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5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada

by Idris Ya'u
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When it comes to nurturing indoor plants in Canada’s varying climate conditions, having the right grow lights becomes essential. These artificial lighting solutions mimic the natural sunlight that plants need to thrive indoors.

In this guide, I will review five of the best grow lights available on Amazon for indoor plants in Canada, considering their features, pros, and cons.

1# Roleadro LED Grow Light

5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada

The Roleadro LED Grow Light offers a full spectrum of light that caters to different growth stages of plants. Its energy-efficient design and excellent coverage make it suitable for a wide range of indoor plants. However, some users may find the fan a bit noisy.


  1. Full spectrum, energy-efficient, wide coverage.


  1. Noisy fan.

2# Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light

5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada

The Spider Farmer SF-2000 boasts high output and power efficiency, making it suitable for larger plant setups. It features a dimming function, allowing you to adjust the light intensity as needed. One downside could be its initial cost.


  1. High output, power-efficient, dimming function.


  1. Higher initial cost.

3# Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

The Phlizon 600W LED Grow Light is known for its durability and effectiveness. It’s suitable for various indoor plants and offers a full spectrum of light. However, its coverage area might be slightly smaller compared to other models.


  1. Durable, full spectrum, suitable for various plants.


  1. Limited coverage area.


5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada

The VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED Grow Light is a budget-friendly option that provides sufficient light for smaller indoor plant setups. It offers a balanced spectrum and efficient heat dissipation. Yet, it might not be powerful enough for plants with high light requirements.


  1. Affordable, balanced spectrum, heat dissipation.


  1. Not suitable for high light requirement plants.

5# Barrina LED Grow Light Fixture

5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada5 Best Grow lights For Indoor Plants Canada

The Barrina LED Grow Light Fixture is a tube-style light that is easy to install and versatile. It’s ideal for small plants and shelves. Its low wattage might not be sufficient for larger plants or those with high light needs.


  1. Easy installation, versatile, suitable for small plants.


  1. Not suitable for larger plants.

Indoor Plant Grow Lights Buying Guide

Indoor plant grow lights are essential tools for providing the necessary light spectrum to plants when natural sunlight is limited or unavailable.

Whether you’re a seasoned indoor gardener or a beginner looking to nurture plants year-round, choosing the right grow lights can greatly influence the health and growth of your plants. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

1# Light Spectrum

Look for grow lights that offer a full spectrum of light, including blue and red wavelengths. Blue light promotes vegetative growth, while red light encourages flowering and fruiting. A balanced spectrum ensures healthy development throughout all growth stages.

2# Light Intensity and Coverage

Consider the coverage area of the grow light. Make sure it can cover the space where your plants are positioned. Different plants have varying light intensity requirements, so choose a light that can deliver sufficient light to your specific plant types.

3#Plant Type and Stage

Different plants have different light requirements. Some plants, like succulents, require high light levels, while others, like ferns, thrive in lower light conditions. Also, consider the growth stage of your plants – seedlings and mature plants might need varying light levels.

4# Wattage and Power Efficiency

Higher wattage doesn’t always equate to better performance. Check the power efficiency of the grow light. LED grow lights are known for their energy efficiency and can save you money on electricity bills in the long run.

5# Adjustable Intensity and Dimming

Some models come with adjustable intensity or dimming features. This allows you to fine-tune the light output based on your plant’s requirements, growth stage, and the light they receive from other sources.

6# Heat Dissipation

Good heat dissipation is crucial to prevent overheating and damage to your plants. Look for lights with built-in cooling mechanisms like fans or heat sinks to maintain an optimal temperature for plant growth.

7# Durability and Lifespan

Choose lights that are well-constructed and durable. LED grow lights generally have longer lifespans compared to traditional options like fluorescent or HID lights. A longer lifespan ensures you won’t need to replace the light as frequently.

8# Budget Consideration

Set a budget range and explore options within that range. Remember that investing a bit more in high-quality grow lights can lead to better plant health and overall results.

9# Reviews and Ratings

Read user reviews and ratings on platforms like Amazon. Real-world experiences can give you insights into the performance and durability of the grow lights you’re considering.

10# Brand Reputation

Choose reputable brands known for producing reliable and effective grow lights. Established brands often provide better customer support and product warranties.

11# Additional Features

Some grow lights come with extras like timers, remote controls, or smartphone app integration. These features can enhance convenience and automation in your indoor gardening setup.

Remember, the best grow light for you depends on your specific plants, the space available, and your budget. Assess your plants’ needs and your setup’s requirements to find the grow light that will help your indoor garden flourish.

FAQs: Is it OK to use grow lights for indoor plants?

Yes, using grow lights for indoor plants is not only okay but often necessary. Grow lights provide the essential light spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis and growth, especially when natural sunlight is insufficient. They are a valuable tool for maintaining healthy and thriving indoor plants.

What to look for when buying an indoor grow light?

When buying an indoor grow light, consider factors like the light spectrum (full spectrum with blue and red wavelengths), light intensity and coverage, plant type and growth stage, wattage and power efficiency, adjustable intensity or dimming features, heat dissipation, durability, budget, user reviews, brand reputation, and any additional features like timers or remote controls.

Evaluating these factors will help you find the right grow light for your specific indoor gardening needs.

Do grow lights use a lot of electricity?
Grow lights, especially LED ones, are designed to be energy-efficient.

They use significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting options like fluorescent or HID lights. LED grow lights produce minimal heat, which further contributes to their energy efficiency.

While the exact electricity usage varies based on the light’s wattage and the duration it’s on, modern LED grow lights are designed to provide optimal light output while keeping electricity consumption relatively low.

How long do you leave indoor plants on with grow lights?

The duration you leave indoor plants under grow lights depends on factors such as the plant type, growth stage, and light intensity. As a general guideline:

Seedlings and young plants typically require 14-18 hours of light per day to encourage healthy growth. Mature plants usually need around 12-16 hours of light daily.

Flowering or fruiting plants might benefit from slightly shorter light periods to mimic natural sunlight changes.

It’s important to research the light requirements of your specific plant species and adjust the light duration accordingly. Using timers can help automate the lighting schedule and ensure consistent exposure to light.


Selecting the right grow light for your indoor plants in Canada is crucial for their overall health and growth. The Roleadro LED Grow Light stands out with its wide coverage and energy efficiency.

If you have a larger setup, the Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a great choice. For those on a budget, the VIPARSPECTRA 300W provides good value.

Ultimately, the best option depends on your plant’s needs, your setup size, and your budget constraints. Always consider the specific requirements of your plants before making a decision.

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