5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

Vertical gardening has gained immense popularity in recent years, allowing individuals to make the most of limited space and grow a variety of plants, from strawberries and herbs to flowers and vegetables.

In this article, we will explore four top-rated stackable planters: Mr. Stacky 5 Tier, VIVOSUN 2-Pack 5 Tier, TOREVSIOR 5 Tiers, and 3 Tier Stackable Garden.

We will provide a comprehensive review of each product, highlighting their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, to help you make an informed decision about which vertical planter suits your gardening needs.

1# Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Strawberry, Herb, Flower, and Vegetable Planter – Vertical Garden Indoor/Outdoor

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

The Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Planter is designed to create a beautiful and functional vertical garden in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its five stackable tiers allow for easy customization and efficient use of space.

This planter is suitable for growing a wide range of plants, including strawberries, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. With a sturdy construction and built-in water reservoirs in each tier, it provides a self-watering system that ensures your plants receive adequate hydration.


  1. Versatile and suitable for growing various plants.
  2. Stackable design maximizes space utilization.
  3. Built-in water reservoirs reduce watering frequency.
  4. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  5. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening.


  1. Some users have reported that assembly can be challenging.
  2. The size of individual tiers may limit plant growth for larger species.

2# Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

The Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit is an all-in-one solution that combines the convenience of a smart garden with the benefits of hydroponic growing.

Designed for use in home kitchens or on windowsills, this kit includes three basil pods and a built-in grow light. Its sleek and compact design makes it an excellent choice for small spaces.


Easy to use: The Click & Grow system simplifies the indoor gardening process, providing automated watering, light cycles, and nutrients for optimal plant growth.

Compact design: Perfect for urban dwellers or those with limited space, this kit fits seamlessly into any kitchen or windowsill.

Energy-efficient grow light: The included LED grow light ensures plants receive the right amount of light for healthy growth, even in low-light environments.

Wide variety of plant options: Apart from basil, the Click & Grow system offers a wide selection of plant pods, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs.


Limited capacity: The Click & Grow kit is suitable for growing a few herbs at a time, making it less ideal for those looking to cultivate larger quantities of produce.

Reliance on proprietary pods: While the pre-seeded pods offer convenience, they can limit the user’s ability to experiment with different plant varieties or source seeds independently.

3# VIVOSUN 2-Pack 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter for Strawberries, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables Ivory

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

The VIVOSUN 2-Pack 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter offers a convenient solution for cultivating strawberries, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Its ivory-colored design adds an elegant touch to any setting. With its sturdy construction and ample planting space in each tier, this planter enables you to grow a variety of plants vertically.

The self-watering system ensures proper hydration, while the stackable design allows for flexible arrangement and easy maintenance.


  1. Ample planting space in each tier accommodates various plants.
  2. Elegant ivory color enhances the aesthetic appeal.
  3. Sturdy construction ensures durability.
  4. Self-watering system promotes efficient plant hydration.
  5. Easy to stack and rearrange according to your needs.


  1. Assembly instructions may be unclear for some users.
  2. The design may not be as visually appealing as other options.

4# TOREVSIOR 5 Tiers Vertical Garden Bed, Vertical Garden Planter Indoor and Outdoor, Vertical Elevated Garden Bed Perfect for Vegetables Flowers Herbs

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

The TOREVSIOR 5 Tiers Vertical Garden Bed offers a versatile and elevated gardening solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its sturdy and durable design provides stability and longevity.

This planter is ideal for growing a variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The elevated structure allows for easy access and maintenance, making it a convenient choice for gardeners of all levels.


  1. Elevated design eliminates the need for bending or kneeling during gardening.
  2. Suitable for growing a wide range of plants.
  3. Sturdy construction ensures stability and durability.
  4. Easy access for watering, maintenance, and harvesting.
  5. Versatile for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.


  1. The elevated structure may limit the overall planting capacity.
  2. Some users have reported challenges in assembling the planter.

5# 3 Tier Stackable Garden – Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Planter Set – Self Water

5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide5 Best Garden Towers: Reviews And Buyer's Guide

The 3 Tier Stackable Garden is a versatile indoor/outdoor vertical planter set that allows you to grow a variety of plants such as herbs, strawberries, peppers, flowers, and succulents.

Its stackable design maximizes space utilization, making it perfect for smaller areas like kitchens, patios, or balconies.

The self-watering feature ensures your plants receive the right amount of moisture, and the top-down watering system allows for easy maintenance and prevents overwatering.


  1. Space-saving design ideal for compact areas.
  2. Suitable for a variety of plants, including herbs, strawberries, and flowers.
  3. Self-watering system eliminates the need for frequent watering.
  4. Top-down watering ensures efficient moisture distribution.
  5. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  1. Some users have reported issues with the self-watering system, requiring manual watering.
  2. The overall size of each tier may limit the growth of larger plants.


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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Garden Tower for Your Needs

Garden towers are a fantastic addition to any gardening enthusiast’s repertoire, allowing you to maximize your growing space and enjoy a flourishing garden even in limited areas.

When shopping for a garden tower, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right one for your specific needs.

This buying guide will provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you make an informed decision.

Space Availability

Consider the available space where you plan to set up your garden tower. Measure the dimensions and assess whether you have enough vertical or horizontal space for the tower.

Some garden towers are freestanding and have a wider footprint, while others are designed to be compact and stackable for vertical gardening in smaller areas.

Plant Capacity

Determine the number and types of plants you wish to grow in your garden tower. Some towers offer a higher plant capacity with more individual planting pockets or tiers, allowing you to grow a greater variety of plants.

