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How To Grow Carrots From Carrot Tops

by Idris Ya'u
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Carrot tops can be used to grow healthy carrot vegetables and this requires little or no effort.

The leaves are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and are rich in natural antioxidants, carrot green extracts are often added to commercial foods.

They can be used in herbal tea, soups and salads.

Knowing the nutrition value of the carrot plant will help you understand the benefit of growing them from the carrot top even when there is no promise of harvesting an actual carrot.

One of the benefits of regrowing this plant is that you are saving money. You do not need to buy the plant and you can harvest whenever you want especially if you grow the carrots correctly and succeed. This will ensure that you can use your money for other necessities.

Another benefit is that you are using something that you would normally throw away, and then grow it into something that you can use repeatedly.

Every time you use a carrot and cut off the top of the carrot, you can use it to replant the carrot for the next use.

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Materials needed

When you grow carrots from the top of carrots for the first time, you need to have a few things.

An important thing you need to make sure your carrot grows successful and big is the right pot. You need to have suitable pots to grow carrots. It must be a deep pot, and the carrot has room to grow.

Also it requires a high-quality potting soil. It is recommended to add some extra feed to the potting soil for better growth.

Sun and water. These are two things that your carrot top needs to make it grow successfully.
If there is not enough sunlight and water, it will not grow, especially if you do it indoors. The soil needs to be kept moist and receive at least a few hours of sunlight.

Basically, these are the requirements you need to be able to successfully grow carrots from the top.

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Cut off the 1 inch carrot crown. Put these tops in a plate or saucer. Make sure the plate you are holding has a large enough flat surface. Add soil, sand, pebbles and warm water to the plate. Make sure that only the top end must be submerged under the water and soil layer.

Put this plate in a sunny place in the house. After a few days, you will see small sprouts, just like carrot plants.

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You can also put the top or top of the carrot into a bowl with the cut side facing down. Fill the bowl with about an inch of water so that the top is half covered.

Put the dishes on the sunny windowsill and change the water every day.

With this, grow your carrots tops into edible plants and reduce waste, save money and become self-sufficient.

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Put the bowl on the windowsill and change the water every day. When the top of the carrot starts to sprout, transfer the top of the carrot to pot or soil. Then you can harvest them when they are young, or wait until they are more mature.

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You can not harvest carrots from planting carrot tops. Although it will grow an attractive plant.

Another important aspect is that the plants will flower and produce seeds. You can plant these seeds in the garden and you will get more vegetables after a period of time. These seeds can serve as a very useful treatment for arthritis and various diseases.

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As long as you do everything correctly, this is easy. With sunlight, proper potting and some potting soil, you can use the old carrot tops again and enjoy fresh native carrots again. Again and again, again and again.

This forms a very decorative plant that can be used as a table decoration or indoor plant. It is very creative and attractive, and it is a great idea for kids.

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