Can Brussel Sprouts Grow in Shade? Now Answered

Can Brussel Sprouts Grow in Shade? Now Answered

Can Brussel Sprouts Grow in Shade? Yes, they can. They love shade and can be planted in the early spring for a fall harvest. They love cool weather thus, growing them in cooler months will enable them sprout up rapidly.

However, always ensure that they don’t get too hot when outside. This is because receiving too much heat will prevent it from growing sprouts.

Brussel sprouts survive in areas having cold and frosty winters. Any soil is suitable for their growth and love sun but not excessive sun. Their most preferable condition is partial shade. Thus, it is best to grow your sprouts in partial shade.

Brussel sprouts are tolerant of most soil conditions but do not like acidic soils. Acidic soils can make the plant susceptible to a disease known as club root.

Brussel sprouts can be easily damaged by strong winds, so try as much as possible to plant them in a sheltered area. It is better to plant them using firm soils which hold the roots in place than thin soil which can make the plant topple over easily.


The most preferable way to grow Brussel sprouts is to plant the seeds about a half inch deep in a pot of well-drained loamy soil with organic fertilizer. Have the root ball soaked before you thin, or transplant the small plants to 18 inches apart and rows 3 feet apart.

Seedlings are tolerant of light frost thereby enabling you to plant outside from late spring to early summer for a continuous harvest.

Use a soil having a temperature of 68 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal germination. To achieve this temperature, it is best to grow indoors or in a greenhouse.

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Brussels sprouts love partial shade. They as well, love full sun. Once the plants are in the ground, have them fed occasionally and also, water when necessary.

Brussel sprouts are heavy feeders. Thus, apply good organic fertilizer and/or seaweed with minerals such as calcium, boron, and magnesium. All these will help your plants grow, particularly in the early growth phase and they end up growing absolutely well.


To promote the development of your sprouts towards the top of the stalks, pinch out the growing tips of the plants in late summer. The best time to harvest the sprouts is in early winter or late autumn.

A light frost helps the sprout develop a sweeter flavour. To harvest your sprouts, start from the bottom of your stalk and work upwards when they are close to one and a half inches in diameter.

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Club root is one of the diseases that can affect Brussel sprouts. It is caused by acidic soil. To correct this, add appropriate amount of lime to the soil to make it neutral.

Therefore it is important to constantly check the pH level of your soil. For other pests, use organic pest control and you can as well, spray or remove the eggs or caterpillars by hand.

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Brussels sprouts love shade and can grow well in shade most preferably, partial shade.

I hope this article is helpful to you in understanding whether Brussels sprouts love shade or not. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions.