Top 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

Human labor is mostly used in the growth of horticulture crops, as commercial cultivation is being done on a small scale. Land preparation equipments includes power tiller or tractor-drawn mould board ploughs, disc ploughs, harrows, planters, and rotavators.

Fruit plants are usually perennial plants that are grown in pits. Up to 30 cm diameter tractor or power tiller equipped posthole diggers are also available for certain duties.

Because of the fragile nature of fruits, harvesting is the most labor-intensive procedure. Harvesting would continue to be done by hand for table purposes except on a large scale where some tools are needed.

Mechanical harvesting for fruits can be employed in situations when the fruits are transferred directly to processing businesses for juice extraction or other goods.

For all these to be achieved in the cultivation of horticultural crops, you need to have the right gardening tools for the job. In this article, we have listed the right horticulture tools and equipments for horticultural cultivation and it’s important as you go through them one after another.

1) The Axe

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

An axe is a centuries-old instrument with a long history of applications, including tree felling, animal hunting, and weapons. Today, the axe is primarily used in the yard or for outdoor activities such as camping, tree cutting, and so on. However, the type of axe you require will be determined by the function for which it will be used.

If you’ve ever swung an axe at a tree, you know it takes a lot of courage and precision, whether you’re a professional operator or not. An ax or hatchet is your best ally for a wide range of wood-related tasks, from tree felling to generating wood for a fire.

After proper research, we choose the “X27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch” as the suitable axe. The blade on this axe has been produced using a unique grinding technique. You receive a blade with a sharper edge, allowing for better contact and smoother cuts.


  1. It works best, especially for splitting small logs into suitable diameters
  2. It is capable of providing accurate power-to-weight ratio
  3. The insert-molded heads and FiberComp handles offer great durability
  4. The blade design is superior.


  1. A bit challenging to split large, wet, and knotted logs.

2) Weeding & Digging Knife

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

Knives of this type are used in the cultivation of horticultural crops. Other varieties are manufactured separately. Instead of having two knives, one for weeding and the other for digging, it’s better to have a two-in-one kind, sometimes known as a “multi-purpose” knife.

The knife we recommend to function in this aspect is “Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife.” The knife has a concave blade that is meant to be used for digging. The features of this knife includes a sharp edge on one side for slicing and a serrated edge on the other side of the tool for cutting. On the blade are also engraved inch markers for making precise measurements when cutting components or digging the ground.


  1. It’s affordable for the quality
  2. It’s made from a high quality stainless steel
  3. It has serrated and sharp edge that cuts weeds and other objects in the garden easily
  4. The blade is perfect for cutting and digging
  5. It has engraved markers on the blade for measurement purposes.


  1. The handle can hurt the hand when used for long. Wearing gloves is adviseable.
  2. Some gardeners, especially the female, may find this tool a bit heavy.

3) The Billhook

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

The billhook is a relatively preppers tool that can be used for a variety of survival tasks. It is often the preferred “larger knife” because it can easily handle the heavy duty work that is frequently required.

Prior to the development of powered hedge trimmers, it was commonly used as a basic cutting tool on farms to trim shrubs and hedges.

After consideration to ascertain which billhook will serve the needed purposes, we chose the “Knights Of Armur Billhook Sickle Machete Knife 12” as the recommendable billhook.

This blade is comprised of a premium material called high tensile manganese carbon steel. It has a 20-inch overall length and can be used to clear bushes, fell small trees, and strip logs.


  1. It has an extra long blade
  2. It comes with a fitted 12-inch heavy gauge blade.
  3. It’s Ideal for learing bushs, stripping logs, cutting trails, and felling small trees.
  4. Good for the price.


  1. Handle may loosen if used continuously on hard objects.

4) Budding & Grafting Knife

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

Garden hand tools come in a variety of forms, but few are as durable as a decent grafting knife. Grafting knives can get into incredibly small spaces, ensuring that your garden and landscape look their best.

With so many alternatives available, choosing the finest grafting knife might be difficult. Some grafting knives combine classic and Swiss knives, while others include a few extras for other elements of horticulture gardening.

