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8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

by Idris Ya'u
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Composting your yard and kitchen waste is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to cut down carbon footprint while obtaining a riched fertilizer for your beloved plants.

This composting can be done conveniently when you have a good composting grinder at your hand. In this article, I have researched and hand-picked the 8 best composting grinders for a budget.

Composting grinders buying guide

Before buying a composting grinder, there are certain key features you need to consider to avoid investing in the wrong composting grinder. Below I discuss them step by step:

Materials: it is good to consider the materials from which the composting grinder is made. Ensure that the materials are not eco-friendly and are also resistant to rust and the effects of solar radiation. The frame of the composting grinder should be steel powder-coated. Additionally, the body should be durable and UV-protected plastic material.

Size: before you consider buying a compost bin, think of the available space you have at hand. Composting grinders come in different sizes and you can find those made for large outdoor and also for kitchen countertops. There are also others that are specifically designed for sitting rooms.

You also need to think of how many plants you want to feed and also how much waste you are generating. If you aimed to feed a large yard and you also are generating too much waste, then you need to buy a composting grinder with large size.

Loading and unloading: this comes into place when you want to add scraps into the compost and when you want to harvest your compost. Loading in composting simply means the addition of waste or composting materials into the compost bin. On the other hand, unloading means harvesting your compost when it is ripe or finished.

Why should you consider this feature? You will find it too difficult to add compost into the grinder when you buy one with a small opening or door. Likewise, if you buy a short grinder, you will find it difficult to collect the finished compost with a container. So, buy a composting grinder that offers easy loading and unloading.

Processing time: the next important feature you need to consider when buying a composting grinder is the processing time. I believed you will not like to buy something that will take forever to compost. So, consider buying one that offers a short processing time.

Easy transportation: what I mean with this feature is that you need to buy composting grinder that you can move from one place to another. Do not buy a heavy one that can’t or struggle to move it. However, this is recommended if you are planning to make compost for small plants. But, if you are planning to feed several acres of land, you don’t need to consider this feature.

With this information at the back of our minds, let us jump right into the list of the best composting grinders.

Best composting grinders

In a rush? Our top picks: if you want to compost your kitchen and refrigerator scraps in hours, you need to consider Vitamix foodcycler composter. Why we recommend this composter for indoors is that the composter decomposes a large amount of food waste by up to 90% in 4 to 8 hours. You can also compost many times in a day, which gives you the ability to compost a large volume of food waste. The product also came with a 3-year limited warranty.

The next composting grinder that we can recommend for outdoor composting is the Miracle-Gro small composter. The composter can fit into a small space of your backyard and produces a large volume of compost. The compost grinder comes with internal mixing bars that help increase aeration and produce compost within 4-6 weeks. It is also durable and works all year round.

If you want to shred and Chip woods or leaves, consider buying Landworks wood chipper and Superhandy leaf mulcher shredder. For a detailed step-by-step buying guide, follow along with this handy guide to discover the 8 best composting grinders.

1 Vitamix foodcycler composter

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

This small powered food waste recycler grinds food scraps and produces soil fertilizer in hours. The compost grinder is designed to crush all table and refrigerator scraps including chicken bones. The Vitamix food cycler composts a large volume of food waste by up to 90%.

The composter comes with a removable waste bucket and lid. The lid is designed with a carbon filter, which makes the composter to be stored anywhere without being disturbed by a bad smell.

The compost grinder is very easy to operate. It has 4-8 hours of processing time. You can run multiples cycles of composting per day, which means you can compost plenty of waste per day. The product’s owners also offer a 3-year limited warranty.

2 New Oxo good grips compost bin

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

This compost grinder, Oxo good grips compost bin comes with 6.62 liters (1.75 gallons) capacity, which is ideal for busy kitchens. The composter featured two lids: the stay-open lid a d soft-close lid. The stay-open lid is designed to make it easier for users to toss scraps into the bin while busy working. On the other hand, the soft-close lid is designed to eliminate odor and pests, and these features make this composter ideal for indoor storage.

It is also constructed with a handle, which makes easy transportation of the bin from one place to another. The handle folds on its own when you are not using it. Additionally, it also comes with an internal bucket that is removable and dishwasher friendly, which means you can wash safely the the internal bucket after use. It weighs 1.63 pounds and has a 7.75″ × 7.3″ × 7.6″ dimension.

3 Worx WG430 13 Amp electric leaf mulcher

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Worx electric leaf mulcher is the all-in-one solution to your garden waste. It makes collecting leaves quicker and easier leaving your garden and yard clean. Leaves are dropped into the large feed hole of the grinder, then the Worx machine will mulch the leaves to 1/11th their original size, which will then be dropped into a bag you put underneath the unit.

Worx leaf mulcher has a unique design that accepts both plastic and paper bags. It offers an exceptional high mulch efficiency rate of 53 gallons/minute. This is possible with the safe flex-a-line blade-less mulching system that comes with the machine, which also provides the user with the added benefit of tool-less cutting line replacement.

The machine is also designed for convenient and easy off-season storage in your shed or garage. The machine also offers dust reducing clean air motor cooling system and an oversized on/off switch to easily control or regulate the machine

The machine is also provided with 24 replacement lines and 1 universal bag holder. The machine weighs 20 pounds and packages a 13 Amp motor. The 13 Amp motor offers 8500 room and accommodates a 13-inch cut diameter.

4 Yurkura compost bin

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

If you are looking for a simple and small eco-friendly compost bin that won’t cost you more money, then the Yurkura compost bin is a great option for you to consider.

