Best Place To Buy Seeds: What Are The Best Garden Seeds To Buy?

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Are you trying to make a new garden and you wondering what are the best garden seeds to buy for your new garden?

Keep reading this ultimate guide to finding out detailed information about how to buy the best garden seeds and  the best places to buy seeds  online.

Gardening has numerous benefits both for the mind and brain. It helps beautify and detoxify the environment.

Gardening can help nourish your brain, and for your neighbors, loved ones, and random visitors.

However, you can only derive these benefits from your garden when you choose and buy your garden seeds wisely.

With so many biologically engineered crops or seeds in both local and online stores, one has to be extra careful as to what he or she will grow in the garden.

This way you can help yourself and the general community from the effects that may be caused by the wrong planting of seeds.

To make a wise buying decision of garden seeds, there are some important factors you need to look at before you ever decide to buy any seeds.

These considerations include:

1. You need to find out the amount of sunshine you have available in your area during the day.
2. You need to find out what types of garden plants you want to grow in your garden.

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Finding out the amount of Sunshine

The first thing you need to consider while deciding which seeds to buy for your garden is not what plants you want to grow in your garden, but figuring out the amount of sunlight you have within the 24 hours of the day.

If you have full shade in your area, then you need to find out and buy garden seeds that grow well under full shade.

And if you have partial shade in your area, find out and buy garden seeds that grow well under partial shade.

Moreover, if you have full sun in your area, then buy seeds that can grow well under this climatic condition.

If you fail to figure out the sunshine of your area and you go ahead to plant what you like in your garden, then there is a high probability that your garden may fail.

Find out detailed information about the determination of  sunlight here and here

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Figure out what you want to grow

After you find out the amount of sunlight you have available within the 24 hours around your garden spot, the next thing is to find out what crops you are passionate about.

There are wide varieties of plant types that you can choose from. But, that solely depends on whether you want to grow edible crops or ornamental flowers.

Types of Garden Seeds

Garden Seeds can be grouped into the followings:

  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Heirloom Seeds
  • Organic seeds
  • GMO seeds
  • Conventional seeds
  • Treated seeds

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Open-pollinated Seeds

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Plant showing open pollination Image Source

Open-pollinated seeds are seeds that are produced as a result of the unrestricted transfer of pollen between two plants.

Because the pollination is carried out without restrictions or openly, the method is called open-pollination.

Common Characteristics of Open-pollinated Seeds

The Open-pollinated seeds are more genetically diverse. This is because there is no control over the flow of pollens between one plant to another.

This diversity of genes on the other hand can cause greater variations within the plant population.

The seeds produced through the Open-pollinated method usually have greater adaptability to climatic conditions.

The seeds are always true-to-type year after year unless the pollens are shared between different varieties.

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Hybrid Seeds

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Jatropha Hybrid Seeds: Image Source

Hybrid seeds are seeds, which are produced as a result of a cross of pollens between two different varieties of plants through human intervention.

Common Characteristics of Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds are intentionally created by breeding desired traits. The seeds are commercially traded as F1.

Hybridization can also occur naturally

The first generation or F1 of hybridized seeds usually produce high yield than the parent plants. This is a phenomenon known as hybrid Vigor.

The seeds produced by the F1 generation are genetically unstable, which means they cannot be saved for use in the subsequent years.

The seeds produced by F1 are not true-to-type.

The seeds produced by F1 are also less vigorous when compared with the F1 parent plants.

Gardeners who are using hybrid seeds must buy new seeds every year.

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Heirloom Seeds

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Heirloom Seeds: Image Source

These are seeds with a history of being descended down from common ancestors or within a family or community of plants.

Common Characteristics of Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are all Open-pollinated seeds. However, not all Open-pollinated seeds are heirloom seeds.

Heirloom seeds are labeled by commercial companies base on dates usually from 50 years and above.

Heirloom seeds are also labeled by seeds saver exchange base on the verification and documentation of the generational history of the preserved and passed seeds.

Organic Seeds

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Organic seeds:  Image Source

Organic seeds are seeds that are produced by the use of pure organic farming methods. They are called organic seeds because the gardening operations involved in producing the seeds are all purely organic.

No synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic fertilizers. The operations are all certified organic.

Common Characteristics of Organic Seeds

Organic seeds have adapted to organic conditions.

All operations carried in the garden are organic.

Organic seeds are considered safe for the environment.

Organic seeds usually retain their natural flavor and taste.

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GMO Seeds

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GMO Seeds: image source

GMO seeds are seeds used in gardening in which the DNA of such seeds is being changed using artificial genetic manipulation methods.

Common Characteristics of GMO Seeds

The original DNA has been modified
The seeds are not true-to-type
The seeds have greater adaptability than the original plants
The seeds may be resistant to different diseases and pests

Conventional Seeds

Conventional seeds are seeds that can be bought anywhere at the market cheaply.

Common Characteristics of Conventional Seeds

They are not difficult to be found
They are mostly cheap
The seeds are genetically modified or hybridized seeds

Treated Seeds

what are the best seeds to buy for your garden
Treated Seeds: image source

Treated seeds are seeds, which are coated with chemical pesticides in order to limit the damage that may be caused by pests such as algae, fungus, and insects.

Common Characteristics of Treated Seeds

Treated seeds are brightly colored when compared with the original seeds
They are sometimes coated with dangerous chemicals

These are the most common types and seed labels that you can frequently encounter in the market both online and offline.

