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3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money

by Idris Ya'u
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In your garden area, you can grow a variety of interesting plants, although not all of them will thrive in your tropical place. The variety of plants you can grow and the seasons in which you can begin those plants can both be greatly expanded by a greenhouse.

Portable greenhouses are often more accessible than full-sized greenhouses, which are costly and challenging to move.

You can have the ultimate experience with a portable greenhouse. It is protected, which enables you to grow plants in a variety of climates.

The ability to move it around is a second advantage. We’ve outlined the top portable greenhouses and their fearures in this article so you can make an informed decision.

Best Portable Greenhouses

1) Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Greenhouse

3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money

The Nova Portable Walk-In Greenhouse offers all the advantages of a larger greenhouse, whether you choose to nurture hothouse orchids or sprout plants. For plenty of ventilation and simple access to the crops, it has eight durable shelves and a roll-up entrance.

A robust polyethylene roof covers the walk-in greenhouse, diffusing harsh sunlight and shielding delicate plants from light ice.

Its sturdy, rust-resistant steel tubing structure is simple to assemble and disassemble. The building is 77 inches tall, 57 inches in width, and 57 inches in length.


  1. Containers and trays are kept on eight shelves.
  2. Roll-up door with a zipper
  3. It can be made shorter by removing some of the framing.
  4. Fasteners and anchors keep it safe.


  1. Heavy potted plants cannot be placed on shelves
  2. Additional support from zip ties may be required.

2) Ohuhu Plant Stand Portable Greenhouse

3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money

Choose a vertical greenhouse, like this one from Ohuhu, to make the most of your floor area. Its small size—27 by 120 by 62 inches—allows it to fit four shelves. The plastic cover with air conditioned mesh, which fastens to the frame, allows for the best airflow. Easy access is provided by a roll-up zippered door.

Up to 23.4 pounds can be distributed all over the four vertical shelves by the durable metal structure with plastic connectors. This model is simple to put away at the finish of the growing period, thanks to its fast tool-free assembly and disassemble.


  1. Four plant-friendly heavy-duty steel shelves
  2. Small spaces benefit from the narrow footprint.
  3. Zippered roll-up door
  4. Hooks built in for greenhouse security


  1. No anchor or stakes are included.

3) Quictent Walk-in Greenhouse

3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money3 Best Portable Greenhouses For The Money

This modest greenhouse, which measures 56 by 29 by 77 inches and has a walk-in style, gives gardeners simple access to a variety of crops and young plants.

A robust, powder-coated tubular metal frame supports an entirely waterproof PVC cover. Crops, pots, and seed germination trays can weigh up to 17 pounds on each shelf parts.

Gardeners have more ventilation control thanks to a steel mesh entrance and a PVC door. To let in airflow and keep gobbling animals out, each side has a mesh screen basement window.

This greenhouse kit also comes with 30 zip ties to further strengthen the frame and 50 seedlings tags.

Medium sized footprint for additional plants – Six metal shelves
A mesh garage door and two hook-and-loop steel mesh bay windows


  1. Frame connectors could be tighter
  2. Additional wind resistance may be required.


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Best Portable Greenhouses: Buying Guide

Many aspects need to be considered when choosing the best portable greenhouse for you.

We will discuss the various cover materials, frames, and durability even though they appear to be identical at first glance.

By doing this, your crops will remain safe and you can be sure that your money is being used wisely.

The Size

Consider your installation options before purchasing a modest indoor greenhouse. Is there a specific area of your living room where it must fit?

If you’re looking for a suitable outdoor greenhouse for garden seedlings, you likely have a little more wiggle room. Gardens are slightly bigger.

If you want to have area and grow more crops, pick a greenhouse that is appropriate for the length and width of your farm.

The Frame

Depending on how big or compact your greenhouse is, frame type of material will vary.

To make assembly and configuration less difficult, small home greenhouse systems typically use a tubular metal frame.

Some versions may depend on a pop-up configuration to maintain it upright rather than having a metal frame at all.

