How Long Does It Take For Peace Lily Seeds To Germinate

How Long Does It Take For Peace Lily Seeds To Germinate

The Peace Lily is a tropical plant that has adapted to shade and indoors. Peace lily flowers are a crucial element for the decoration and beauty of your home. Learn how to grow this beautiful plant effortlessly.

It is from the Araceae family and has other curious and descriptive names such as the flower of peace, the candle of the wind, the cradle of Moses,

among several characters; it is also known by its scientific name Spathiphyllum. The peace lily is a very low-maintenance houseplant and can be done anytime in the year.


Your peace lily plant should be planted as soon as you have bought them. The best kind of soil for Peace lilies is easily drainable soil.

They can grow to 3 feet tall, and they are declared as the household plants that help purify the air.

Planting them in a bit of a shady environment might be good for them as the leaves tend to turn yellow when they are exposed to too much sun.

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The ideal time to collect peace lily seeds is obviously during summer when you see the flower spikes dry. The stalk holding the flower is called pit uncle while the white attractive flower is the modified leaf called spate and that’s why when the peace lily blooms become old, the spark turns green in color and that’s normal even among its cousin Anthurium. The spat gets back the chlorophyll element and starts assisting the plants with photosynthesis.

How long does it take peace lily seeds to germinate

Peace lily seeds take three years to germinate. The newly planted bulbs of the peace lily are slow to produce buds. It starts blooming at least around the end of December to January and blooms throughout the summers and during winter.

Sometimes the lilies will take six months to bud. They will do so when spring raises the soil temperature. They go through a phase of dormancy where the leaves remain but the flowering stops.

Here’s the germination process of Peace Lilies:

After you plant the peace lily in spring or summer, it takes about a month to sprout. After which it produced one or two short stems with one or two flowers. Then, the flowering of the plant does not begin until the next summer.


The first thing you have to consider when caring for the lilies is the type of land in which they are planted. Watering your peace lily plant is essential.

The plant has long oval, glossy leaves with long stems that end in a flower formed by a large white petal-shaped like a candle, accompanied by several more buds. The peace lily plants prefer warm or hot soil and do not accept too cold climates.

It is important to keep them protected from the cold as much as possible. Ensure that water does not accumulate on the roots as this can cause the plant to rot and die.

Frosts are capable of killing the peace lily, to prevent this from happening you can cover them with some straw that prevents cold winds from hurting the plant.

They are shade lovers in their natural habitats and indoor conditions, and they prefer to have a little light like a window.


For the lilies to grow well, it is necessary to plant them as soon as possible in a suitable, rich, and humid soil where they can begin to develop.

It is essential that when planting the bulbs, you make a deep hole, although the lilies that have already sprouted require the sun to grow.
When these plants are grown at the right temperature, they tend to grow well and will produce when the time is right, and conditions permit.

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