4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer’s Guide)

4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)

Gardening job can be very enjoyable if you have the right tools that fits your work. There are several kinds of Japanese pruning shears available on the market to meet your gardening needs. Others, on the other hand, may not be suitable for everyone.

To assist gardeners in selecting the right tool, we have reviewed some high-quality Japanese Garden Secateurs that will meet your requirements. Please read through this article to get all of the information.

This category’s secateurs are suitable for cutting through any tough growth, branches, and twigs. They are also quite simple to use, making them an amazing selection for anybody who prefers to maintain their plants, nourished and also make them attractive.

Best Japanese Garden Secateurs

In a rush? Our Top Picks:

  1. Wazakura Japanese Pruning Shears
  2. KAKURI Japanese Pruning Shears

1) KAKURI Japanese Pruning Shears

4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)

This 8-inch garden pruner is ideal for the serious gardener. The solid steel blade is comfortable to hold and cuts through even the toughest plant or tree limbs with minimal force. The quality leather covering is also a nice touch, making this device ideal for purposeful use.


  1. Comfortable solid steel blade – Less strength and gentle force
  2. Nice outer leather layer
  3. Easy to use and maintain
    4..High-quality material
  4. Sharp blade
  5. Easy to use and store


  1. The the handle should have been more fitting

2) Okatsune General Purpose Pruners

4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)

The Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners are quite a standard size, all-purpose pruner ideal for moderate gardens. These pruners are created to avoid the requirements for sharp cutting outer edge, leading to improved performance and user-friendly.

The Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners are however designed to be easy to use, making it a great option for the others who work with pruners on a regular basis.


  1. Suitable medium-sized
  2. Not heavy
  3. Efficient and easier to use
  4. Comfortable to use


  1. Not too sharp
  2. Not too durable

3) TONMA Pruning Shears

4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)

The TONMA Pruning Shears are ideal for significant gardeners. They are made of high-quality Japanese steel material and have a strong cutting capability. The ergonomic structure of TONMA hand pruners will end up making your gardening process much convenient.


  1. Made of premium quality
  2. Good stainless steel
  3. Powerful cutting ability
  4. Easy to use
  5. Smooth cutting surface


  1. Needs extreme carefulness to maintain

4) Wazakura Japanese Pruning Shears

4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)4 Best Japanese Garden Secateurs (The Detailed Buyer's Guide)

Wazakura Japanese Pruning Shears are premium Japanese gardening shears. It is constructed of S55C steel material with a GF resin grip.

The length of the blade is 1.96inch (50mm). The overall weight is 4.58oz (130g). Hard sleek plating is used to coat the blade.

It is simple to use thanks to the one-handed protection locking mechanism. The strap hole allows individuals to hold the shears from one nearby tree actively.

The shears’ strong and sturdy blades allow them to cut through trees and bushes efficiently and simply. The shears are good to handle due to the convenient grip.


  1. Standard blade length
  2. Not heavy
  3. Quality blade coating
  4. Active safety locking system
  5. Sharp and sturdy blades


  1. The coating of the blade can rust
  2. The length of the blade can shorter than supposed

Best Japanese Garden Secateurs: Buying Guide

Before purchasing a Japanese Garden Secateurs, there are important features to consider to ensure you are buying the right one.

The Warranty

When purchasing new secateurs, look for designs with at least a one-year warranty, rather than the comapny ’30-day’ warranty made available on low-cost secateurs. Anything below that could land you in hot water.

Things can change, and you’re unlikely to search out during the first 30 days, unless you already have a massive pruning job to complete in this specified timeframe.

The Blades

The blade is the greatest significant aspect of this bypass secateurs. Sharp blades can cut smoothly through stems and leaves, reducing the possibility of parasitic infections trying to spread further into pruned cut.

Less work will also be required because a razor-sharp blade will be required to cut through cabbage on a kitchen counter.

The surest blades are made of high quality steel, also known as carbon steel. Carbon blades have an extended edge retention which takes fewer time during sharpenings and it is less vulnerable to breaking under heavy pressure.

One can be wary of low-cost stainless-steel pruning shears if the desired results are not met.

Stainless steel is smoother than solid steel and will not retain its sharpness much longer; blunt blades on garden shears are not really a positive factor in this aspect.

The Cutting Diameter

When it comes to secateurs’ cutting capabilities, there really is an exchange. Pruning bigger materials, such like trees, will necessitate more strength.

Something approximately 20mm and 30mm is suitable for small palm and 30mm for bigger hands.

If the size exceeds this, loppers should be used instead of pruning shears. If there is one means to destroy secateurs and one‟s hands, it is to cut much bigger branches than they have been designed to cut.

The Handles

The handles, like all gardening equipment, must be comfortable in the hand firmly.

Some handles are made long. And there also are garden secateurs for small hands.

Garden pruners with handles made of aluminum or a fiber composite material are preferable because they are lightweight and durable.

The Safety Catches

One other factor to consider when using pruners is the location of the catch. Top or side protection catches are available.

It is just a matter of personal preference, but top means catches can still be easier to handle about when climbing a ladder.

Also, you need consider your health especially if you have an arthritic hands. There are also garden secateurs for arthritic hands. Ensure that you purchase one for arthritic hands if you have.

The Spare Parts

When purchasing secateurs, make sure that spare parts for changing the blades are available in the event that something goes wrong.

That’s something to keep in mind, especially if you ‘re searching at cheap secateurs, because in my observation, one broken spring or a failed component safety procedures catch and also the secateur is thwarted.

The Manufacturer

My recommendation is to purchase labelled secateurs from a trustable, well-known manufacturing company in the field.

When you purchase from a reputable secateur manufacturer, you can do so with assurance and own an instrument that will last for many years.


The Japanese Garden Secateurs listed on this review will serve the purpose you desire. All you need to do is to go through the details of each of the products and select the one that suite your work.