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Best Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

by Idris Ya'u
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Water is very essential to flourishing plants. Plants will draw into wrinkles, especially with the loss of moisture, and die without it. But ensuring you provide the right quantity of water is one difficult decision most farmers take.

Hence, this is why most farmers experience overwater and underwater. The best option is to adopt a good soil moisture meter that includes sensing probes that ascertain the level of moisture in the soil.

They are known as the best predictors for watering. Tomatoes are fragile plants that need the right amount of water to flourish.

Checking the moisture level of a tomato can be beneficial because it helps to determine whether the soil is draining adequately or retaining excess water.

In this article, I reviewed and listed the best soil moisture meter for tomatoes.

Best Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

1) Kensizer Soil Tester

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TomatoesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

The Kensizer Soil Tester can check water, test PH, and measure light as well as ensure a reading with the aid of two probes and a light sensor for an analog presentation. It can be used for large outdoor plants that possess large root structures.


  1. Double presentation size option.
  2. Measures moisture, PH, and light.
  3. Possess longer probe.


  1. Possess double probes

2) Soil Master Moisture Light & pH Soil Test Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TomatoesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

It ensures monitoring of the growing conditions of your plant for reasons of balance as well as checks the reading through the use of probes. It possesses features and cannot destroy delicate root structures.


  1. Monitor moisture, PH, and light.
  2. No battery is required.


  1. It is not pocket-friendly.
  2. Existence of two probes

3) Atree Soil pH Meter Soil Tester

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TomatoesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

It possesses a 6 to 7-inch probe length. It can read the level of soil and light exposed around the surrounding area of your plant. It is measured on a scale of 1–10, with a red bar signaling dry, a green one signaling moist, and a blue one signaling wet.


  1. Comes in a variety of colors
  2. simple to use.
  3. This soil moisture meter doesn’t need battery to read and function properly.


  1. Get reading in ten minutes.
  2. The gauge is more difficult to read because that is what reveals what you ought to know.

4) REOTEMP Garden Tool Moisture Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TomatoesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

The product is in 3 different extra-long probe which comes in 15, 24, or 36 inches. You can get your reading in a few seconds, although the device requires an AAA battery to function.


  1. It is durable and strong.
  2. It comes with an easy-to-read gauge.
  3. It has an easy-to-read option.


  1. Needs an AAA battery to function.

5) Sustee Aqua Moisture Meter

Best Soil Moisture Meter for TomatoesBest Soil Moisture Meter for Tomatoes

This can be left beneath your soil to determine the period of watering. A glass that turns white is exhibited at the probe as a sign that it is time to water. It comes in small 4.7-inch, medium 7 inches, and large 10 inches option


  1. No battery is needed.
  2. Comes in different sizes and colors.
  3. It reads and reveals faster when it’s put in the soil.


  1. It doesn’t reveal the accurate moisture content of your soil.
  2. Can’t be used for high-level moisture plants because it can’t be calibrated.
  3. It isn’t definite in measurement.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing any soil moisture meter for tomatoes, consider the following factors.

The Technology

There are so many devices that the soil moisture meters may include, so note that the smart connectivity option to a smart device to exhibit findings is suitable for easy use.

The smart devices possess a sensor that lies within the plant oftentimes. Through this, users connect to a sensor device, including an app, to check the condition of the soil.

Most times, this device ascertains the level of light and fertilizer, including a temperature and information that reveals the method to improve plant care

The Measurement

Before getting any soil moisture meter, ensure it can measure the moisture, PH, light level, and encompassing temperature, as well as observe the problems that your soil can encounter.

The Accuracy

This is one of the major factors to observe while observing your moisture level. However, despite the type of moisture purchased, ensure not to forcefully shove the meter into the soil in case of opposition; instead, a change of location should be done.

Ensure your sodium is in an adequate quantity so as not to have further negative effects on your soil. Make sure everything is sufficient.

Soil Type And Texture

This can sway your choice of a soil moisture meter. Ensure that you purchase a meter with a durable probe for heavier clay soil.

Note that your probe must measure a thickness of a quarter inch because some can bend in tougher soil due to their flimsy and weak nature.

Digital vs. Analog

Some soil moisture meters can come in analog or digital form. The analog is proven to be less expensive and easier to use, with a reading revealed on a scale of 1–10. They don’t need the battery and in some cases ensure a viewing made of color code.

While a digital meter is more expensive but is more accurate with simpler reading as well as possessing a smart ability for connectivity.

It doesn’t have a compelling need for the battery to function. Make sure you purchase a moisture meter with an easy-to-read presentation.

Below are some of the soil moisture meters I suggest you won’t regret purchasing.

FAQ: How can I know the light and temperature around my tomato plant?

The majority of soil moisture meters have a sensor that helps you know the light and temperature levels around your tomatoes

What can I do after reading my tomato shows?

Once the reading of your tomato is displayed, the soil moisture meter should be removed immediately and cleaned after use.

How can I water my tomato plant?

Tomatoes are fragile plants, and must not be watered with a hose but only with a watering can to avoid overwatering the plant.

Remember, your soil moisture meter will determine if your plant needs little or no water at all.


Soil moisture meter for tomatoes comes in different models and features. It is therefore advisable to select the one that fits your needs.

I believe that this article has helped to reveal and explain broadly the soil moisture meter for tomatoes, along with the best models, including their pros and cons for selecting the ideal one for your tomato plant.

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