How To Add Cow Manure To Your Garden

How To Add Cow Manure To Your Garden

Only Composted cow manure should be added to your garden soil because it can help you generate a balance between organisms that are natural to the soil and those that emerge from your added cow manure.

The composted cow manure can either be used as a top dresser or added as mixture with the soil, making it an amazing growing medium for garden plants.

Adding composted cow manure to your garden act as soil additive; enhancing the soil structure and providing the necessary plants needed nutrients to the garden beds.

What Must You Consider Before Adding Manure To Your Garden?

Prior to taking the step to add manure to your garden beds, you must allow your garden to undergo soil test to firstly determine the structure of the soil, then secondly to help you avoid bombardment of nutrients in the soil.

More so, you must allow your cow manure to decompose properly on the top of your soil for at least six months so as to escape contamination from pathogens, before mixing into the soil. This is applicable in your garden which is specifically designed to grow edibles.

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When Best Can You Add Manure To Your Garden?

It is widely best added at fall time. This is done in such way because it gives much room for the manure to break down thereby reducing the possibility of plants burning in your garden.

Can You Add Manure On Top of Soil?

Composted cow manure can be used as a top dresser, and can be done by raking the manure making it to form a surface that looks even on the soil. To add to the top soil of established gardens, you will spread half to one inch of the manure every year.

In other way round, you can also spread 40 pounds per 100 square feet of garden soil, while new gardens can get about one to two inches of manure.

How Is Cow Manure Mixed With Soil?

On top soil of poor quality, equal portions of the mixture must be used. One portion consist of 3 parts of top soil while the other portion consist of dehydrated cow manure, all mixed together.

How Do You Apply Manure To Garden Beds?

In adding composted cow manure to your garden beds, avoiding excess volume of nitrogen and ammonia is almost the paramount determinant that will ensure the successful use of your manure as fertilizer.

Other nutrients like potassium and phosphorus will have its volume come out naturally consistent to a considerable extent especially after it’s been used in the first year.

By determining the cow manure-to-soil ratio, a bucket that can hold about 25 pounds of manure is used as the best tool for measurement; this bucket is a 5-gallon bucket.

For instance, 200 pounds of composted manure can be applied to a 10-by-10-foot garden bed, and to a depth of about 6 to 8 inches, the composted manure can be incorporated into the soil.

As long as the cow manure addition made to your garden is a composted one, you can therefore have the assurance of enjoying the full benefits of this animal manure, thereby enjoying productive seasons across your harvest times.