Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

Best Garden Scissors

Garden scissors are a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit. But which garden scissors are best for cutting through overgrown hedges or pruning roses to encourage new growth?

We’ve reviewed and identified the best garden scissors for your outdoor needs. After profiling our favorites, our Buyers Guide will assist you in selecting the best garden scissors for your interests.

Best Garden Scissors Buying Guide

Garden scissors are useful when trimming a stealth hedge, removing dead plants from a rose garden, or handling complex issues on a single stem. But what kind of garden scissors do you require, and how do you go about selecting a suitable pair?

We’ve sorted all of the criteria that go into selecting the best garden scissors for your needs in this buyer’s guide, as well as what those factors indicate, so you can make the best selection possible.

The Types of Garden Scissors

When buying this type of instrument, the first thing you should consider is the design or type of your garden scissors. The manner in which your garden scissors cut might influence the types of plants you can prune and the kind of cuts you can make. This means that, depending on your gardening projects, you may require more than one pair of garden scissors.

The Bypass

The most frequent type of garden scissors is the bypass-style pruner. Bypass pruners, like household scissors, have two curved blades that move past each other to provide a clean, equal cut.

Bypass pruners can cut through both living and dead plants, so you can use them to collect herbs for meals as well as for trim dead branches.

The Anvil

Anvil garden scissors function in the same way as a cutting board does. The curving top blade strikes the flat bottom chamber, which catches the blade and cuts the plants in half.

Anvil garden scissors are best used on dry stems and deadwood because the way this pruner cut plants can break healthy stems. Therefore, it should be used carefully. The bottom part of an anvil garden scissors can also become blocked with debris. However, cleaning the device after use will help solve this problem.

The Straight and Snip-Style: Straight-style garden scissors have unusually long, thin, and sharp blades that resemble a cross between home scissors and pliers. Snip-style blades resemble straight-style blades but are often smaller.

The straight-style blade is ideal for reaching into tight spaces, meanwhile, the snip-style blade is ideal for creating unique designs or pruning sensitive plants.

The Blade Material

The material of the blade also has an impact on the pricing, appearance, and durability of your pruner. Different blade materials necessitate varying levels of care to keep the blade in excellent condition.

The Carbon Steel

Pruner blades made of carbon steel are durable and sharp, easily cutting through all kinds of plant components.

The disadvantage of carbon steel is that it rusts easily, so if you’re cutting through living plants that includes water, make sure to fully clean your blade after each use. Keeping your garden scissors greased can also assist to keep them from rusting.

The Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel is the most popular type of garden scissors blade, some dealers may falsely claim their pruners as stainless steel, so be cautious when buying.

Stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion and can quickly cut through stems. The disadvantage is that stainless steel blades can be difficult to resharpen if used too often or on too stiff branches.

The Titanium Coated

Titanium-coated blades are just carbon blades that have been treated with a rust-resistant coating. This coating allows your garden scissors to cut through sappy stems smoothly without the expense of a full titanium blade. A gold-colored blade is an easy way to identify if your pruner has a titanium coating.

The Ergonomic Design

A reviewer may mention ergonomic design while describing garden scissors, but what does ergonomic design mean for a pruner? The handle and other mechanisms that make the garden scissors comfortable to use are usually the focus of the ergonomic design.

Some garden scissors, for example, have spherical handles that make them easier to use, while others have rubber or silicone handles that provide a non-slip and stable hold.

Checking for a ratchet function is an easy method to tell if your garden scissors are ergonomically sound. Ratchet pruners were developed to reduce wrist fatigue. You simply need to grip the handle halfway, and the garden scissors will perform the rest of the work for you by cutting in phases.

The Cutting Capacity

It is necessary to understand the cutting capabilities of garden scissors before purchasing them. Some pruners, for example, may cut through stems as small as 14 inches in diameter; however, using an overly powerful pruner can break the stem and damage the plant.

The Locking Mechanism

Locking mechanisms are often used to keep the blades of your garden scissors sharp and also keep you safe while trimming. Most garden scissors have a locking mechanism, which varies in location and purpose.

The Spring-Loaded

Spring-loaded pruners work in the same way that ratchet pruners do. The spring acts to limit the amount of force required to fully close the tool, and then it fully springs open when you’ve finished your cut.

