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4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents

by Idris Ya'u
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Adequate watering is one of the most essential aspects of caring for succulent plants. It is advisable to note that excess moisture in your plants can also lead to rot at the root of your plants, so it is expedient to water them moderately.

Knowing the quantity of water your succulent need is not easy at all, that is why soil moisture meters for succulent plants which are definite ways play this role.

This soil moisture meter needs to get to the depth of the soil to accurately measure the moisture level of the root of the plant.

The Best Soil Moisture Meter For Succulents

1) REOTEMP  Garden Moisture Meter

4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents

The REOTEMP moisture meter for succulents is available in 24-inch, 15-inch, 48-inch, and 36-inch lengths, making it easy to measure the moisture level in the soil. Its probe is 5/16″ in diameter, making it firmly built to be easily inserted deep into the soil without damage.

The soil moisture meter has a single AAA battery to function. There is no need to purchase the first battery because it is included in your moisture meter. One exceptional feature of your REOTEMP moisture meter is that it is calibrated and also enables you to easily make changes on the device settings.

This setting is best for succulents that do not do well with high moisture levels. The meter shows the moisture level on a scale of 0( very dry) to 10(wet).

Once you insert the probe inside the soil near your succulent, it will just take a few minutes for the needle on the display icon to ascertain an accurate reading.


  1. This moisture meter in produced in variety of lengths.
  2. Each probe is 5/16” in diameter.
  3. The moisture meter can be calibrated


  1. It is battery powered
  2. Readings can be wrong because of the high salt content in the soil.

2) Atree Soil Moisture Meter

4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents

The Atree soil moisture meter for succulents is best for indoor and outdoor use. It does not require a battery and provides an accurate reading of the soil moisture level within 10 minutes of inserting the moisture meter probe to the depth of the soil, which is approximately 4-6 inches.

You can also decide to adjust the position of the moisture meter, but once it is placed in the right position, you will discover the dial will begin to swing. Accurate reading shows after about 10 minutes, after which you can remove it from the soil and disinfect it for the next usage.


  1. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage.
  2. It does not require you to use a battery.


  1. Readings are displayed in about 10 minutes.

3) Sonkir 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/ Light / PH

4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents

If you know that you want your soil tester to perform more than one purpose, the Sonkir 3-in-1 soil tester is best for you. This device tests your soil PH and moisture level without forgetting that your succulent is gaining enough sunlight.

This moisture meter comes with two needles to make sure you get error-free readings while avoiding damage to your roots. All you have to do is to insert your twin probes 2-4 inches into the soil.


  1. It is a multipurpose meter.
  2. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.
  3. You can change the switch depending on what you want to test.


  • The display of the readings takes a few minutes.

4) ECOWITT WHO291 soil moisture meter

4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents4 Of The Best Soil Moisture Meters For Succulents

This unique soil moisture meter is different because it comes with an LCD. This makes it easy for you to tell the readings of the moisture level of the soil.

You can also calibrate the moisture meter based on the needs of your succulent. The value of your moisture level can be adjusted to ensure that your plant is receiving the right quantity of water.

This soil moisture meter is battery-powered, which means you will need to purchase two AA batteries because they are not included in your meter. One battery is inserted into the LCD while the other is placed in the soil moisture sensor.


  1. It comes in LCD
  2. You can calibrate the meter.


  • It is battery powered
  • Its readings are shown every 72 seconds.

Is it okay to purchase a cheap moisture meter?

A cheap moisture meter may come with various characteristics that sound good. We must note that accuracy is key. Because Amazon reviews will show whether the moisture meter is cheap or not.

It is only if you are measuring the moisture in firewood that you can purchase a cheap moisture meter.

Buying Guide

The following are the necessary key factors to consider before purchasing a soil moisture meter for succulents.

Battery Capacity

When you want to purchase a soil moisture meter for succulents, it is advisable to buy a moisture meter that is not battery-powered.

I say this because you will not have to worry about running out of battery and having leakage in your battery acid, which can destroy the soil moisture meter.

Users’ Review

You must also ensure that the moisture meter you want to purchase has a review. There are a lot of cheap succulent moisture meters that we must avoid, so it is expedient to purchase a moisture meter that has at least six customer reviews

Extra Features

You must also purchase a soil moisture meter that has other characteristics, for example, one that has a measurement for light and soil PH.

The Construction

Soil moisture meter sensors are not expensive, so you must always check the housing of your sensors and your probes. The probes must be made of stainless steel. This stainless steel resists corrosion.

Reading Accuracy

Accuracy is an essential factor when you want to purchase a soil moisture meter for succulents. In a typical manner, you can have a single or dual probe feature in your moisture meter.

The dual probes ensure accuracy, especially in the reading aspect. Some moisture meters will give you a reading immediately, while some will take 10–15 minutes.


A succulent moisture meter is pocket-friendly, easy to use and helps you avoid overwatering, which is the common cause of death in succulents.

I believe I have been able to help you make a decision on the best soil moisture meter that will satisfy your needs. Have a great experience using the best soil moisture meter for the succulent of your choice.

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