The compost bin is designed mainly for indoor use such as in the kitchen or sitting room. It has a small size in which users can collect biodegradable kitchen waste for up to a week. So, this helps you quickly compost your kitchen waste into a riched fertilizer that can be used to feed your plants.

The compost bin comes with a stylish design that makes the compost bin perfectly blend with your kitchen’s surroundings. The small size of the bin makes it perfectly sit on top of your kitchen counter so that you can easily access it whenever you want to use it. Also, the compact size of the bin ensures that dirt doesn’t get in the way of your cooking.

5 Miracle-Gro small composter

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

With Miracle-Grow composter, you can compost your kitchen and garden scraps all year round. The composter only takes 4-6 weeks to fully compost kitchen and garden waste into compost fertilizer. The compost grinder comes with internal mixing bars that facilitate aeration and speed up the composting process.

Additionally, miracle grows fit perfectly into a small space in the house. However, that doesn’t mean the grinder is accommodating a large amount of scraps at a time. The compost grinder is constructed to accommodate b27.7 gallons (105L) volume.

The composter is also featured with a sturdy-locking mechanism that offers easy loading and unloading. It is made with durable materials of BPA-free, food-grade, and UV-protected plastic, which means you don’t need to worry about harmful toxins and damage by sun radiation.

Additionally, the miracle gro compost grinder also comes with a pair of latex-free, water-resistant, and multiple-purpose gardening gloves. The product weighs 13.02 pounds and has 24.13″ × 21.5″ × 4.33″.

6 Totem max and totem compact

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

The totem composter comes with two compartments that are arranged vertically. These two compartments are designed to save space and make filling and emptying more easier. Each of these two compartments has a removable bucket. The buckets are designed to fit a single standard liner for general waste or to fit-line with two smaller bags to separate different types of recycling.

The composter also has breather vents in the removable bucket sides, which makes removing a full liner easier. Moreover, the miracle gro also comes with a 3 liters removable compost bin that can be stored in both compartments. The user can also store the removable compost bin separately on the countertop.

The composter is stylish, durable, practical, and it is available in two sizes. There is a totem max, which is 16 gallons (60 liters). And also a totem compact, which 10.6 gallons or 40 liters. There are also replaceable odors filters designed to line the main compartments and compost bin.

7 SuperHandy leaf mulcher shredder and waste management machine

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

The SuperHandy leaf mulcher and waste management machine are featured with a durable heavy-duty steel upper feeding part and body. The machine is designed to be powered with a powerful 15-AMp 1800 Watt 120VAC 60Hz Electric Balt Driven motor. This leaf mulcher, unlike gasoline-powered chippers, produces no smog and noise, and this makes an economic and user-friendly.

It is the best choice for great renewable waste recycling management. On one hand, the durable steel housing is supported by a firm and sturdy powder-coated steel frame, which protects the motor assembly. On the other hand, the machine is well equipped with an instant start switch and an overload protection switch.

It also comes with (2) 6 inches wheels that aid in transporting the machine from one place to another easier. It weighs 55 pounds and has a 20.5″ × 20.5″ × 20.5″ dimension.

8 Landworks wood chipper shredder

8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide8 Best Composting Grinders: Reviews And Buying Guide

The landworks wood chipper shredder and mulcher are constructed with a durable polypropylene body and all-powerful 15-AMp 1800 Watt 120 VAC,60 Electric Belt Driven motor that is capable of chipping 1.57 inches (39mn), which means it has a maximum limb capacity of 17:1 reduction.

The machine is designed with a speed of 4,109 RPM, just like superhandy. Landworks also produce no smog and noise while under operation.

The polypropylene body is resistant to rust and will not dent because of pressure or heating. It also protects the rotor assembly, which is made up of (2) cutting Blades for full chipping capability. Additionally, the machine also came with switches: the easy instant start switch and overload protection switch.

It is also designed with a supply cable of 13.7 inches (0.35m/1.1′), which allows easy transportation. The machine with all its components weighed 24.9 pounds and is 20″ × 15.67″ × 37.99″ in dimension.

Frequently asked questions

Should I grind my compost?

Grinding food scraps for your compost before adding them into the bin helps increase surface area, which in turn facilitates faster decomposition. Grinding is especially important if you are composting fruits peels and cardboard.

How do you grind compost?

You can grind your compost using a compost grinder. All you need to do is to wait for your compost to finish curing. Depending on the size of your grinder and compost, you can add the compost either whole or in batches.

However, if you use a compost bin such as Miracle-gro and Vitamix foodcycler, you don’t need to shred your compost because the compost is well ground during the composting process.

Can I blend my compost?

Yes, you can blend your compost if you like. Blending helps increase the surface area so that plants’ roots can absorb the nutrients in the compost easily and become available to the plants’ tissues.

Can you turn compost too much?

It is not recommended to turn your compost all the time. I recommend that you turn your compost timely. I have a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to turn a compost here.

What happens if you don’t turn your compost?

Failure to turn your compost timely can slow down the composting process. The compost will not generate heat and air will not also flow in the compost, which causes poor aeration in the compost.

Read also: What Will Happen If You Left The Compost Too Long? Find Out

Do you add water to compost bin?

If you add your greens and browns in the correct proportion, you don’t need to worry about adding water in your compost. However, if you added plenty of browns, the compost may require to be supplemented with water.


In this article, I discussed the 8 best compost grinders. I also looked at some of your frequently asked questions about the grinding of compost. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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