The structures for small DIY greenhouses are normally made of PVC pipes or solid wood.

Metal frames are not your only option for a frame if you intend to use plastic resin panels in a bigger greenhouse in the years ahead.

The weight and size of the panels can be supported by a thick, robust, and rust-resistant metal frame and maybe even a welded steel structure.

Some may even have temperature control functionalities like customizable roof ventilation system and built-in cooling fans. Some people also have a special space just for plant containers and other crops that need extra care.

The Cover Protection

Although glass is still the material of choice for conventional greenhouses, plastic is now frequently used to construct smaller, portable greenhouses.

Polyethelene (PE) and Polyvinyl Chloride are among the most widely used materials for mini-greenhouse caps (PVC). Both materials have benefits and drawbacks.

Depending on the type, polyethylene has a lifespan of 1 to 3 years. Longer-lasting films include PVC and co-polymers with ultra – violet (UV) protease inhibitors.

When selecting a cover, keep in mind how long your greenhouse will last. Although thicker and more restrictive polystyrene sheets offer greater stability. Additionally, covers are available in both green and clean colors.

Light will be more easily transmitted through flexible materials than it will via green-tinted ones. Therefore, you might need to look for a protective cover if your crops would need shade.

Insulation and Ventilation

Hot ventilation is essential if you live somewhere to prevent your plants from overheating. Weather and season affect ventilation needs differently. The amount of use of the greenhouse must be determined.

A zipper door that you can open and close to change the ventilation is present on the majority of the mini greenhouses on our selection.

Some, however, are superior and simpler than most others. Raised beds can be covered with a portable greenhouse, which has two entrances you can adjust for ventilation.

Additional insulation will be needed to keep the heat inside if you reside in a cold environment. To keep the temperature suitable for your crops, you can add an external heating elements like a heating lamp.

FAQ: Do portable greenhouses work?

Portable greenhouses can be effective for certain gardening needs. They work well for extending the growing season, protecting plants from frost, and starting seeds.

However, their efficiency depends on factors like size, materials, and location. While they may not provide the same level of insulation as permanent greenhouses, they can be a cost-effective solution for many gardeners.

Where is the best place to put a portable greenhouse?

The best place to put a portable greenhouse is where it can receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Choose a location with good southern exposure to ensure your plants get ample sunlight throughout the day.

Additionally, consider a spot with protection from strong winds and easy access to water, as proper watering is crucial for greenhouse gardening success.

Do greenhouses work without sun?

Greenhouses rely on sunlight for photosynthesis, which is essential for plant growth. While some plants can tolerate lower light levels, most greenhouse plants require adequate sunlight to thrive.

Greenhouses equipped with supplemental lighting systems can partially compensate for limited sunlight, but natural sunlight remains the preferred source for plant growth in a greenhouse.

What are the disadvantages of a greenhouse?

Greenhouses offer many benefits, but they also come with some disadvantages, including:

Cost: Building and maintaining a greenhouse can be expensive, depending on its size and materials.

Energy consumption: Heated greenhouses can have high energy costs, especially in colder climates.

Disease and pest management: Greenhouses can create an environment conducive to the spread of certain diseases and pests if not properly managed.

Temperature control: Maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels can be challenging, and overheating during summer or freezing in winter can be issues.

Maintenance: Greenhouses require regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to ensure they function optimally.

Limited space: The available space in a greenhouse is limited, which may restrict the types and quantities of plants you can grow.

Despite these disadvantages, careful planning, proper management, and choosing the right greenhouse for your needs can help you maximize the benefits of greenhouse gardening while mitigating the drawbacks.


Even in small spaces, portable greenhouses are generally suitable. With such a portable greenhouse, you can enhance your vegetable produce into the fall or start your spring gardening earlier.

Plants are shielded from temperature changes, dangerous pests, and strong winds in a greenhouse’s safe and comfortable environment,

which also provides dispersed sunlight for the best growing plants. You ought to be able to choose wisely thanks to the lineup of portable greenhouses in this article.


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