Best 100ft Lightweight Garden Hoses

Best 100ft Lightweight Garden Hoses

Getting a quality 100ft lightweight garden hose can be challenging. But with this buyer’s guide and recommendation, you can easily find a useful garden hose.

Most gardeners have tried lots of hoses over the time in the search of getting a high-quality, easy-to-use hose. High quality and easy-to-use hoses are hoses with adequate coverage for the entire yard without facing any problems to roll it up after use.

If you’re looking for the quality features in a garden hose, then this hose selection is for you. But first, let me reveal some of the features you should be aware of in order to select the best product for your garden use.

Before you take a look at our Best Lightweight Garden Hose 100ft, I would like you to first go through our buying guide to know the important things to consider before buying a garden hose. Below are the important things to consider before purchasing a garden hose.

The Garden Hose Durability

With regular care and summer time storage, a high-quality garden hose has to last anything between three to ten years. To extend the life of your hose, keep it out of full sunlight in the warmer months and away from frost or snow in the winter.

Weather Resistance

Specific kinds of garden hose should be capable of withstanding weather conditions. During the cold season, you’ll store your hose, but in warmer weather, you might be allowed to leave it out. Choose a hose made of materials that will not damage in the sun or rain seasons.

Expandable hoses, along with some of the the newly developed hybrid polymers, are ideal for this function.

Kink Resistance

A kink-resistant garden hose will last longer because kinks create wrinkles, and as a result, gaping holes in your garden hose. The product will wear if it is bent and twisted. It’s also inconvenient to struggle with a kinked hose, so selecting one that would be resistant pays off in a variety of practical aspects.

The Flexibility

A flexible hose is more manageable and portable than a stiffer hose, letting you to water your garden properly and avoid destroying vegetables while also getting into tight spots.

A hose will be fairly easy to untangle and store if it is made of a stretchy material. Hoses with a high level of flexibility are more reliable because they are made of materials that can withstand repeated use without damage.

The Ply and Diameter

Hoses are available in a variety of diameters, which determine how useful they are to control and how the water flows. Lesser diameters enable less water to pass through, but they are easier to operate around your garden.

The components that make up the hose are referred to as ply. The ply number for lighter weight hoses varies from one to three. Ply is not always outlined on the package, but some of the hoses on higher ranking are mostly listed.

Best Lightweight Garden Hoses 100ft

1) Flexzilla HFZG5100YW Garden Hose 5/8 inches x 100 ft

Best 100ft Lightweight Garden HosesBest 100ft Lightweight Garden Hoses

The Flexzilla is a regular water safe hose that can withstand all weather conditions without damage. It’s made of a polymer composite that works in freezing weather 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, without blocking or kinking.

It comes in lengths of 10, 50, and 100 feet, with all diameters being the standard 5/8″. It weighs less than eight pounds and has a water pressure of about 150 pounds per square inch of hose. This hose helps in performing gardening activities.


  1. Hybrid polymer lightweight hose hose
  2. Free of kink, abrasion resistant, and UV resistant
  3. High quality aluminium connectors with a leak free O-ring


  1. Not flexible like expandable garden hose

2) VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose Expandable Hose

Best 100ft Lightweight Garden HosesBest 100ft Lightweight Garden Hoses

When water goes through the Vinci hose, it stretches three times its length. Because of the latex core, it is resistant to kinks and will not flatten or fracture if you run your vehicle over it. It’s one of the most sturdy hoses on the market, with a polyester fabric wrapping the tube.

The brass connectors have an on/off valve which allows you to control water flow even if you’re a long distance away from the spigot. Included nozzle has nine different spray models to meet all of your watering requirements.

This hose can be stored on a reel or hanger or reel, but it also comes with a bag for storage. This makes it easy to store in your garden shed or shop and keeps it safe from the sun or severe temperatures.


  1. Quality expandable lightweight garden hose
  2. Kink free
  3. Flexible hose
  4. A Plastic spray head
  5. Comes with nine spray patterns


  1. Not too durable

3) Flexi Hose – (with Eight Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose)

Best 100ft Lightweight Garden HosesBest 100ft Lightweight Garden Hoses

Whenever you turn the water flow on, the Flexi Hose expands to three times its original length. When you turn off the water and enable the spray head to drain very well, it begins to shrink back to the original shape, making it easy for you to store. Since it has a rubber core and a strong woven elastic external fabric, it can enlarge the more.

These layered products also ensure the hose’s durability and puncture resistance. You can take it around the walls of your house without fear of catching and tearing on something. When the hose rolling across my gravel path was filled with water, I was moving over it. It’s difficult.

For application of water, the product contains a spray nozzle with eight different spray shapes. When in use, the steel fittings keep the nozzle in position. There’s also an on/off valve right on the fitting for maximum control, which was extremely convenient.


  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Durable core woven fabric and super flexible
  • Premium strong brass connectors
  • 8 spray patterns head


  1. A bit expesive compared to the quality.

Our Recommendation

All the Lightweight Garden Hose listed here are good, but we have a top pick.

After our proper findings and reviews, we picked Flexi Hose as the best among others. This hose, which is available in a variety of lengths and colors, is extremely easy to handle and control.


Gardening and other watering activities can be stress-free when you have the right and quality garden hose. Our list of hoses in this article should be able to help you make your selection. Make your choice and improve your garden work experience.