How To Grow Pumpkins Vertically In UK

How To Grow Pumpkins Vertically In UK

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Pumpkins are planted in gardens because they are a popular fruit with a virtually limitless variety of uses. They do, however, take time to mature and have a few typical issues.

So, how can you keep your pumpkins secure from pests and disease as they develop slowly? Try growing them on a trellis vertically!

The basics of vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is the practice of growing plants vertically or semi-vertically, generally in a frame. Plants can be cultivated as part of a green wall, in which the garden frame is fixed to or embedded in a wall, as the name implies, and plants grow out of it sideways.

There are also trellises that stand alone. These are available in a number of forms and sizes, and you may easily build your own. A trellis is built of a frame with a lattice or grid filling in the middle and it may be any form to meet your garden’s style – although there are two typical types.

How to grow pumpkins vertically in UK

Consider buying a cow fence from a feed or hardware shop and constructing your own robust bridge. The arch at the top of the trellis provides support for the vines and pumpkins.

You may plant pumpkins directly up a garden fence, but you may need to tie the vine up to the structure as it develops.

What are the pros and cons?

Vertical farming produces better fruits and vegetables because it keeps them away from ground-dwelling pests and reduces disease risk. Vertical planting also improves the visual appeal of your landscape. Vertical gardens, depending on how you design them, can also save space.

However, it might be more difficult to put up than a typical garden. Making your own trellis isn’t difficult, but it does necessitate some materials and time.

If you decide to purchase a prefabricated trellis, you will incur an additional cost. Larger fruits and vegetables may become too heavy for the vine, resulting in fruits and vegetables falling off, unripe, and breaking on the ground.

Can pumpkins be grown in a tower garden?

We recommend growing pumpkin vines and fruit at the bottom area of your Tower Garden due to their size. Remember that for best output, pumpkins require at least six hours of sunlight and lots of space for growing vines.

Pumpkin vines can they climb?

Can you grow pumpkins in vertical gardens? They certainly do! Pumpkin vines love to climb; in fact, if you’re not cautious, they’ll climb over anything in their path. As a result, they are a great choice for vertical gardens in general.


Finally, while growing pumpkins vertically in UK, the sort of trellising you choose is critical to success. It is believed that growing pumpkins on an arch is best done professionally. 

Consider buying a cow fence from a feed or hardware shop and constructing your own robust bridge. The arch at the top of the trellis provides support for the vines and pumpkins.’

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