Now that you have a real picture and explanation of the available seeds that you can find in the market, let us compare and contrast these seeds in order to find out which seed is the best option to buy and grow in your garden.

What are the best Garden Seeds to Buy?

While buying seeds, look at your own health and the general community. Not all seeds you can see in the market are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Some seeds can be harmful to your health and the general community. For instance, Genetically modified seeds (GMO seeds) were reported to cause cancers and other health-related issues.

These GMO seeds are not environmentally friendly and may affect your health and the quality of the garden spot if grown in the garden.

Additionally, treated seeds are also not recommended to be planted in the garden. This is because when you buy treated seeds that are coated with harmful chemicals and you plant them in the garden,

you expose yourself and garden plot to some harmful chemicals that you do not know their dangers in the community.

Moreover, these chemically treated seeds can be washed away into lakes, rivers, and other aquatic environments and cause serious effects to the inhabitants.

Additionally, these kinds of seeds are also shown to damage the soil quality by killing useful soil organisms.

Conventional seeds are also not recommended for gardening. This is because they are mostly either GMO seeds or hybrid seeds. However, there are some conventional seeds that are environmentally friendly.

The best-recommended seeds to buy for your garden are organic and heirloom seeds. These seeds are true-to-type and are not shown to pose many effects on the environment and health.

These seeds can be saved for subsequent years and therefore as a gardener, you don’t need to buy seeds every year.

Another seed type that is sometimes recommended is hybrid seeds. However, these seeds have some downsides such as reversing back to their true type.

They may revert back to the original characteristics of their parents, which is not good for the gardener.

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This is because the hybrid seeds can go back to one original character with low quality, and this can affect the gardener.

That is,

The gardener cannot save the seeds and he has to buy them each year.

Best Places to Buy Seeds Online

In this section of the article, I’m going to look at the best places where you can buy garden seeds online.

Vegetable seeds Companies and Other Plants in Europe

If you are living in continental Europe and looking for good certified companies to buy quality organic and open-pollinated seeds, choose no other companies but the following companies:

Chiltern Seeds UK: This company specializes in selling good and quality collection of heirloom and heritage seeds. You can get native seeds for almost all types of garden plants including vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Seed Cooperative UK: This is another European seeds company, which is located in the united kingdom. You can find a wide variety of community-owned organic seeds that are true-to-type.

There is a wide range of seeds to grow as garden plants such as vegetables, herbs, and ornamental flowers.

Sativa: This is another European seeds company that is located in Switzerland. The company was well known for propagating safe and unmodified seeds since 1998. All the company seeds are said to be organic.

Real Seeds UK: This is also another company of seeds, which is based in the UK and the company specializes in selling organic garden seeds.

You can find a wide variety of seeds that are neither genetically modified nor hybrid seeds. The company’s seeds can be saved and use for subsequent years.

Magic Garden Seeds: The company is good for selling heirloom and heritage seeds. The company does not sell GMO and hybrid seeds. You can save your seeds and grow them year after year.

Seeds Companies in Continental Africa

If you are also living in African countries, there are many genuine online seeds stores in Africa where you can buy all kinds of seed types.

Below are some of their examples:

Living Seeds Company: This is an African based seeds company with a wide network of local farmers. They provide gardeners and farmers with different open-pollinated seeds and heirloom seeds.

The seeds are locally grown and organic. The company also offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their products.

Seeds for Africa: This company specializes in selling a specific type of seeds. The company has a large online store with massive varieties of seed types and species of plants.

The company also offer professional growing advice for every plant and seed on their website.

Seeds Companies in Continental Asia

Abundant Seeds Company: This is an Asian seed company that is located in Australia. You can find different seed types in their catalog.

Beijing Dayi Seed Co., Ltd: This is a Chinese based seed company with a wide range of seed types. You can find different vegetables, flowers, and herbs in their catalog.

Advanta Seed International: This is an international seed producing company, however, Indians are closer to the company than any other Asian countries. You can also find different seed types in their catalog.

Seeds Companies in the United States

If you are also living in the U.S, there are numerous companies to choose from where you can buy certified organic and open-pollinated seeds.

Below are some of the companies:

Heirloom Seeds: This is one of the certified company in the U.S for organic and heirloom seeds. You can find different seeds such as flowers and vegetables.

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds: This company is also known for selling organic and heirloom seeds. You can get plenty of plants to choose from such as cucumber, corn, ornamental flowers, and beans.

Sustainable Seeds Company: This company also sells herbs, flowers, and vegetable seeds. They are all pure organic and heirloom seeds.

Seed Saver Exchange: This one of the olden uses seeds company. You can find wide varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds that are saved for ages.

Uprising Seeds: This U.S.A seeds company is known for selling novelty free GMO seeds. There are different varieties of seeds to choose from on this site.

Burpee: Burpee is not like other certified organic seeds companies, on Burpee you can find wide varieties of seed types including hybrid seeds, heirloom seeds, and open-pollinated seeds.

Wrapping Up

Buying a garden seed can sometimes be overwhelming especially if you are just starting your garden.

However, if you have knowledge of seeds, it should not be that hard.

In this guide, we looked at the different garden seed types and explained them one after the other.

We also looked at the best places both online and offline where you can safely buy seeds.

I hope you find this article useful. Let me know if a question or something different in the comments section below.

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