5 Best Books on Balcony Gardening

5 Best Books on Balcony Gardening

If your balcony has enough space that can serves as a great opportunity for gardening, then transforming your empty-spaced balcony into a garden which I term as “balcony gardening” is very needful.

No matter how small the space may be, you can simply apply pot planting or gardening techniques that support vertical growth of plants. You don’t need to possess or own acres of empty land or a large field before you make that happen.

Planning a garden might not be an easy decision to make, or it might take a long time to accomplish, but not at all because you can start with the balcony next to you!

If you believe there are books readily available for you to start with, even though you might be an expert or beginner in gardening, you can get such books from this article.

You might not know how interesting and exciting the journey and experience will be if you don’t start one yourself. This is why gardening books are written just for you to gain more gardening experience.

Gardening books offer you exciting and beneficial information on balcony gardening, like container or potted gardening.

It offers some basics about gardening, hand pollination, and how to start your indoor or balcony gardening with just that seed on your palm. It offers many more benefits, which will certainly guide you through challenges in gardening.

Best Books on Balcony Gardening

1) Balcony Gardening Book (by Jeff Haase)

This will certainly be everything you need to know about raising an outdoor garden, including the essential basis for how to start your garden, like your balcony gardening, along with unique garden accessories, planning designs, and elements to suit your taste and that of your balcony.

It provides certain chapters, like those on urban spaces and creative recycling, along with beautifully written chapters just for you. It offers some advice, recommendations, and tips, starting from the journal section to the comprehensive resources list.

It guides you on how to transform and customize your balcony or outdoor space into one that is fulfilling, appealing, and fantastic.

2) The Seed Saving Bible by Remo Gentry (3 in 1)

There are three thrilling secrets embedded in this single-titled book. It entails how to store and keep your vegetables, seeds, fruits, fresh herbs, and plants for the next three years, be it during the boiling point or zero hours.

It also covers perennial gardening and how to keep them fresh for the next three years. Imagine the joy of having fresh fruits, vegetables, and your kid’s best berries in a store.

You’ll learn a lot just by reading the secret behind all these things listed above. If you know the importance and benefit of having fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits, you need to grab this book.

It provides you with the essential material needed to preserve and raise those seeds in your hands. Just get this book. It’s sure to help you.

3) Container Gardening for Beginners (by Tammy Wylie).

If you live in a small space or decide on raising your container garden, this book is made for you. It offers packed-up guides and beneficial packages on how to successfully grow and harvest your vegetables, herbs, and fruits, along with the right tools, containers, and soil mix you ought to consider while gardening.

It provides step-by-step guidance, basic steps and practices in raising healthy plants, and expert gardening insight with illustrated profiles.

It will enlighten you with detailed information on how to raise and sustain a bloody, bustling, rousing, and thriving container garden.

4) Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners (by Tammy Wylie)

Everything you ought to consider as a beginner if you decide to start raising a thriving, healthy, and appealing garden is right in your hands if you purchase this book.

Just go for this inspired and thrilling, well-packed book with an excellent and beneficial package that reveals the big secret of how to plan, build, and groom your raised bed regardless of the available space.

You will be able to raise a gloomy, vigorous, and flourishing garden on your balcony if you follow through with each recommendation administered in this enlightening book, from the beginner’s guide to the introduction to the raised bed garden and 30 easy-to-grow plants.

If you are a beginner, then this is the copy of the book you deserve to purchase. It is purely written in English for better understanding.

5) Encyclopedia of Garden Plants for Every Location (by DK)

This is a finely written gardening encyclopedia book covering a range of 2000 guides from experienced gardeners. It provides a special effects section entailing garden pest problems and their control.

It also reveals how to access the right location and soil for gardening with the suitable and perfect species that will thrive best along with their beneficial properties to ensure a vast and flourishing yield.

If you have scrubby or shrubby land or a small empty garden, don’t feel disappointed. The encyclopedia of garden plants is readily available for your purchase, and you know how to make good use of your garden. Just get a copy and turn your dream garden into a reality.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the best books for balcony gardening and their answers.

What is easy to grow on a balcony?

Vegetables of any kind, like lettuce, collard greens, or spinach during the season of harvest, you can trim them and add them to your meal recipe.

What can I grow on a covered balcony?

If you have a balcony shaded by other buildings or facing the north, go for a low-light plant like ferns, coleus, begonias, or impatiens. You should plant seeds capable of thriving under shady sunlight or less than a half-day of sun.

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What vegetables can I raise on my small balcony?

You can grow a dwarf variety of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, or beans. Any of these options will thrive well on your balcony.

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Buying Guide

The following are the necessary factors to consider before purchasing a balcony gardening book.

What You Love

You must be able to purchase a gardening book that you love. Not just love; you must be able to gain knowledge and comprehend information.

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Number of Pages

A balcony gardening book does not necessarily have to be so long. It must be easy to read not reading it for years without gaining any knowledge

The Price

Gardening books come at different prices. There are lots of balcony gardening books that you can purchase so you don’t need to be bothered about the price because all books I listed will fit your budget.

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Purchasing a book for your balcony garden exposes your mind to creative ideas about your balcony gardening.

You can select from the books listed in this article. I believe I have been able to reveal the best books for balcony gardening that would meet your needs.