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How To Grow Turnips In Containers Step By Step

by Idris Ya'u
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Because root vegetables develop deep into the soil, growing them in a container can be challenging. However, because turnips are small, you won’t have this problem. Turnip is a delicious cool-season root vegetable that is known for its lush greens as well as its delicious roots. Turnip planting is simple, and many urban gardeners favor it since it grows well in containers.

When Should Turnips Be Planted?

Plant turnip seeds in the spring when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) and the weather begins to warm. If the temperature outside is cold, plant them indoors in early spring.

To ensure a regular yield, continue planting seeds until late spring or early summer. For fall and early winter harvest, start growing turnip seeds in late summer or early fall (October).

Turnips can be grown in containers from late fall to early winter in hot, frost-free regions, and they can be planted repeatedly throughout the winter. If you don’t reside in a hot subtropical or tropical location with cool summers, you can cultivate turnips in containers over the summer as well.

Selecting A Container

The size of the pot you choose is largely determined by the sort of turnip you’re growing, as giant turnip types require more area to thrive. Plant standard turnips in a container that is at least 8 inches deep and no larger than 3-4 inches in diameter.

The size of the turnip container should be determined by the number of turnips you wish to cultivate and whether they are big or little. You can use window boxes or ordinary containers as long as the spacing is at least 4 inches. Taking this into account, a 12-inch wide circular pot can hold three turnips, or up to four if you wish to overfill it.

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Turnip Varieties for Containers

The diameter of most turnips ranges from 1 to 5 inches. These turnip cultivars can be found in garden centers or on the internet. However, the following are some of the varieties of turnip in containers.

  1. Purple Top White Globe turnips can be harvested after 45-65 days when the turnips are mature and have grown to a diameter of three inches.
  2. Tokyo Cross is the winner of the All-American Selection Award. It can be harvested at any time and matures to a diameter of 4-6 inches, with flawless skin and gentle crunchy flesh.
  3. White Knight has a flattened oblong shape and a pure white root.
  4. Scarlet Queen has immaculate white flesh and grows in scarlet.
  5. Market Express and Hakurei yield baby turnips and are harvestable 35-40 days after seeding.

How To Grow Turnips In Containers

  1. Turnip seeds can be purchased at a local garden store or online.
  2. Make sure they aren’t out of date!
  3. Sow them immediately in the appropriate container, 1/2 inch deep in the soil, and 2-3 inches apart.
  4. Thin out the weak seedlings once they have appeared and grown a little to achieve the proper spacing.
  5. The green tops of Alltop and Seven Top are produced for their flavor.
  6. Topper and Shoguin are planted mostly for their greens, although the roots can also be eaten.
  7. Golden Ball has a sweetness with yellow skin and flesh.
  8. Gilfeather has a moderate flavor and cream-colored flesh with white and green skin.

Fertilizer Requirements for Turnips

Slow-release fertilizer should be mixed into the potting soil before turnips are planted. Rather than granulated fertilizer, you can add one-third of compost or aged manure to the soil.

If you can’t get 5-10-10, use a general-purpose, liquid fertilizer like 20-20-20. If your turnips aren’t doing well, apply a small amount of water-soluble fertilizer to them.

Use a 5-10-10 or 5-10-5 water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks if you haven’t used any during the growing season.


I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about growing turnip in containers.

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