Grafting knives and budding knives are frequently lumped together in the same aspect.

After a worthwhile research, we selected “Victorinox Budding & Grafting Knife” as the quality and standard budding and grafting knife for the cultivation of horticultural crops.

This Victorinox grafting knife has a pocket knife design. It meets Swiss quality standards and is likely to last a long time. It’s a versatile instrument that can be used for both grafting and budding.


  1. It’s durably constructed
  2. It’s suitable for budding and grafting
  3. The surface is nonslip
  4. It’s easy to maintain
  5. It’s very safeafe to keep in the pocket


  1. It might be expensive to some users.

5) Secateurs/Pruning Shears

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

The names secateurs and pruners are used interchangeably to refer to the same equipment. This helpful instrument is known as secateurs or pruners depending on where you reside in the world. Either option is acceptable.

Pruning shears differ in blade material, comfort, and cutting capability, so some types may be better suited to your needs than others.

After proper considerations on the features and performance of the pruning shears in the market, we chose the “Felco Pruning Shears (F 31)” as the pruning shear with the right features. The Felco Pruning Shears (F 31) cut branches up to 0.98 inches thick, clip wires, and include cushioned shock absorbers.


  1. All the components are replaceable
  2. The design is ergonomic hand-fitting.
  3. The cutting capacity large and perfect
  4. It can cut tick wires
  5. The blades doesn’t stick
  6. Well equipped with locking mechanism and spring features.


  1. A bit expensive
  2. Blade may rust quickly if not cleaned after use.

6) Chainsaw

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

A chainsaw is a portable saw that cuts with a set of teeth attached to a metal chain driven along a handle. It can be powered by gasoline, electricity, or batteries.

It’s used for tree felling, limbing, bucking, trimming, cutting firebreaks in wildland containment, and gathering firewood, among other things.

As instruments for chainsaw art and chainsaw mills, chainsaws with uniquely designed bar-and-chain combinations have been produced. It’s one of the instruments required for horticulture crop production.

After proper review of some of the chainsaws in the market, we come to the decision that “Oregon CS1400 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw” is the right choice.

The self-sharpening blade is one of the best characteristics of this Oregon chainsaw. Simply turn on the PowerSharp mechanism and let the saw run for a few seconds. Your chain will have a lovely, sharp edge to it.


  1. The blade is self-sharpening
  2. The chain tensioning system tool-less and active
  3. Simple and easy to make adjustments
  4. Very powerful.


  1. Chain occasionally comes off during hard work
  2. Some screws becomes loose when used for a long time.

7) Lawn Mower

Top 7 Horticulture Tools And EquipmentsTop 7 Horticulture Tools And Equipments

A lawn mower is a machine that cuts a grass surface to an even height with one or more spinning blades. The cut grass height may be fixed by the mower’s construction, but it is usually changeable by the operator, typically by a single master lever or a handle or bolt and nut on each of the machine’s wheels.

The blades may be operated by hand, with wheels mechanically attached to the cutting blades so that they spin when the mower is propelled forward, or the equipment may feature a battery-powered or plug-in electric engine.

The two primary types of lawn mowers are walk-behind and riding mowers, and the size and slope of your yard will determine which one is best for you.

After a thorough check on the lawn mowers in the market, we picked “Honda 664100 HRX217VKA GCV200 Versamow System 4-in-1 21 in. Walk Behind Mower” as the preferable lawn mower. This self-propelled gas mower is both practical and comfortable to use. It has a powerful 190cc engine and rear-wheel drive to help you go about on high grass or mountainous areas.


  1. It’s self-propelled
  2. No attachments/tools needed for shredding or mulching leaves


  1. Pull to start


Horticulture contributes to the uniqueness, sustainability, and restoration of our environment, as well as to the quality of life.

With this consideration, it’s obvious that the practice and growth of horticulture crops should be taken very seriously.

The right tools are needed to achieve this aim. With our list of recommended horticulture tools and equipments, I’m sure you can comfortably make the right selections.