4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting

4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting

Selecting the best metal detector shovel is just as necessary as eating the right meal. Your equipment will make or break your metal detecting total experience, and if you don’t use quality tools to do all the job properly, you may have an uncomfortable experience on yourself and other gardening activities.

As you read this article, you will find the finest Garden Shovel For Moving Dirt. These are options which I have researched and hand-selected for you so that you will help you skip trials and errors.

Best Garden Shovel For Metal Detecting

1) Radius Garden Root Slayer Nomad

4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting

Radius Garden Root Slayer Nomad is extremely well-designed, which makes it much stronger, particularly the O-handle. It may appear strange at first, but after using it, you’ll realize that other shovels should really be made in this manner because this new model is much more functional and convenient.

Our favorite feature is the inverted V-shaped effective cutting tip with sharp tooth structure. It simply rips through root systems and dirt with minimal effort. In fact, you can use this tool instead of a pry bar to eventually break an old fallen tree without having to bend at all.


  1. The O-handle is more functional and comfy than traditional handle models, reducing arm fatigue after a while of digging.
  2. The cutting edge is sharp and carefully constructed to rip through obstacles quickly and saves you time.
  3. This shovel can effectively break a tree stump and can be used in place of a pry bar.


  1. The manufacturer’s warranty is only available in the United States. It has limitations.
  2. The blade is narrow, making it only suitable for small spaces; and it cannot handle large rocks.
  3. The bar lever may be difficult for some people to use.

2) Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting
4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting 9

For anyone particularly looking for a simple small shovel, the Bond LH015 is the main contender. It has a long-lasting heat-treated head and a super lightweight yet solid steel handle also with rust-resistant face powder coated paint for a comfortable grip.

The tool does its job flawlessly. It is small but sturdy, with no flapping in the spade head or flexible in the handle even when used for leverage or digging. It’s easy and comfortable to grip in the grubby hands with a polymer grip, and there’s no unwanted movement.


  1. Feature a good mini-sized blade that has a sharp teeth and effective grippy handle.
  2. It’s easy to dig all through dirt and root even in the very tiny space
  3. There is no wobble in the head of the spade nor flex in the handle fitting
  4. The anti-rust is efficiently made to last more long with aesthetics


  1. This shovel stickers are a bit hard to get off.

3) Fiskars Steel D-handle Digging Shovel

4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting

With its remarkable scoring, the Fiskars 46″ earns our Editor’s Choice Award for deep fittings.

The 18-gauge metal shaft, the fastened 14-gauge solid steel blade, and the large spherical D-handle design make it strong, sturdy, and comfortable.

Fitting both hands not only makes it very easy to grip for improved performance, but it also effectively reduces arm fatigue.

Its BIG step, which helps make digging much fairly easy even with crocs on, is a huge plus.

But the favorite aspect is that Fiskars backs up their lifetime guarantee. You’ll get quite a new replacement quickly, with no verbal strength training, long-winded explanations, the hassle of returning the broken one, or shipping adjustments.


  1. Durable components and a larger handle design that fits both hands provide you with much more comfort, management, and less arm fatigue.
  2. Provide a large step to make digging easier
  3. The manufacturer provides a very nice and reliable guarantee, so you can try it with confidence.


  1. It’s not suitable in the clay
  2. It’s a bit heavy

4) TAC9ER Entrenching Tool Shovel

4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting4 Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting

When it comes to the foldable shovel, we’re sure everyone wishes they had one because it is far more portable for storage or transportation than the fixed interface.

The only and most important factor that prevents you from purchasing it is the foldable formation; the shovel is typically less strong and durable, resulting in a loss of effort.

It is made of carbon steel and has a dependable threaded lock system that keeps the blade in place during heavy-duty excavating or curbing. It, on the other hand, ensures that you are ultimately kept safe.

At this low price, the best part is that you’ll get a hard carrying case that can easily be connected to a belt or backpack for added protection.


  1. Features a lock system for the purpose of keeping the blade in shape while using it to dig.
  2. Made to ensure your safety and also handle digging jobs that requires heavy-duty efforts.
  3. Provide a strong carrying case that can easily be attached to backpack or belt easily


  1. It’s a bit noisy, especially when it’s stored in a truck and carried to somewhere.

Best Garden Shovels For Metal Detecting: Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider what makes a good shovel and the reasons for purchasing it before placing an order. When selecting a shovel to assist you in metal detecting, keep the following factors in mind:

1) The Work Surface

Consider the surface you’re working with, if it’s a poolside hunter, digging out through the soil, or another type of surface. This will determine the tool that would be most effective for your job.

2) The Weight

You need to decide how so much weight you would like to carry around with you for your moment out there. Selecting a lightweight tool could mean the difference among having a full day together having to return home early because your arms and shoulders hurt.

3) The Size

Consider whether your job necessitates the use of large or small measures. If you do need to dig big holes, a small tool will waste a lot of effort. It may appear obvious, but spending all day digging for a particular target can be disturbing.

4) The Price

Prices will vary according to the kinds of shovel you really want purchase and how you intend to use it. However, unless you have other options, I’ve realised that Amazon usually has the best price and quality shovel.

5) The Length

Shovels come in various lengths, but a nice mini shovel should prove helpful for the majority of your needs. A longer shovel might be a little more practical if you are taller than 6 feet.

You can use 6″ shovels for metal detecting, however most mini shovels are in the 20″ range. A medium-sized shovel would be in the 30″ range, while long shovels should be in the 48″ potential range.


Whatever shovel you choose, keep in mind in mind that your choice should be suitable to the work you wish to do. It would be better if the product is manufactured in the United States.

Otherwise, choose one with a better warranty or from a reputable brand. Check our article about the best garden shovels for snow. Also, we have a guide about the best garden shovels for digging.