4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

Humans always despise moss on driveways and also desires to get them removed in order to make the environment look very appealing. However, not all moss killers are comparable, some moss killer will function properly while others may not.

When you wish to go and purchase a moss killer for your driveway, you need to make sure it is the perfect one.

The market is filled with various brands, and picking the correct one can be difficult. Regardless of this challenge, our review and buying guide will assist you in making the best decision.

Best Moss Killer For Driveways

In a rush? Our Top Picks:

  1. Scotts Turf Builder Moss Control
  2. Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn

1) Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn

4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

Lilly Miller Moss Killer Granules have always been my top choice for moss removal. It’s very effective at what it does, which helps keep this tenacious plant from extending to the driveway, patio, and lawn.

It has been discovered that this spray-on function does not require much time or prolonged use to engage its wonder. In actuality, it only takes 24 hours from practical usage or spraying to completely remove the moss and restore a moss-free territory.


  1. No particles or road surface corrosion
  2. Simple to apply and use
  3. Lasts up to a year


  1. May challenge to work on shaded roofs
  2. Doesn’t always result in positive outcomes with proven moss
  3. Does not really work well during the rainfall

2) Scotts Turf Builder Moss Control

4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

Scotts Turf Builder Moss Control is an excellent product for your green lawn, especially in the fall and spring. Why? Because of the chilly and damp temperature levels, moss grows rapidly during these weathers.

The effect of Scotts Turf Builder on grass is truly amazing. It’s very pleased to see how it moistened the green items after application, allowing all of those unappealing bare areas on the lawn to clog in.

In real sense, it did not deter there, as it also assisted the lawn in assimilating water and nutrients. As a result, it not only slows moss growth but also contributes significantly to lawn replenishment.


  1. Thickens the grass, allowing it to grow and circulate to occupy in all bare spots
  2. Abrasive to moss but mild on lawns
  3. The two sizes available are 5,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet in content.


  1. Improper use may cause lawn to burn and appear slimy.
  2. Expensive
  3. Does not completely cover 5,000 square feet

3) Wet & Forget Mildew Removal

4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

When I’m looking for a moss killer, I invariably anticipate if the product will make moss removal easier. So, when I saw Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner, I realized I had to try it to see if it could really make my life more convenient.

It was clear from the start that this was not only effective at eliminating moss but also at dealing with mildew growth, algae, mold.

Wet & Forget has created an excellent moss remover with unrivaled coverage and a very well diffuser that allows you to enter surface areas up to 30 feet high.


  1. No scouring or rinsing required
  2. Sprays places that’s about 30 feet high
  3. It covers a large area up to 2000 sq ft.


  1. This may take much longer to totally eliminate all of the moss.
  2. This might ignore an irritating drippy soap filth behind.
  3. It may be difficult to eradicate from possible areas crops that it touches on during the spraying.

4) Scotts MossEx Ready-Spray Kills Moss

4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways4 Best Moss Killers For Driveways

Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 is yet another effective spray for removing moss from any wall in your residence or office. Because the product actually is pre-mixed, you will save effort and time.

Scotts MossEx is also notable for its quick-acting formula. Unlike some other methods, you do not have to wait weeks or even months to see results.

It only takes about an hour to get the product to engage in work. What users like best about it, nevertheless, is that it wouldn’t leave residue on your part of the property.


  1. Kills moss within a few hours of being sprayed
  2. It is pre-mixed and fully prepared to use
  3. It does not leave any dirt or stinky residue behind after a thorough removal


  1. Cannot be used if the temperature exceeds 85°F.
  2. Only reaches areas of about 500 square feet.

Best Moss Killer For Driveways: Buying Guide

Moss can show up on your driveways for a range of factors, including moisture, chemicals such as natural oils and organic solvent, a complete absence of light, and the existence of some kinds of crops.

Moss has a well-known effect on your crops and work surfaces, and this can be considerable if not addressed promptly.

A few more moss changes are extremely resistant and necessitate a specific type of moss-killing remedy. Consider the following factors when selecting a moss killer:

Driveway Size

When selecting a driveway specific product, compare the size of your driveway. A Moss Killer that’s not really the appropriate size will cause a lot of damage to ones driveway and may necessitate the requirement to re-pave the surface area.


You must select the proper moss killer for your own long driveway. We always want an absolutely gorgeous driveway, but when going to treat your driveway, you must be cautious.

Any chemical can be hazardous if not used correctly. The easiest way to get rid of moss, weeds, flowers, or shrubs is to follow the safety precautions.

Professional Guidance

When selecting the best moss killer for your private driveway, professional guidance is essential.

It would be difficult to determine which brand would perform effectively on your long driveway without the assistance of a professional.

With several great products available, people have a lot of different ideas and viewpoints about what actually works, what does not function properly at all, etc.

You might do a thorough research on your own, but in the final moment, this relevant information will force you to try several treatment options.

The Type Of Moss Killer

When selecting the finest moss killer for your long driveway, keep in mind that they have been meant to kill moss, not weeds. Moss killers are easily obtainable in most stores and online.

The ideal moss killer for your private driveway will vary based on where you intend to use it. It is centered on your moss killer demands. To make the selection easier for you, kindly chose from our list.


For most of the great outcome, as with any chemical product, it is paramount to follow the included instructions.

Each of the products mentioned above has advantages and disadvantages, but they will all provide adequate results within the specifications of their original purpose. Some will act fast, while others will work slowly.

When used correctly, all of them can be effective. On every case, trying to read labels and following instructions are important to achieving good results.

With this additional details, I believe you will be able to make an informed decision. Also, check our article about the best roof moss killer.