How To Harvest Aloe Vera Without Killing It

How To Harvest Aloe Vera Without Killing It

Aloe vera is a plant with multiple functions, so it is not surprising that people who have the opportunity want to cut off its leaves.

Aloe vera is good for the skin. It can eliminate spots after burns and reduce lumps in wounds that have healed.

However, it is only by knowing how to cut the aloe leaves can we make full use of it.

If you have this plant at home and you didn’t just buy it, it is recommended that you take care of it, observe its leaves, and remove the withered ones, otherwise you will end up with a valuable plant, but that time is over.

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You may want to follow these simple steps to cut aloe leaves without damaging the plant.


1. The first thing you should do is to buy an aloe vera plant, if possible, its tree age is more than three years, because at that time its characteristics are flourishing. If there are less, you have to wait for the leaves to mature, because their characteristics have not developed well in less than three years.

2. If you have successfully planted the aloe vera, you should only cut down on the number of leaves you need and use them quickly, otherwise they will wither and you will not be able to do anything with them.

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3. Cut the lower leaves. These leaves are the oldest, and therefore the leaves that can best perform their characteristics. In this way, you will allow more people on the surface to grow so that they can continue to develop their own interests.

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4. After you have concluded on the leaves you want to cut, use a very sharp knife or scissors to hold them close to the root of the stem, because it will be easier to cut it because it is where they are thinnest when they are born.

5. The cut you have to make is longitudinal, only in the parts where the leaves are no longer green and white. Cut to separate this part, then pull hard to complete the cut.

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6. After the aloe leaves are cut, the liquid is extracted from the inside. For this, the aloe leaves are placed vertically and cut horizontally. This will put the gel on one side and the skin on the other side. To get the gel, you can use a spoon to put everything in the same container. Squeeze its leaves as far as possible without leaving any aloe vera inside.

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Now that you have an idea on how to harvest your aloe vera without killing the plant, it is advicable to cut your aloe vera in other to prevent it from bleeding.

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However, despite its impressive regenerative virtues, we must make a clean cut and leave a good leaf so that it can grow again. A leaf cut wrongly can caused the aloe to gradually die.

Also, be careful when you cut aloe vera leaves, avoid cutting too much, as they will deteriorate quickly.