How To Grow Cucumbers From Seeds Outdoors

How To Grow Cucumbers From Seeds Outdoors

Cucumbers are the ideal summer vegetable, as they lend a crisp, fresh flavor to salads and drinks. Cucumbers are simple to cultivate from seed, yet they always seem to taste better when grown from seed. Some types yield lesser fruits that can be eaten raw or pickled in addition to the usual longer variety.

Cucumbers are tasty, specifically when they’re homegrown. They’re also quite simple to start from seed. All you need to know is that there are two species of plants: greenhouse plants and outdoor plants. To make a quality yield, each needs specific care.

How To Grow Greenhouse Cucumbers

The following are detailed steps on how to how grow cucumbers in greenhouse

  1. Greenhouse cucumbers can be sown in beds, huge potting soil containers, or growing sacks.
  2. Plant two cucumbers per bag in empty pots on top of the growing bag if using the latter.
  3. When you water, these will help to trap moisture rather than letting it run off over the surface.
  4. Add bamboo canes, vertical wires, sturdy netting, or trellis as assistance.
  5. Promote side shoots by training vines up their supports and pinching out the growing tips when they hit the peak.
  6. After each emerging fruit, pinch out the tops of side shoots to leave two leaves beyond each fruit.
  7. Maintain these thirsty plants wet throughout all times and feed them every two weeks with a potassium-rich liquid fertilizer.
  8. Eliminate male blooms from greenhouse cucumbers unless you’re raising an all-female type.
  9. Bitter fruits are avoided as a result. The modest enlargement of the embryonic fruit behind each bloom makes female flowers easier to distinguish.

How To Grow Cucumbers From Seeds Outdoors

The following are detailed steps on how to grow cucumbers from seeds outdoors.

  1. Cucumbers should be planted outdoors in late spring or early summer when the soil has heated up.
  2. Allow for a week or two of gradual acclimatization.
  3. For this hardening off time, a cold frame is useful. Seeds can be planted directly into final growing sites in warmer areas.
  4. Cucumbers need rich, nutritious soil, so add several well organic matter before planting, including such compost.
  5. Set cucumber plants at around 18 inches (45 cm) spaced if you’re using aids like a trellis to grow them higher.
  6. Plant them around three feet (90cm) apart if you’re going to let them sprawl over the soil surface alternatively.
  7. To stimulate plants to produce fruiting side branches, pinch out the growing tips once six leaves have formed.
  8. Cucumbers that ascend may need to be tied to vertical supports when the hefty fruits mature.

Making a Cucumber Frame

A cucumber frame is another alternative for growing cucumbers outdoors. Stretch chicken wire or netting over a wooden frame and attach with staples or U-shaped nails to build one. An A-frame composed of bamboo canes is used to support the frame.

The benefit of this source of assistance is that leafy salads like lettuce can be grown below to reap the benefits of the cucumbers’ shade – a brilliant way to grow cool-season vegetables in hot locations.

Harvesting Cucumbers

Cucumbers should be harvested while they are still young and sensitive. Using a sharp knife or pruners, cut them off the plants. Pick frequently to promote extra fruits, and harvest early in the morning if possible. Gherkins are picked at a very tiny size, around an inch (3cm) long for crispy cornichons and three inches (8cm) long for bigger pickles.

Cucumber and dill make excellent pickling companions and are a great way to use up summer surpluses. Cucumbers can be cut into salads or sandwiches, pickled, or added to cool summer drinks, to name a few options.

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Tips For Growing Cucumbers

To aid in the establishment of your cucumber plants and to boost harvests, maintain them well hydrated. You want them to be damp, not wet, so use a small amount of water and do it frequently.

Every two weeks, give your cucumber plants a high-nitrogen feed. Cucumber plants enjoy the sun, but they are susceptible to burning, therefore some shade is preferred.

To increase harvests, encourage greenhouse varieties to climb. Fruits should be harvested early in the day, while the weather is still cool. Harvest often during the season to acquire more fruits.


I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you about growing cucumber outdoors. So, let me know if you have any questions about growing cucumber outdoors. Also, learn how to grow cucumber seeds indoors here.