Can you put Brambles in Compost? Now Answered

Can you put Brambles in Compost? Now Answered

Composting weeds can sometimes be a tricky task especially if you are a beginner and dealing with Brambles. Some gardeners totally don’t recommend putting brambles in compost. However, brambles do not regrow from compost when added after shredding it and can be composted. Read on for detailed step by step guide.

1) Shredding the Brambles

Shredding of bramble helps to avoid the scratches and effort involved in cutting it into short pieces. Apart from that, it will also help in speeding up the composting process while reducing the number of whole thorns in the bin which is important.

Why is this important? This is simply because old thorns require a lot of time to compost. Two techniques used for shredding brambles are:

  1. Cutting the brambles into easily handled lengths of about 2 – 3 feet and this can be easily fed into the shredder.
  2. Feeding the whole length of the bramble into the shredder root end first.

You can choose either of the two methods mentioned above as both give the same result of 1 – 2cm bramble chips which can be added to slow the compost heap for about a year after which it can then be added to the compost bin.

2) Dead Hedging Brambles

Brambles can be used to make a Dead Hedge and a Dead Hedge is known to make a good haven for wildlife such as beetles, birds, toads, etc while the material decomposes slowly.

This technique involves driving one of two-metre long stakes into the ground at 60cm apart in two parallel rows about 45cm apart in lines to give the side supports of the hedge.

Even though brambles can be composted, it’s not totally advisable to compost brambles. Brambles are known to be too woody for compost and so, it’s much better to shred it and use as mulch or perhaps, burn them instead. You can also stack them to dry out. Although, the greener bits of brambles will compost fine if buried under the heap.

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Can you use brambles as mulch?

Yes, you can. Though it is essential to remove as much of the below-ground parts as possible. This is because brambles have the ability to regenerate from well below soil level.

Are brambles weeds?

Yes they are but brambles are also valued for its edible fruits and can often be found in cultivation. Apart from that, its leaves are medicinal. Brambles can also create a trip hazard on footpaths with the looping shoots that root at the tips.

What time of the year do brambles grow?

Brambles are known to flower in July and August. However, its blossom appears in June.


Brambles can compost as long as you carry out the necessary procedures and meet the requirements. The greener bits of brambles will definitely compost well if buried under the heap for about nine months.

Also, note that correct disposal of thorny bramble growth and roots is essential because dumping it in a pile in a corner of the garden will only end up creating a bramble bush problem and you wouldn’t want that to happen.