Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

The best electric saw for cutting small trees allows you to safely cut trees and branches within a stipulated period in the garden and other farming areas.

Inefficiency in performing a task because of a lack of proper equipment will lead to setbacks in your work. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure you get the best electric saw for cutting small trees.

I valued your time and safety, so I did all the leg work and practically tested the electric saw for cutting small trees that are very effective to tree cutting activities.

So take your time to read this article because I will be explaining in detail the best electric saw for cutting trees, the buying guidelines, and answering frequently asked questions. Do well to read to the end.

Best Electric Saw For Cutting Small Trees

1) Oregon CS1500 18-inch Corded Electric Saw

Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small TreesBest Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

When we are talking about power, Oregon CS1500 cannot be left out. It comes with a 15-amp engine motor that ensures you cut your small trees as fast as possible.

This electric saw can cut all types of wood, and it has an 18-inch bar length. This means that no matter what type of wood your small trees have, there will be no difficulty when it comes to cutting.

It also comes with a low vibration, so you won’t experience any hand sprains as long as it is in use.


It is versatile and can be used for all wood types.
It comes with a powerful 15-amp motor.
Low vibration
Very fast in cutting


Some parts of the electric saw are plastic.
Tensioning is difficult.

2) Decker Electric Saw with Storage Bag

Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small TreesBest Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

If you are searching for an affordable and cheap electric saw for cutting your small trees, then don’t fail to purchase the Black + Decker PHS 55OB electric saw. 

It is powered by a 3.4-amp, 4600 SPM motor that cuts plastic, wood, and non-ferocious materials. I also can’t leave out the fact that it features a large-capacity metal-cutting blade.

It is lightweight, making it easy to move around, and has a lengthy cord that aids in the easy movement of the electric saw.


It is affordable.
It is portable.
It cuts effectively.
It is comfortable to use.


It has a difficult locking blade.
It is not effective for the heavy task.

3) TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Pole Saw

Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small TreesBest Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

For small trees that are difficult to cut, you need a pole saw like a trimmer plus the TPP 720, which has a telescopic length. One dynamic feature of this saw is that you can convert it to a chainsaw.

Apart from its convertible design, it is lightweight because it does not have an engine motor like other electric saws. It is portable.


It is portable.
It is lightweight because of the absence of an engine motor.
It has a good blade length.


Its setup is complicated.

4) Greenworks 10.5-Amp Corded Electric Saw

Best Electric Saws For Cutting Small TreesBest Electric Saws For Cutting Small Trees

It has a 14-inch bar, making it easy to cut the tree within a short time. It has a 10.5-amp electric motor start, which provides power to work for hours.

The wrap-around handle provides the user comfort to avoid hand sprains and fatigue, while the oil tank ensures that the view of the oil level is not obstructed. The auto-oiler ensures that your saw does not seize up.


The electric saw is well-built.
It is lightweight.
It is easy to use.
It is easy to clean.


It uses a lot of oil.

Buying Guide

When buying a unique electric saw, you will come across different types, such as corded electric saws, cordless electric saws, handsaws, chainsaws, reciprocating saws, pole saws, and tile saws.

Since we are talking about electric saws for small trees, we will consider purchasing an electric saw based on its height.

The Blade Efficiency

You will need to prune the branches, stem, and roots before a small tree can be cut down.

Whenever you want to purchase an electric saw for cutting small trees, ensure you buy the one with a hardened stainless steel blade because the blade efficiency will determine how fast you will cut your small tree

The Safety Features

Before purchasing an electric saw, make sure you take into consideration that the electric saw features an anti-slip grip, also known as a knuckle guard.

The anti-slip stop prevents the saw from slipping out of your hand while working to avoid accidents, while the knuckle guard stops. The saw came from injuring your hand.

The Budget

One of the most important buying guides, which so many people ignore, is budget. There are low-cost saws with good performance, quality, efficiency, and durability, and there are also costly electric saws.

So with your budget in mind, you are an important figure when purchasing an electric saw.

So consider your budget and purchase a quality and durable electric saw for cutting your small trees.

The Blade Length

As with chainsaws, electric saws have various lengths. The saws have about 15- to 17-inch blades.

That is the ideal length for cutting small trees. Your electric saw must possess a long blade so that it can cut the trees very quickly.

The Tension Adjuster

An electric saw must be characterized by a stretching setting that permits you to adjust your blade tension easily.

Contrary to common belief, the use of manual stretching maximizes flexibility, which is not always needed.

So it’s a good decision if the electric saw we want to purchase has a blade tension adjuster.

The Design

Your electrical saw for cutting small trees must be ergonomically designed with unique features like being lightweight, which makes it portable, slip-free, and with a non-conductive handle.

How Much is the Best Electric Saw?

It depends on the type you want to purchase. It ranges in price from $100 to $1600.

Where can I buy the best electric saw?

I have provided links to purchase the above-mentioned best electric saw for cutting small trees.


It’s a wrap-up regarding this subject. I have been able to give guidelines before purchasing any electric saw of your choice, the best electric saws, which include their features, pros and cons, and links to purchase them.

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