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How long does Radish take to Grow (Step By Step Answer)

by Idris Ya'u
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Radishes are small root vegetables which range in red, white, purple, or pink colours and are easily grown as succession crops as a result of their rapid maturation period. Radishes need about 22 – 60 days to grow but this also depends on the variety. Thus, always check the back of your seed packet to make sure you harvest your radishes at peak maturity.

  1. How to Plant Radishes
  2. Starting Radish Seeds Indoors

To start radish seeds indoors:

Sow 3 – 5 seeds per pod into seed trays. These seed trays are to be filled with premium potting mix. Using fine soil and water, cover with half inch to one inch.

You can transplant your seedlings into the garden bed once they emerge. However, ensure not to disturb the roots when planting.

Dig small holes six inches apart and fix each of the plants into the ground after which you should water them adequately. Radishes are moist soil lovers.

Using a couple of ten days each, plant a succession crop of radishes after the above processes for a continuous harvest throughout the growing season.

Growing Radishes from Seeds

This is actually the best way to produce radishes. To plant radishes directly into the garden, all you need to do is:

Sow seeds outdoors half to one inch deep and one inch apart in rows which are 8 – 12 inches apart. Afterwards, water in well.

After about 7 days, thin to 2 – 3 inches apart as the seedlings start to establish themselves. Every ten days, plant a succession crop of radishes for a continuous harvest throughout the growing season.

Radishes are fast-growing crops and will be ripe for harvesting very quickly, thus, ensure to check and confirm your variety’s maturation period for you to know the right time to pluck them from the soil.

Note: Radishes don’t usually do well in pots. However, if you follow the right gardening steps, you can also grow your Radish in pots.

Harvesting of Radishes

To harvest your radishes, the taproots need to have emerged from the soil and attain their desired 1 – 3 inch size on the basis of the variety. Ensure to always harvest your radishes early enough on the basis of the recommended maturation days. If harvested late, their roots will become woody and also, very spicy. To harvest your radishes:

Gently pull the radish from the base of the leaves, having the largest radishes removed first. This gives room for those on the small side to mature fully in about a day or perhaps, two days.

Have the tops trimmed and the root tips snipped from the radishes. After that, wash them and dry them thoroughly. You can then store them in the refrigerator afterwards.

Pests and Diseases

There are certain common radish plant pests and diseases which include:

Flea Beetles: This can be controlled by a sharp spray of the hose. Flea beetles are known to cause certain damages to your radishes by creating holes in foliage as the flea beetles munch on tender leaves.

Root Maggot: These are also very destructive and cause damages to your radish plants. To control root maggot, cultivate the habit of practicing crop rotation and also, refrain from planting your radishes in areas where cole crops have grown. Also, you can add wood ash as this can serve as soil amendment which can likewise, help to ward off root maggot from your garden.


Radishes are fast-growing crops and require about 22 – 60 days to reach maturity. Also, ensure to keep your radish garden well weeded to prevent the weeds from overcrowding and competing with the radishes for space and moisture.

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