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4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils

by Idris Ya'u
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If you want stability or some kind of attractive storage container for moving lentils from supermarket containers to airtight canisters, this article is for you.

Storage containers not only serves as a wonderful way to organise the kitchen, but it additionally helps fight off contaminants while keeping the item fresh.

We assessed products beside each other and reviewed each on its appearance, capacity, performance, ease of cleaning, durability, and whole worth to facilitate your choice of which dry food storage containers seem best for you.

To ensure that these dry food storage containers are really the most effective, they were loaded with different food items such as brown sugar, flour, and corn flakes, and also water to evaluate the durability of the cover.

Here are the best storage containers for all your lentil needs, according to our tests.

1# OXO Good Grips Baking Essentials POP Container

4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils

Oxo has a credibility for producing high-quality, low-cost kitchen appliances. It’s a popular brand for peelers, turkey basters, can openers, other kitchen tools.

Oxo previously remodelled its popular Pop Containers in order to keep improving the protective layer and impact on the capacity with a new button layout that guarantees an airtight closing when pressed.

These containers are however made of durable BPA-free polycarbonate and have convenient fill sections for unit of measure. The set contains five different-sized containers, two scoops, five matching lids, and a brown sugar saver.

The only important thing to remember while trying to pour cereal or snacks into something like a bowl is to proceed very slowly to avoid huge spills because the upper section of an individual container must be entirely removed to get what is really inside out.


  1. Does not stain or absorb odors.
  2. Stacks easily.
  3. When turned over, the seal is tight.
  4. Simple to sanitize.


  1. The lid’s casing may be difficult to wash.

2# Progressive International 4-Quart Container

4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils

Flour is among the types of dry goods that benefits from a storage container; not only does it keep insects out, but it also makes scooping and levelling simple and easy.

ProKeeper combines useful accessories, such as the portable leveller on this model, which aids in precise and mess-free measurement techniques.

The cup way of measuring marks on the inlet side of the container add to its features and functions, letting you know if you have enough for a formula or have to go to the supermarket.


  1. Easily stackable.
  2. Intended for flour leveling and measurement.
  3. When the lid is sealed and stable, it clicks.


  1. It may be hard to remove the fastened label.

3# Libbey Vibe Glass Jars Storage Container

4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils

The functionality of this set is matched by how appealing it will look stacked up in a kitchen cupboard or on a shelf. Each jar has a large mouth to sustain different measuring utensils. They’re food-safe, and the caps are BPA-free and constructed for maximum freshness.

Spices end up losing potency when exposed to the atmosphere, so having airtight storage on hand is essential, and we enjoyed how tightly these little jars enclosed considering how quick they are to open.

These containers offer a good chic, uniform, and tight seal for a variety of herbal ingredients and seasonings, regardless of wether you grind your own ingredients, purchase in large quantities, or buy from a food store.


  1. Tight seals that are simple to open. Fashionable.
  2. A large mouth.


  1. Does not include labels. Fragile.

4# Prep Solutions Storage Container

4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils4 Best Storage Containers for Lentils

Brown sugar presents unique storage hurdles. Due to the addition of treacle, it has more moisture than white glucose, is a little less sweet, and contains more mineral resources.

As the water evaporates, the gloomy mixture causes this to toughen rapidly than white sugar. There are methods for softening it, but picking out the right container is resourceful.

This BPA-free canister can retain two pounds of brown sugar and has a sturdy seal, even if it leaked slightly from one edge after having to fill it with water and shaking it.


  1. Simple to clean lids. Large storage capacity.
  2. Simple stacking.


  1. The terracotta plate must be soaked once a week.
  2. High cost.

Buying Guide

The following are the primary things to consider before purchasing a storage containers for lentils.

Airtight Seal

Putting flour and sugar packs to containers is more than just a matter of management. It also increases the product’s lifespan and prevents pests like pantry insects at home.

The less non perishables come into contact with air, the tastier they will be, thus making it critical to buy containers with a tightly sealed cover. Sugar will not congeal, cereal will not go sour, and all pantry items will remain fresh.


When making purchases for containers, you should keep convenience of use and effectiveness in mind.

Cereal holders without a workable plunger will overflow, and a jar that can’t easily accommodate your gauging cup nullifies its aim; a wide mouth is required if you intend on gauging dry products directly from the storage container.

Sizes and Shapes

Capacity is a major factor to consider when buying containers. Consider the goods you would like to store and select containers that will make a complete packaging and accommodate all of the contents, ensuring that nothing goes stale.

Another factor to consider is available space. You need to have something portable if you’ve got a small counter or cupboards area.

Containers that are rectangular or square stack better, and slim, vertical-style containers help in saving space by extending up rather than out.

What you require is entirely dependent on the area you have available, whether it is a countertop, pantry, or kitchen cabinet.

Cleaning and Convenience

Many dry storage containers do not require regular washing, but they must be cleaned before being used. This should be done occasionally all through their lifetime to sustain a debris-free space.

The container you select ought to be simple to clean, with no intricate nooks or gaskets to muddle the operation. Because cleaning is so irregular, you don’t have to get rid of hand-wash-only containers. Make them to dry completely before you start filling.

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Dry foods should be stored in sealed containers for two primary reasons: insects and healthiness. Uncooked pasta, sugar, flour, cereal, and other dry goods have a longer shelf life when stored in a sealed container.

A better seal also helps to prevent microorganisms or mold expansion. When you take precautions against air harm, you can anticipate fresh, non-musty dry goods.

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