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4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

by Idris Ya'u
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Growing food is a great activity that can provide a sense of fulfillment as you observe the fruit and vegetables of your labor sprout and mature.

It could also be a streef-free favorite activity for people who live with arthritis if properly planned and equipments are made ready.

The objective of this review is to assist individuals with arthritic hands in selecting the proper arthritis secateurs. The detailed buying guide will walk you through the process.

Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

In a rush? Our Top Picks:

  1. The Gardener’s Friend Pruners
  2. Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner

1) The Gardener’s Friend Pruners

4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

The Gardener’s Friend Pruners provide comfortable experience because they allow you to start making convenient and simple cuts with minimal effort.

They are built with such an adjustable mechanism that uses flexibility to provide substantial backing for any regular pruner.

That effectively means users will not have to apply a good number of pressure to the secateurs to get an excellent result.

If you already have severe arthritic hands, such a brand will provide you with as much assistance as necessary.


  1. Safe to use
  2. Simple to handle


  1. A bit hard to close after use.

2) Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner

4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

The most common buyer misunderstanding is that the more costly an item is, the greater its quality.

And a low-cost tool is valueless. You will definitely change your thinking after learning everything there is to know about the Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner. It can greatly aid you in completing the majority of the cutting tasks.

This bypass pruner can also be used as a handful of scissors. While trying to cut, the sharply pointed blade on each side would further pass through an unsharpened cutting tool from the other without destroying the remaining stems.

As a result, the plant can cure its wound quickly while also encouraging new growth.

Its straight razor cutting tool has an edge of about 0.3um or microns which is the high sharpness. At such level, simply holding the blade’s lead can smoothly cut real hair. As a result, you can cut through any specific branch with little effort.

The moderate coating provides an abrasion-resistant, long-lasting, and slippery surface that eliminates wear issues and protects the key tool from nectar and debris.


  1. Comfortable grip
  2. Lightweight


  1. Hard to handle the large branches

3) LINGSFIRE Garden Shear Secateurs

4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

Individuals with severe arthritis hands require a tool that is simple to use and convenient, and the grips should have a direct impact on comfort.

The LINGSFIRE Garden Shear’s standout feature is its smooth foam grip. Its soft ergonomic design non-slip control grip can provide a strong hold on the pruners’ handlebars. As a result, users will have total control without exerting much effort.

These grips are also produced of forged aluminum stainless steels. This object is light enough even to allow you to safely hold the secateurs in your hand. Effectively, it reduces pain and stiffness on your arthritic arms.


  1. It’s durable
  2. It’s safe
  3. It’s sharp
  4. Suitable to cut large and small branches


  1. Low quality hinges and locking mechanism

4) Gonicc 8 Pruning Shears

4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands4 Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands

The cost of Genicc 8 has been reasonable. Despite the great quality of the brand, it is reasonably priced. The spring is strong, and the cutting tools are made of ultra-fine abrasive advanced technologies with a very titanium protective layer.

It’s tough and potentially lethal sharp, helping to make pruning an effortless activity. As a result, your hand stability and strength will be preserved. The product is indeed efficient, and yet it is quite convenient for your arthritic knees and hands.

The Ergonomic hold is made of strong aluminium alloys coated in a thin coat of PVC, making it quite soft and relaxing to use. This apart, it’s also very light.

The structure forbids the adhesion of tree cellulose, which creates rust on the sharp blades. As a result, you can use this pruner for years running without it rusting.


  1. Good for any patient with arthritis
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Reasonably priced
  4. Perfect for larger bushes and stems


  1. Less durable

Best Garden Secateurs For Arthritic Hands: Buying Guide

Selecting a right pruner for arthritic hands is critical. If user end up making the wrong choice, it can aggravate your hand aspect. It’s now exact moment to start thinking about the following features:

Authentic Materials

If you already have severe arthritis hands, the effectiveness of the product should be more important than the style.

Strong materials can produce efficient results and, more importantly, last longer. A structural steel pruner, for instance, can withstand rust and condensation and also wear and damage over time.

It is preferable to put money in an instrument with quite a stick-proof protective layer that will protect the blades from sap.

As a result, this functionality can reduce sap-stick with the need for consistent sap-cleaning.

Select up grips should be designed near together to reduce pressure on your hands.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

Forearm fatigue can occur when using secateurs for a longer length of time. This situation could be caused by your arthritic hands.

As a result, ensure that you can grab and use them as comfortably as practicable with the least amount of strain.

Since this resource has secure grip handles, it is better to select a product with ergonomically designed. This form of specification, in distinct, is free to rotate to sustain your forearms in any position while pruning.

Cutting Capacity

Sometime if you do have an ergonomic method, getting a sharp edge and a perfect cutting efficiency is critical to keeping your arthritic arms from hurting.

The cutting equipment level is determined by how wide the blades could really open and whether or not you really can cut across relatively thick stems and leaves.

Make absolutely sure the blades are accessible enough just to slash across at least the 2.5-inch stem branches.

Replaceable Parts

The majority of pruner components are irreplaceable. If you are using this tool frequently, it will eventually wear out and tear.

And if you can’t access any repairable parts, your product will be rendered useless.

As a result, even going to look for replacement materials is difficult; you should inquire with the producer of seller about the availability of replacement parts before purchasing


The pruners are extremely sharp, particularly if you do have to handle them about most of the time. Your pruners should have a handling case as well as a lockable method for strong security.

It allows you to secure the sharp blade just by using the lockable system when handling the secateurs about and not only in usages to protect your body from potential dangers.

The holding case serves a similar purpose, but it only protects the sharp blades whenever the tool is not in use.


Garden shears and secateurs are made with different purposes in mind. Some shears are for cutting grass While other shears are for cutting Rose bushes. There are also garden shears for hedge trimming.


Do not let the arthritic hands impact negatively on your gardening enthusiasm. The safest pruners for severe arthritis hands can enable you in completing your work activities without causing any pain.

I hope you find help with this article and also the necessary guide to make your purchase. Also, check the best garden shears for for arthritic hands.

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