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How To Harvest Tomatoes At Home

by Idris Ya'u
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Tomato is one of the indispensable fruits in a good diet plan because it contains essential vitamins and minerals; however, did you know that growing tomatoes at home from seeds is one of the most easiest ecological and healthiest choices? Tomato is probably one of the most consumed foods in our diet, because it can be eaten raw or cooked, and can be added to many foods. Dishes, from salads to sauces to homemade dishes.

For these and many other reasons, it is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. The best time to grow tomatoes in the garden is spring, but did you know that you can grow tomatoes at home even if you use tomatoes bought in the supermarket?

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When it comes to growing tomatoes in a pot, you can use the obtained seeds or use tomatoes at home.
You will need a pot filled with the previously wetted soil. Cut it into the pot. Give them space by separating the placed tomatoes. The next step is to cover the tomato slices with more substrate.

If the soil is not wet, water a little. Place in your home near the window. After about five to seven days, the seeds will begin to germinate.

Once this happens, you must plant the sprouts separately in the seedbed so that they can grow properly. You can use other pots or make homemade seedbeds by reusing materials, such as toilet paper rolls.

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Add another bit of soil to the top of each seedbed to ensure that most of the stems and roots stay inside.

They are ready now!

Now you have to take good care of the plants and wait for them to grow.

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Harvesting your tomatoes

During the growth of the plant, we must remove the new stems that grow between the leaves and the main stem to ensure a good harvest because they unnecessarily transfer the sap, remove energy from the rest of the plant and will not bear fruit.

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Very Red fruits can be harvested in summer, if the weather is mild, they can be harvested until autumn.

Since the plant produces more tomatoes and it is more convenient to harvest more, we tend to bloom more flowers so that there will be more tomatoes. Although the time depends on the type of tomato planted, the first harvest usually starts around 65 to 100 days after transplanting.

It is recommended to carry out the harvest when they are “dark” ( neither green nor too mature) to avoid that the plagues are ahead of the harvest.

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Tips on how to plant tomatoes at home.

Plan the planting

Plan to plant tomatoes in the spring or early summer, depending on the temperature of your geographic area.

Prepare the planting site.
Tomatoes need sunlight, with at least eight hours of direct sunlight every day. Exposure to the sun allows plants to get enough ventilation, which helps prevent diseases.

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Just before planting, use your fingers to pull the lower leaves of the plant from the stem. By doing this, small bumps will stay on the stems of tomato plants, which are nodules. Dig a hole and bury the plant above the last nodule, deeper than the original nursery. Roots will form along the stem at the nodule, thus forming a strong root system and plant. Sow tomato plants 24 to 30 inches apart.

Tomatoes grow best in well-drained soil. The soil should be rich in organic matter and have sufficient acidity.

Water and weed frequently.

Water after sowing and wait for the topsoil to dry before watering. Pay attention to pests and diseases.

Be on the lookout for pests and diseases
Tomato plants are the victims of various diseases and insect pests, some of which are serious, resulting in reduced fruit production. The best defense strategy is to check the plants for signs of problems each time you water, and then take immediate action.

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Frequently asked questions

Should you wash tomatoes after picking?

It is recommended that you should wash your tomatoes after harvest before storage. Washing your tomatoes helps prevent spoilage and mold growth during storage. Therefore, wash the whole tomatoes in a clean container under clean running water. Use your hands to rub each tomato gently so that dirt and bacteria will be removed.

How do you know when tomatoes are ready to pick?

You will get to know when your tomatoes become ready when the tomatoes are slightly to touch. However, the tomatoes will not be soft but rather a little bit tender. Additionally, most varieties of tomatoes change color from green to red when they are fully ripe.

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Will tomatoes regrow after picking?

Some indeterminate varieties of tomatoes will keep producing more fruits throughout the growing season. This type of tomatoes variety is usually grown when the farmer wants to space out the tomatoes harvest over a long period of time.

How can I grow tomatoes at home?

To grow tomatoes at home, you first start by choosing a sunny spot. Tomato is a vegetable that loves full sun. Prepare the spot and sow your seeds. You can also start seeds indoors to have a head start on the season.

In conclusion

Growing your own tomatoes can be a rewarding and interesting adventure.

Follow these tips to maintain a healthy tomato crop throughout the season and enjoy the delicious fruits of your efforts throughout the summer.

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