5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

When it comes to achieving a lush and healthy lawn, using a grass seed spreader can make a significant difference. These handy tools allow for efficient and even distribution of grass seeds, resulting in a beautiful and uniform lawn.

To help you find the perfect grass seed spreader for your needs, we have compiled a list of the five best grass seed spreaders available in the market. From adjustable settings to durable construction, these products offer excellent performance and ease of use.

1# Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader is a top-rated option that boasts a range of convenient features. It comes with an exclusive EdgeGuard technology, which prevents the spreader from accidentally distributing seeds onto non-target areas like driveways or sidewalks.

With a large capacity hopper of 15,000 square feet coverage, it minimizes the need for frequent refilling. The spreader’s control panel provides precise rate settings, ensuring accurate seed dispersal. Furthermore, its pneumatic tires provide smooth maneuverability across various terrains.


  1. EdgeGuard technology prevents seed wastage and ensures precise distribution.
  2. Large hopper capacity reduces the need for frequent refilling.
  3. Accurate rate settings enable even and efficient seed dispersal.
  4. Pneumatic tires offer smooth mobility on different surfaces.


  1. Some users reported that the spreader’s edge guard feature may require occasional adjustment.

2# Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

If you have a larger lawn or want to cover vast areas efficiently, the Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader is an excellent choice.

This spreader is designed to be towed behind a garden tractor or ATV, making it ideal for extensive lawn care. Its large hopper has a capacity of 130 pounds, providing coverage for approximately 25,000 square feet.

The spreader’s enclosed gear system ensures consistent seed distribution, while its pneumatic tires provide excellent traction and maneuverability.


  1. Suitable for covering large areas efficiently.
  2. Enclosed gear system ensures consistent seed distribution.
  3. Pneumatic tires offer excellent traction and maneuverability.
  4. Sturdy construction for long-lasting performance.


  1. Requires a tow vehicle (garden tractor or ATV) for operation, which may limit its usability for some users.

3# Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader with Side Deflector Kit

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

The Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader is a versatile option that offers both rear and side spreading capabilities. It comes with a side deflector kit, allowing for precise edge-to-edge spreading.

The spreader’s 50-pound capacity hopper covers up to 20,000 square feet and can be filled multiple times without the need for constant refilling. The spreader features a durable poly hopper that resists corrosion and a sturdy frame for stability.

Its 12-inch high-traction pneumatic tires provide smooth movement, even on rough terrain. The adjustable flow control ensures accurate seed dispersal, and the ergonomic handle offers comfortable operation.


  1. Versatile design with rear and side spreading capabilities.
  2. Side deflector kit enables precise edge-to-edge spreading.
  3. Durable poly hopper and sturdy frame ensure longevity.
  4. Adjustable flow control for accurate seed dispersal.Comfortable and ergonomic handle for ease of use.


  1. Some users reported occasional issues with the flow control mechanism.

4# Solo 421 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

For smaller lawns or spot treatments, the Solo 421 Portable Spreader is a compact and convenient option. With a 20-pound capacity, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The spreader’s adjustable shoulder strap provides comfort during operation, and its funnel-shaped hopper ensures easy filling.

The three-hole drop system ensures even distribution, while the enclosed gear system protects against debris and moisture. The Solo 421 is a handheld spreader that offers excellent control and maneuverability.


  1. Compact and portable design for smaller lawns and spot treatments.
  2. Adjustable shoulder strap enhances comfort during use.
  3. Easy-filling funnel-shaped hopper.
  4. Enclosed gear system protects against debris and moisture.
  5. Provides excellent control and maneuverability.


  1. Not suitable for covering large areas efficiently.

5# Chapin International 8620B 150-Pound Tow Behind Spreader

5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders5 Best Grass Seed Spreaders

For those with large lawns or extensive landscaping projects, the Chapin International 8620B Tow Behind Spreader is an excellent choice.

With a generous hopper capacity of 150 pounds, this spreader can cover up to 1 acre of land, making it ideal for commercial or large-scale applications.

It features a durable powder-coated steel frame and a corrosion-resistant poly hopper for long-lasting performance. The spreader’s pneumatic tires provide smooth traction, and the adjustable gate control allows for precise seed dispersal.

The tow-behind design makes it compatible with garden tractors or ATVs, ensuring efficient and effortless spreading.


  1. Large hopper capacity suitable for commercial or large-scale use.
  2. Durable steel frame and corrosion-resistant poly hopper.
  3. Smooth traction with pneumatic tires.
  4. Adjustable gate control for precise seed dispersal.
  5. Tow-behind design for compatibility with garden tractors or ATVs.


  1. The size and weight of this spreader may limit its usability for those with smaller lawns or limited storage space.


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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Grass Seed Spreader

Achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn starts with proper seed distribution, and a high-quality grass seed spreader can make a significant difference.

When selecting a grass seed spreader, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs.

This buying guide will help you navigate through the key features and considerations to make an informed decision.

Types of Grass Seed Spreaders

a. Broadcast Spreaders: These spreaders distribute seeds in a wide pattern, covering a large area with each pass. They are ideal for larger lawns or commercial applications.
b. Drop Spreaders: Drop spreaders release seeds in a controlled manner directly beneath the spreader, resulting in precise application. They are suitable for smaller or irregularly shaped lawns.

c. Handheld Spreaders: Handheld spreaders are compact and portable, making them convenient for spot treatments or small lawns. They offer excellent control and maneuverability.

Lawn Size

Consider the size of your lawn or the area you need to cover. For larger lawns, a broadcast spreader or a tow-behind spreader may be more efficient, as they cover a wider area with each pass. For smaller lawns or spot treatments, handheld or drop spreaders are suitable options.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper capacity determines the amount of seed the spreader can hold at once. A larger hopper capacity means less frequent refilling, which is beneficial for covering larger areas.

However, it’s essential to balance capacity with the ease of maneuverability, as larger spreaders may be bulkier and heavier.

Adjustable Settings

Look for spreaders with adjustable settings to control the rate at which seeds are dispersed. This feature allows for precise application, ensuring even distribution and avoiding wastage.

The ability to adjust the spreader settings based on the seed type and desired coverage is crucial for achieving optimal results.


Choose a grass seed spreader with a sturdy and durable construction that can withstand regular use and various terrain conditions.

Look for features like rustproof hoppers, powder-coated frames, and durable tires. This ensures that your spreader will last for years without needing frequent repairs or replacements.


Consider the ease of maneuverability when selecting a spreader. Features like pneumatic tires and ergonomic handles can greatly enhance the spreader’s mobility, allowing for smooth operation on different terrains.

Additional Features

Some spreaders come with additional features that can enhance convenience and efficiency.

Examples include edge guard technology to prevent seed distribution on non-target areas, side deflectors for precise edge-to-edge spreading, and enclosed gear systems to protect against debris and moisture.


Set a budget range before starting your search for a grass seed spreader. There are options available at various price points, and determining your budget will help narrow down your choices without compromising on quality and functionality.

User Reviews and Ratings

Before making a final decision, read customer reviews and ratings of the grass seed spreaders you are considering. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and ease of use of the product.


Choosing the right grass seed spreader is crucial for achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn. The five options mentioned above offer a range of features to meet different needs.

From the precise distribution of the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX to the heavy-duty capabilities of the Earthway 2150, these spreaders provide efficient and reliable performance.

Consider factors such as lawn size, terrain, and desired features when selecting the best grass seed spreader for your specific requirements.

With any of these top-rated options, you can achieve optimal seed dispersal and enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn.