vegetables: Step By Step Guide

Saving Seeds From Store-bought Vegetables: Step By Step Guide

It is not impossible to preserve the seeds purchased from the grocery store.

One benefit of preserving seeds from the grocery store is that it allows you to preserve the seeds of your favourite vegetables which you can grow and enjoy over time.

Another benefit is that saving at least some of your favourite varieties can save you some cash every year.

Now, some grocery stores label seeds that they think are suitable for planting. So, if you are lucky, you may be buying seeds that will germinate in the next planting season.


Most times grocery store produce can be replanted in the garden. However, in order to grow productive plants, there are certain things you may have to consider before getting the grocery store vegetables to grow.

One factor to consider is that it is most likely that the vegetable for the grocery store is a hybrid. This simply means that you will be growing a plant that is not the exact type of the parent plant. So you may end up with vegetables with mixed parents.

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Another factor is that some vegetables may have been sprayed with certain chemicals to stop them from germinating.

Getting vegetables with this tendency from the grocery store implies that after you have gone through the stress of planting, they will not sprout.

To avoid this from happening you may want to buy your vegetables from trusted farmers.

Otherwise, you may need to do some findings at the grocery store.

Here are problems from saving store bought vegetables you may want to consider.

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There are certain issues you may encounter with growing seeds from grocery store vegetables.

The vegetable from grocery stores may not have the ability to sprout because it has been made weak with the use of chemicals.

They may be genetically modified unless they are certified organic.

They may be protected by certain rights of farmers.

The seeds from grocery stores may be diseased.

Some seeds may not have reached maturity before it was harvested.
to the store.

Again the climate may not be suitable for the seed you want to save. It may not be adapted to a climate like yours.

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It is also worth noting that many vegetable produce in grocery stores may be hybrids. Hybrid seeds may produce plants with some traits from one parent and some traits from another parent but are unlikely to have a set of traits displayed by the cross.

Therefore, if you don’t mind having hybrid seeds, it is okay to save the seeds you want, otherwise, it may be a better idea to save seeds from trusted farmers.

Seeds may also be genetically arranged, and if so, they are very likely to be patented, unless they are more than 20 years old.

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Basically, to get a good harvest from store bought vegetable seeds, ensure you have carried out all necessary checks to know which seed is viable or not, whether they are heirloom or hybrid.

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If you can overcome the challenges of saving seeds from grocery store produce then you might be able to grow a garden of your favourite vegetable.

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