4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

If you’re in need of a lightweight garden hose for your garden activities, check out this buyer’s guide for the best brands on the market. Some gardeners spent several hours wrangling with the garden hose all around the garden that they developed a stiff arm.

Garden hoses can be difficult to use, especially when they begin to kink. You’ve probably felt irritated when you carry the hose and the water flow stops. You try spinning the hose to help control the kink, but it only makes matters worse.

Fortunately, by purchasing a lightweight garden hose, you can avoid these problems. Watering your garden is made easier with lightweight garden hoses. In your hands, these hoses feel nearly lightweight. Because these hoses are made of lightweight qaulity materials, they will cost a little more than some traditional hose.

Having this in mind, let us proceed to the best 75ft lightweight garden hoses. But before then, there are important qualities you need to check in a garden hose before you buy.

For details about the qualities you need look for in a garden hose, read the buying guide below. However, if you are in rush, check the list below from our top picks. And if you are not in a rush, skip the list below to read the buying guide and full review.

  1. Water Right 400 Series (Slim and Light Garden Hose)
  2. Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Garden Hose

Buyer’s Guide for Lightweight Garden Hose 75ft

We acknowledge that learning about the basic differences among garden hoses is a new experience for you. That’s why we created this helpful buyer’s guide to teach you all you need to know regarding lightweight hoses and how they can benefit your watering needs.

Garden Hoses Materials

Lightweight hoses are made of premium materials that are designed for outstanding weather resistance and portability. As a result, the hose’s component cost is higher, but it has a much higher durability.

Rubber Cores, Polyurethane Resins, Thermoplastics, Aluminum Fittings, Plastic Polymers, Brass Fittings, Stainless Steel Fittings, and other materials are commonly used in the production of garden hoses.

Choosing Hose Length

Hoses are available in various of lengths and diameters. One of most popular hose length is 50 feet, but the models of this hose are available in 75, 100, 125, and 150 feet. Garden hoses range in diameter from 5/8-inch to 1/2-inch. The higher the hose’s diameter, the greater its flow rate.

Weather Resistance

You should consider your climate when purchasing a new garden hose. Some hose materials withstand colder temperatures better than others. The very last thing users want is for thier new hose to split because it got too cold overnight. For the best hose stability, choose thermoplastic and polymer products.

The Best Lightweight Garden Hose

When putting together this review, we used a number of criteria to carefully consider each hose. Every hose in this review was subjected to rigorous testing for environmental resistance, effectiveness, dependability, and weight. We also considered the contents of the hose components as well as the fittings features.

This review will provide you with all of the information required to make an informed buying decision. However, it is critical that you select the correct hose for your gardening demands.

1) Water Right 400 Series (Slim and Light Garden Hose)

4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

In this review, we recommend the Water Right 400-series. This hose has a flow efficiency of up to 4.5 gallons per minute and also is healthy to use with drinkable water. This high-pressure hose is available in four different lengths and two diameters: 7/16th and 3/8th inch.

This hose itself has dry weight of 3 pounds, making it by far the lightest in this article. The Water right 400-series hose is your best lightweight hose of option, with a rubber and foam outermost layer for extra adaptability and effectiveness.

This hose is also resistant to environmental situations and can be used in cold climates.


  1. Very Flexible even in the sub-zero weather
  2. Safe and good for water drinking
  3. It’s Unwind and easy to store
  4. Easy to move around the garden during watering activities.


  1. It kinks when it’s empty
  2. No proper “free-coiling” movement when it’s on the ground.
  3. The flow rate is low.

2) Flexzilla HFZG550YW Garden Lead-In Hose

4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

If you live in colder climates, the Flexzilla garden hose is suitable for you. This hose is made of premium materials and can withstand temperatures as low as -40F.

The Flexzilla is the heaviest hose in this assessment, weighing 8 pounds for a 50-foot hose. The hose is also available in 3, 5, 10, 50, 75, and 100-foot lengths with a 5/8-inch size.

Overall, the Flexilla is appropriate for all-year usage in your garden, and its sturdy construction helps to make it weather-resistant, making sure this garden hose has a high durability.


  1. It’s safe for drinking good water
  2. It’s Flexible
  3. The hose can withstand high freezing temperatures.
  4. It’s resistant to UV rays and sun weather exposure.


  1. It has curvature memory.
  2. It kinks when empty and not in use
  3. A bit heavier than other models but it’s still lightweight.

3) Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose

4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

The Tuff-Guard hose is weatherproof. The thermoplastic outer cover and polyester core keep this hose from cracking in the sun. This hose has exceptional resilience and growth properties, restricting it from separating if water freezes somewhere within the coils during the winter. According to the manufacturer, this hose can withstand temperatures as low as -20F.

The couplings are our only complaint about this hose. In some cases, the coupling separates from the hose, causing an unpreventable leak.


  1. Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Weather resistant
  3. Durable
  4. Holds up during the freezing temperatures
  5. It’s kink proof designed.


  1. The fitting connection may damage under hard labour.
  2. It may leak with a short period of use.

4) Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Garden Hose

4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft4 Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 75ft

This design is light, weighing only 5.4 pounds for a 50-foot hose. While it is not as light as the Water Right 400-series, it is still lightweight than the majority of other brands. This garden hose comes with a lifetime warranty, and its all-weather rating means it can be used in colder climates as well.


  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Durable production with nylon and rubber materials
  3. Offers a great water pressure and flow rate.
  4. It’s easy to roll-up for storage after use.


  1. It may bulge when used for extended purposes
  2. It may kink easily even when water is running.
  3. Not really a weather-resistant hose.


Rather than pulling a heavy hose full of water all over your garden, reduce the effort by purchasing a lightweight garden hose for the work. I hope this information helps you find the right garden hose.