19 Best Container Gardening flowers

19 Best Container Gardening flowers

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Are you thinking your house is boring now? Container gardening flowers are a great way to bring color, fragrance and beauty into your life and inside your abode. You can plant them in a deck, patio, porch or balcony.

Flowers are the most common and popular Container gardening plants since inception. Invariably, almost every flower can be planted in a Container, except for just some few of them.

Looking to learn how to go about this using annual or perennial flowers, Here’s how to plant your flowers in a Container.

Annual Flowers

If you are looking for flowers you can plant annually, this is it for you. They are very easy to mix and make matches with. You can always exchange them untill you can get a better look, doing it this way annually. Here are some annual flowers to grow:

  1. Begonia
  2. Browallia
  3. Coleus
  4. Dusty miller
  5. Lobelia
  6. Fushsia
  7. Coreopsis
  8. Pansies
  9. Morning glory
  10. Sweet pea
  11. Snapdragons
  12. Statice
  13. Nasturtium

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers show up every single year.. There are very beautiful flowers with long lasting fragrance.

Here’s a few of them to grow

  1. Bleeding hear
  2. Evening primrose
  3. Speedwell
  4. Astilbe
  5. Bee balm
  6. Salvia

Container Garden Ideas For Flower Gardening

Below are some container garden ideas:

1# Side Yard Container Flower gardening

You can make your side yard beautiful with flowers. Fill yours containers with tulips , pansies or some wax begonias that thrice mostly in shady areas.

2# Vertical Gardens

This type of Garden saves lots of space and doesn’t require to much to build. It can arranged in a Privacy fence or wall using plastic window boxes.

3# Orchid Outdoor gardens

Orchids love the outside very much. They are sun loving and so summer is good for them. And you can always group them together in one Container.

4# Wheel Barrow Planter

Wheel barrows can be turned into a beautiful flowering Container. Using this can help you change locations especially when it gets too sunny or cold.

5# Table top flower Container garden

For balcony, deck owners, tabletop flower Garden is ideal for you. Small pots can be grouped on your outdoor dining table with smaller flower plants on it.

6# Mix Succulents

For a sunny, warm or dry climate. Mix succulents with a good drainage system. Ensure that they all have similar light and water needs.

7# Fragrance Flower container garden

You can always make your flowerchoices based on fragrance. This will give your environment a pleasant scent. Situate them where you can always enjoy their fragrance.

8# Hanging Planter Flower Container

You can do this by attaching hooks in your house that goes deeply downwards. Hang your beautiful basket planters with your favorite flower inside if it.

9# Wood Container Flower Garden.

You can create a nice Container using wood crates or shipping pallets. Ensure you don’t put them on the ground to avoid rust and for them to dry easily when wet.

How To Grow Healthy Flowers in Containers

1# Location

Before you start out with planting, ensure a perfect, cool and sun lightning environment for your flowers.

2# Container

You can always get creative by using old and abandoned stuffs in the house to create your own Container. An old boot, bucket or wine bottle can be converted to a good planter for your flowers.

3# Planting

Add a one inch layer of gravel horticulture charcoal or clay pots shards to the Container bottom. This will help to drain excess water. Then fill your Container with soil free potting and make a hole inside the potting mix.

Remove flower from it’s original place, spread the roots and put it inside the potting mix hole. Start adding extra potting mix to a level of 2 inches below Container top. Start watering it slowly, press on the mix to reduce air pockets.

Check to see if mix is in it’s right measurement. Add more if necessary. Water again.

Container flowers should be fed at least twice a month. Buy liquid fertilizers for it and follow instructions on the label. Let the soil be moist. Winters are not good for container flower. Take them inside once its winter.

Helpful tips to care for your Container flowers

  1. Get them big containers because of their stretchy roots.
  2. Clay pots looks attractive but plastic ones are healthier and can retain moisture. Or you can use both, use plastic inside a bigger clay pot.
  3. Use good potting mixes especially the ones without soil. They are light and encourages aeration and provides essential plant nutrients.
  4. Make drainage holes so water doesn’t store and mess with plant roots.

Conclusively, Container Garden flowers are a must have in any home or mini garden. Flowers alone can add the type of beauty to your place that needs to be seen.