The following are our best-selected garden scissors that can give you the performance you desire.

Best Garden Scissors

In a rush? Out top Picks:

  1. Restmo Garden Heavy Duty Gardening Scissors
  2. LDK Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Snip
  3. Fiskars Non-Stick Precision-ground Blades

1) Restmo Garden Heavy Duty Gardening Scissors

Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top OptionsBest Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

The Restmo Gardening Scissors are a low-cost, long-lasting, and lightweight bypass pruner. This garden tool has a spring-loaded handle to help relieve fatigue, and the blades are Teflon-coated to prevent scratching and friction.

Restmo Garden Scissors are great for sculpting bonsai trees and pruning flowers, vegetables, and stems. Because these plants are pliable, the blades of these garden scissors contain a sap groove to keep them clean and free of roughness.


  1. It has a sap collector
  2. The thumb lock is adjustable
  3. The cutting diameter can be adjusted from ½ inch – ¾ inch
  4. The handles has a rubber comfort grip for easy fatigue-reduction


  1. People with weaker or arthritic hands may find it hard to close
  2. Not too suitable for skinny stems

2) LDK Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Snip

Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top OptionsBest Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

The LDK Gardening Hand Pruners looks a bit like standard scissors, but their tiny and curved blades perform effectively on delicate stems and flowers when it’s in use. The stainless blades are strong and rust-resistant. There is a locking mechanism in the center of the device for convenient storage and safety use.

Because of the spring-action grip on these garden scissors, you only need to apply a minimal amount of pressure to create elaborate designs and patterns.


  1. It’s affordable
  2. It’s comfortable and easy to use
  3. It has long blades that helps to work on hard-to-reach areas
  4. Very suitable for beginners
  5. It comes with extra spring


  1. If not carefully handled, hands can be pinched when closing the tool
  2. It may not last like expensive garden scissors if used regularly

3) WORKPRO 2-Piece Pruning Set

Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top OptionsBest Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

When it comes to garden scissors, the Workpro 2 Piece Bypass Pruning Scissors Set provides more great value for your money. This pruning scissors set includes a bypass and straight garden scissors, enabling you to do both normal work and heavy-duty gardening for the same cost.

Both tools include anti-slip rubber handles that are comfortable to use whether you are left or right-handed. Furthermore, each of these instruments includes a dampening spring and a safety lock for comfortable and strong cutting.


  1. It has anti-slip handle
  2. It’s affordable
  3. You get two for the price of one
  4. It is suitable for precision cutting and trimming


  1. It may not be balanced and comfortable for small hands
  2. It can rust quickly if not maintained

4) Fiskars Non-Stick Precision-ground Blades

Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top OptionsBest Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

The Fiskars Micro-tip Pruner is a strong pair of garden scissors with a spring-loaded mechanism that reduces fatigue and increases trimming speed.

These scissors also include a nonstick and low-friction coating that prevents sap build-up and blade attrition.


  1. Easy to use
  2. It has a non-stick coating
  3. It comes with a good safety lock and blade cover
  4. It has a comfortable soft-grip handle


  1. It’s not suitable for branches. It works best for indoor plants flowers
  2. The locking mechanism is not too durable and may slightly loose

5) VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner

Best Garden Scissors: 5 Top OptionsBest Garden Scissors: 5 Top Options

One of the most important considerations for gardeners searching for a new pruner is minimized hand fatigue. The Vivosun 6.5-inch Gardening Hand Pruner fulfills that mark with its spring-loading functionality. However, these garden scissors tick a lot of parts.

Although it is not a heavy-duty pruner, the quality blades on these garden scissors make trimming, deadheading, and cutting smaller stems a delight.

This lightweight Fiskars-style pruner is easy to hold, incredibly sharp, and reasonably priced, and its long blades allow for easy reach and handling.


  1. The safety lock is good and easy to use
  2. Not expensive
  3. Suitable for small and large hands


  1. The blade may rust
  2. Not very effective on thick tree branches or flower stems

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With so many various varieties of garden scissors on the market, each used for a different type of pruning, the correct pair for someone else may not be the perfect selection for you.

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You must not only select the appropriate garden scissors for your needs, but you must also perform the pruning. Our list of best garden scissors will help you to make the right choice.