Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

When we talk about wood types, bamboo is a common choice because of the speed at which it grows. Despite being easy and cheaper to produce, it is always difficult to cut. That is why I will reveal to you the best saw for cutting bamboo roots.

I know that some of us might want to ask why we cut our bamboo roots. We must note that once your bamboo plant or tree becomes mature, it is expedient to prune it.

If left unattended, the groves in the bamboo will overcrowd the whole plant, which will in the end compete with the limited nutrients in the soil.

Now the question here is, what is the best saw for cutting bamboo roots? Below is a list of the best saws for cutting bamboo roots.

Best Saw for Cutting the Bamboo Root

1) Eversaw Folding Garden Handsaw

Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo RootBest Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

If you are searching for a saw that comes at a modest price, the Eversaw folding handsaw is the best option.

Despite being a bit pocket-friendly, the cutting saw is durable and built with quality material. It has an adjustable 8” medium-tooth carbon blade that enables you to cut any wood type.

It also comes with a ribbed rubber handle, which boasts an ergonomic feature that guarantees firm work. It also has a razor tooth designed for pull-cut sawing. This saw has nine teeth per inch, which makes it smooth and fast when cutting your bamboo root.

One feature I love about this saw is its versatility, provided that the diameter of the bamboo root does not exceed four inches. Lastly, this saw comes with a lifetime guarantee when purchased.

If you encounter any issues, you can contact that manufacturer through the Amazon messaging system.


  1. It has a hardened steel blade.
  2. It has a safety gear lock.
  3. It is lightweight.
  4. It can be easily held and to use.


  1. It can rust quickly.
  2. It is not recommended for heavy tasks.

2) HARDTWERK Japanese Carbon Steel Pull Saw

Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo RootBest Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

This saw is a blend of traditional Japanese, which is characterized by a stout structure and dependability. You will need to apply less force when using it.

In addition, it comes with a hardened carbon steel blade that can last for a long time. It is lightweight and has a rubber handle that makes the hand firm once it is used.

It also features a toothed edge that ensures your saw does not slip off your hand. It is foldable and compact.


  1. It has a foldable design.
  2. It has an ergonomic rubber handle.
  3. It also features a hardened carbon steel blade.


  1. The teeth get blunted easily.

3) SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Double Edge Hand Saw

Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo RootBest Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

This saw comes with a double-edged blade, which makes it universal. It is a Japanese steel blade with a cross-cut, which makes it extremely sharp.

Its edge is sharp like a razor with finer rip tips, which gives your bamboo a precise cut. It weighs 6.4 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest saws.

It only uses electricity to operate, which saves the time and energy required to cut your bamboo root.

You can also interchange the blade using a button that is found at the intersection of the handle and the saw blade. The Japanese saw is very comfortable to use because it has a rubber handle that restrains vibration caused by electricity.


  1. It is a high-quality steel blade.
  2. The blades are switchable.
  3. Cross-cut teeth are featured in the saw.
  4. It has extreme cutting accuracy.


  1. It only works with electricity.

4) Heavy Duty Long Blade Hand Saw

Best Saws for Cutting the Bamboo RootBest Saws for Cutting the Bamboo Root

This is a sharp bamboo root cutter that makes your cutting fast and easy without going through any means of discomfort in your arms and shoulders.

This saw is sharp and portable. The 11-inch blade with 50+ sharp saw teeth can cut your bamboo root very well. It also has a comfortable handle, which makes the user grip the saw while cutting the bamboo root.

Users of this saw hardly experience pain while using it.


  1. It is sharp and sturdy.
  2. It is portable.
  3. It has a comfortable grip.


  1. The saw blade can rust easily.

Buying Guide

Just like other hand tools, your best saw for cutting bamboo roots must be characterized and possess some qualities. Let’s talk about the necessary tips we must note before purchasing any saw for cutting bamboo roots.

The Construction

Typically, saws for cutting bamboo roots must be made with hard steel and should come with an ergonomic design that makes them very comfortable to handle.

The blade’s quality and material should correspond with the saw’s performance. The reason why I said you should purchase saws with hardened steel blades is because of their substantial quality, which guarantees durability and maintenance.

The Length

Before purchasing your best saw for cutting bamboo root, note that these saws come in various lengths, which can either be long or short.

Long saws will require you to make use of your whole hand while cutting the roots, while sharp saws require the movement of the lower part of the arm.

Generally, long saws are quick and efficient, but these vary with the mode of application. Medium-size saws are the best option when it comes to cutting your bamboo roots.

The best length for bamboo roots is 6–9 inches. So before buying any saw for your bamboo root, make sure it follows the above length and dimension specifications for maximum usage.

Tooth count

If you need a neat and complex cut, you will require a different type of saw than someone who needs a rough cut.

Saws come in different numbers of teeth, and some come with fewer teeth, which will not guarantee a clean cut.

It should be noted that the length of the teeth does not determine the roughness or neatness of your cutting.

The portability

Some saws are heavy, while others are essential for small purposes. Some have great quality material, but after some time, it becomes inefficient in operation.

The review says that a heavy saw causes fatigue and is characterized by little mobility. If not handled and managed properly, it can be hazardous.

When buying, always consider the options for handling the saw. Once it is lightweight and has a humanized design, then you would do well to purchase it.

Can you cut bamboo roots with a chainsaw? 

You can use a chainsaw to cut your bamboo root.

What tool can fine-cut a bamboo root?

Power tools are commonly used when it comes to fine-cutting. Although, some people still use power tools because they are lightweight.

Are these saws durable?

All the saws I mentioned in the article are durable. But note that the durability of these products depends on your investment.

If you buy an expensive saw with a standard feature, it will be durable and last you for years.


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Cutting bamboo roots is a lifetime job for some people, while it’s a stressful and laborious job for others.

That is why it is better to purchase a saw that satisfies you. However, some saws have unique features, some work with electricity while others work with an engine motor.

I have written the buying guidelines answered frequently asked questions, and also listed the best saw for cutting bamboo roots.