4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel

Best Garden Hose With Reel

A hose reel can be a useful addition to your garden tool collection if you have a garden hose. It will not only protect your hose from damage, but it will also save you time that would otherwise be spent untangling kinks and other knots. You can also avoid mishaps caused by individuals tripping over the hose that is carelessly laying around your lawn.

With so many brands claiming to make the greatest hose reels on the market, finding the perfect one can be difficult. That’s why we put the most preferred solutions on the market to the test in order to provide you with reviews of the best garden hose reels. Our detailed buyer’s guide will put you in the right direction if you don’t know what to look for when selecting the proper hose reel for your needs.

Buyer’s Guide

If you have questions about what makes a great garden hose reel, our buyer’s guide will inform you what to look for while making your decision.

The portability

Some hose reels are wall-mounted, while others are freestanding and thus moveable. If you have a large garden, you’ll need to invest in a portable hose reel to reach the furthest corners. Small gardens with a hose that can reach the farthest end can benefit from a permanently installed reel.

Manual and Automatic

A manual hose reel requires you to actively reel the hose back after use. When you have a lengthy hose, this can be an extremely long process. You can swiftly retract the hose with an automatic one by pressing a button or stepping on a pedal. You will save time and energy by purchasing such a model.

The materials

The materials utilized to construct your hose reel will influence its long-term durability. Investing in a long-lasting hose reel can save you the headache of having to replace it when it ultimately fails. A hose reel made of stainless steel or aluminum will last a long time and will not wear out. For added protection, the metal might be coated.

When strengthened with resin or a protectant, plastic models can be relatively strong. Furthermore, plastic hose reels are lightweight, making them easy to transport for watering the yard. Metal is heavier and less portable than plastic, although it’s more durable.

Property Size and Lenght

The size of your garden depends determine the type of hose reel you purchase. For example, if you have a large garden, a mountable hose reel would be inappropriate; such a type would be better suited to a smaller garden. Larger gardens will necessitate a longer hose and, as a result, a larger hose reel to hold it. To make it easy to move around when watering the lawn, the hose reel should include wheels and a handle.

The Price

The price of a hose reel is determined by its type, capabilities, and quality. However, there are a variety of price points to suit any budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end alternative, a simple wall-mounted hose reel with a crank handle to manually reel the hose back is an option. However, expect to pay a little extra for an enclosed type that allows you to retract the hose with a simple click of a button. Without a doubt, the most important factor to consider is quality. Don’t just settle for the cheapest option.

Best Garden Hose With Reel

1) Giraffe Metal Hose Reel Box

4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel

The Giraffe SW-5 Metal Hose Reel is pricey, but it is well worth it. The model is not mountable but is sturdy enough to stay on your patio or deck when using the hose, measuring 22.5″ x 19.5″ x 19.5″ and weighing 30.9 pounds. Its decorative features will freshen up the aesthetic of your yard in addition to making it easier to water your flowers and plants.

The Giraffe SW-5 Metal Hose Reel’s finest feature is its solid metal construction, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the metal is coated to prevent rust and damage, ensuring that the hose reel continues to function for a long time.

The hose reel can hold up to 200 feet of 12-inch garden hose or 130 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose. When rewinding, the auto-track system allows you to uniformly disperse the hose. Reeling and unreeling the garden hose is simple and kink-free thanks to the adjustable hose guide. Furthermore, the plastic-coated crank handle ensures a secure grip during the procedure.


  1. It’s sturdy
  2. Crank and comfortable grip handle
  3. A guide for hose adjustment
  4. Features are decorative


  1. Low portability
  2. A bit expensive

2) Goodyear Air Hose Reel Retractable 3/8″ Inch

4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel

Since 1839, the Goodyear brand has been known for its high-quality products. Its GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable type is simple to put together and may be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. The hose reel can rotate 180 degrees. the swivel bracket ensures that the stream of water reaches every area of your yard.

This hose reel, like other Goodyear items before it, has a solid structure built of heavy-duty propylene to ensure that it lasts a long time without breaking down. In addition, the Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose is comprised of a combination of rubber and PVC and is water, oil, and weather resistant. It also has no memory, which aids in the smoothing out of knots.

There’s no need to be concerned about leaks because the hose has inlet connection seals to prevent leaks and keep your workplace safe. By allowing you to lock the hose at your desired length, the latching mechanism helps to reduce abrasion and wear. However, given that it is made of plastic, this unit is not cost – efficient.


  1. Automatic rewind system
  2. Can turn 180 degrees
  3. Comes with hose inlet connection to avoid leaks
  4. It has latching mechanism


  1. Weak plastic build
  2. A bit expensive

3) Power Retractable Hose Reel

4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel

The Power Retractable Hose Reel has a 58-inch x 50 + 6-foot hose with a gradual retractable technology that prevents the hose from injuring or damaging itself while retracting. All you have to do is tug on the hose a little and it will retract on its own.

The mounting bracket is constructed of durable steel that will not bend when it’s in use, and all of the fittings are made of real brass. The hose is also composed of a three-layered hybrid material for further durability and can be locked at any length for easy use. The majority of the other parts, on the other hand, are composed of cheap plastic and will not last long.

Although mounting hardware is included, the bolts are insufficient, and you may need to acquire heavy-duty anchors and bolts to secure the hose reel. Ultimately, the Power Retractable hose reel gets the job done, but it isn’t very high-quality. The 3-year warranty and money-back satisfaction guarantee should give you some peace of mind when purchasing this product.


  1. Retractable system is normal
  2. It has Brass fittings


  1. Low quality plastic parts
  2. Inadequate Bolts
  3. The hose is not replaceable

4) ELEY Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041

4 Best Garden Hoses With Reel

Depending on how you want to attach the arm to your wall plate during the construction process, the Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel can be mounted in two distinct configurations.

The parallel and perpendicular settings are the two types of settings, with the parallel being utilized to pull your hose out on the wall’s side. On the other hand, the perpendicular pushes its hose straight away from your wall.

This outdoor hose reel can store 150 feet (5/8 inch) of hose. A 6 foot long rubber intake line with a crush-proof brass fitting is included with the reel.

Another advantage of this product is that it comes with mounting hardware, so you won’t have to buy anything else. The entire weight of the hose reel is 20.9 pounds. It’s also composed of metal, so it’ll last a long time.


  1. It has a leak-proof brass swivel
  2. Brake Cam-lever
  3. Duty inlet commercial hose
  4. Extra capacity kit
  5. Grants 10 Year warranty


  1. No hose guide
  2. No shelf for the accessories of the nozzle

Our Recommendations

After a proper research and adequate review of the hose reels, we have been able to chose the best from our list. The hose reel we chose as the best overall picks are; “Goodyear Air Hose Reel Retractable 3/8 Inch” and “ELEY Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041”. These products are very effective.

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Although there are many possibilities, the best garden hose reel for you will be determined by your specific needs. You’ll have to think about things like size, cost, convenience of use, and portability. We hope that our reviews of the top garden hose reels, as well as our in-depth buying guide, will make finding the best garden hose reel for your needs a quicker and easier.