Consider the size of the individual planting pockets as well, as larger pockets will accommodate plants with more extensive root systems.

Durability and Material

Look for garden towers made of durable and weather-resistant materials. Common options include polypropylene, food-grade plastics, and cedar wood.

Ensure the materials used are UV-resistant and can withstand outdoor conditions without deteriorating. For organic gardening, opt for towers made of natural, untreated materials.

Watering System

Evaluate the watering system offered by the garden tower. Some towers feature built-in watering systems that distribute water evenly to all plants, reducing maintenance efforts.

Look for self-watering mechanisms, water reservoirs, or built-in irrigation systems that help maintain optimal moisture levels. Consider the frequency of watering required and the ease of access to the water source.

Assembly and Portability

Check the assembly requirements of the garden tower. Look for models that are easy to assemble and disassemble, particularly if you may need to relocate or store the tower.

Freestanding towers should be sturdy but lightweight for convenient mobility. Ensure the tower is stable and won’t tip over easily, especially if you have outdoor elements like wind to consider.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Consider the maintenance requirements of the garden tower. Some towers may require occasional cleaning, refilling of water reservoirs, or monitoring of irrigation systems.

Assess your willingness and availability to perform these tasks regularly. Additionally, check if the tower requires any specific maintenance, such as sealing or staining, especially for wooden models.

Reviews and Ratings

Take the time to read customer reviews and ratings of the garden towers you are considering.

Feedback from other users can provide valuable insights into the tower’s performance, durability, and overall satisfaction.

Look for consistently positive reviews and pay attention to any recurring issues or concerns mentioned by multiple customers.

Price and Value

Set a budget for your garden tower purchase and compare prices among different models.

Consider the features, durability, and overall value offered by each tower. Remember that investing in a quality garden tower can result in years of enjoyment and productivity.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can confidently choose the perfect garden tower to meet your gardening aspirations.

Whether you opt for a modular design, a tiered system, or a freestanding tower, the right choice will enable you to create a thriving vertical garden and make the most of your available space.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tower Garden worth the money?

Yes, Tower Garden is worth the investment for individuals who are passionate about indoor gardening and want to enjoy the benefits of growing their own fresh produce.

While the upfront cost may be higher compared to traditional gardening methods, Tower Garden offers several advantages that make it a valuable investment:

a) Space efficiency: Tower Garden’s vertical design maximizes space utilization, allowing you to grow a significant number of plants in a small footprint. This is especially beneficial for those with limited garden space or living in urban environments.

b) Year-round gardening: Tower Garden utilizes hydroponic technology, enabling you to grow plants indoors regardless of the season. This means you can enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables, and even fruits all year round.

c) Water and resource efficiency: Tower Garden employs a closed-loop system that recirculates water and nutrients, reducing water consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional soil-based gardening.

It also minimizes the need for pesticides and herbicides, promoting a more eco-friendly and sustainable gardening approach.

d) Convenience and reduced maintenance: Tower Garden’s automated watering and nutrient delivery system simplifies the gardening process.

The tower’s design facilitates easy access to plants, eliminating the need for bending or kneeling, and the system requires less weeding and soil maintenance.

How many plants can grow in a Tower Garden?

The number of plants that can be grown in a Tower Garden depends on the specific model and its size. However, on average, a standard Tower Garden can accommodate up to 20 plants.

The tower’s vertical design allows for multiple planting locations, with each level supporting several plants. You can grow a variety of plants, including leafy greens, herbs, vegetables, and even flowering plants or small fruiting varieties.

By utilizing the available planting pockets and optimizing spacing, you can create a thriving garden with a diverse range of plants.

How often do you change water in a Tower Garden?

In a Tower Garden, the water does not need to be changed frequently as it operates on a recirculating system.

The nutrient-rich water solution is continuously circulated through the tower, providing plants with the necessary hydration and nutrients. However, regular maintenance is still required to ensure optimal plant health.

It is recommended to check the water level in the reservoir regularly and top it up when necessary to account for evaporation and plant water consumption.

Additionally, it is advised to monitor the pH and nutrient levels periodically, adjusting them as needed based on the manufacturer’s guidelines or recommended testing intervals.

While the water solution does not require complete replacement frequently, it is recommended to perform a thorough cleaning of the system every few months to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits or algae growth.

By maintaining proper water levels, nutrient balance, and regular system maintenance, you can ensure healthy plant growth and maximize the efficiency of your Tower Garden


Vertical gardening stackable planters offer an excellent solution for those with limited space or a desire to create a visually appealing garden.

Each of the four products reviewed – Mr. Stacky 5 Tier, VIVOSUN 2-Pack 5 Tier, TOREVSIOR 5 Tiers, and 3 Tier Stackable Garden – brings its own unique features and advantages to the table.

If you’re looking for versatility and a sturdy design, the Mr. Stacky 5 Tier planter offers a wide range of growing options with its stackable design and built-in water reservoirs.

The VIVOSUN 2-Pack 5 Tier planter stands out with its elegant ivory color and ample planting space.

For an elevated gardening experience, the TOREVSIOR 5 Tiers planter provides easy access and stability.

Lastly, the 3 Tier Stackable Garden offers a space-saving solution with a self-watering system that simplifies plant care.

Consider your specific gardening needs and space availability when selecting the ideal vertical planter.

By incorporating any of these stackable planters into your gardening routine, you can transform even the smallest spaces into lush and vibrant gardens. Happy gardening!