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4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer’s Guide

by Idris Ya'u
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Garden spades are promptly useful than some gardeners would think. These useful gardening devices makes it simple to appropriately carry out your planting duties.

It can be difficult to determine which garden spade is best for you if you are not properly guided. Therefore, we’ve looked at most of the best choices available on the market, as well as some tips on how to choose the best garden instruments for your requirements.

Best Garden Spade

In a rush? Our Top Picks:

  1. Spear Head Gardening
  2. Roamwild Multi-Digger Garden Spade

1) Spear Head Gardening

4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide

The Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel is really a dynamic device that digs like a spade while also removing huge quantities of dirt like just a shovel.

It also helps in saving storage space and eliminates the need to switch between equipment. To save effort and duration, dig, afterward scoop and remove contaminants in one movement.

This spade is ideal for working with clay and rough soil, but may also be used for a range of different other gardening activities.

The handle is made of heavy steel composite material fibers and has a smooth added comfort D-grip; it’s also remarkably convenient and easy to move.


  1. BESTREVIEWS award winning spade
  2. Serves as a spade and shovel
  3. Strong and quality fiberglass


  1. Might be a bit heavy to a few user.

2) Roamwild Multi-Digger Garden Spade

4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide

Roamwild’s Multi-Digger Garden Spade is made of lightweight shielded fiberglass. It is designed to dig and cut root systems with minimal effort.

The grip is lightweight, so you won’t get tired just using it – the entire spade weighs only 4.5lbs! Its ergonomic design allows power to be applied directly to the soil surface, minimizing digging activities by up to 80%.

This shovel has a double grip handle that allows you to smoothly use it in a variety of positions to complete a various tasks with a single tool. The handle is also large enough, so you won’t have to worry about working with pressurized fingers.


  1. The root cutting edge is serrated
  2. Large footplates
  3. Double handle


  1. The advert did not clearly specify the spade details.

3) Fiskars D-handle Square Garden Spade

4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide

Fiskars D-handle Square Garden Spade comes in two sizes: 46 inches and 51 inches in length. It has a sturdy all-steel formation as well as an ergonomic handle.

The large foot plates just at upper edge of the blade help in faster digging while engaging both your maximum and minimum body strength.

The nice sharp device also makes digging more convenient. Even the widest hands will find digging soothing and simple to grip, thanks to the additional D-Handle provided by the manufacturer.

Sturdiness and strength are ensured by the 14-gauge sharp edge and 18-gauge metal shaft. Because this device will not risk breaking or bend, the company is delighted to provide a lifetime warranty.


  1. It’s available in two unique sizes
  2. The steel shaft and blade are Heavy-duty
  3. Lifetime warranty


  1. Handle is not too durable but there is an option for replacement by the company.

4) LavaHome Multi-Purpose Spade

4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide4 Best Garden Spades: Step By Step Buyer's Guide

The LavaHome Multi-Purpose Spade has quite a forward-turned component that allows you to be using your lower body muscular strength to easily continue cutting through root systems and sod.

This is a spade and shovel quality hybrid that allows you to complete a variety of tasks with a single tool. The blade is made of tough steel that is nearly 14 gauge. It measures 42″ long and also has a D grip portable handle.

The shaft and grip are made of solid oak wood, which gives this spade excellent shock absorption and durability.

Because of the pulse width modulation lugs on the sides of the blade, users won’t have to struggle to take the spade off from the dirt.


  1. It’s multi-use
  2. Hybrid spade and shovel
  3. Large and comfortable
  4. Nice padded grip


  1. The user needs to sharpen it for proper use.

Best Garden Spade: Buying Guide

The following are some features to look for when purchasing a garden spade. If you would like the quality product and a long-lasting spade, the following features are what you should be searching for in a spade.

The Solid Forged

Solid forged garden spades have a single part of material that serves as both the blade and also the handle. Using a constant piece of metal reduces tremendously the risk of the spade bending or breaking.

If somehow the blade and handle are manufactured differently and then fastened together, the grip would still be the feeble connection.

The Handle Design

The two most common grip designs on the market at the moment are the T shape design and the Y/D shape design. The T-grip is especially suitable to individuals with bigger hands because you can adjust your placement to accommodate yourself when using this tool.

We also like how you can apply even more pressure as you want to the spade.

The Y or D designed handle, based on the model, provides a far more stable grip because your hands will not slip as easily. They might, however, be challenging to be used for having bigger hands.

Grip Comfortability

The handle on your spade is relevant because you will need sufficient friction and reliability to exhibit full strength on the spade sometimes if you are operating in the downpours or have sweaty hands.

Notwithstanding, you wouldn’t want an inconvenient grip because it can aggravate blisters, calluses, and general fatigue while you’re working.

Search for handles made of rubber, silicone, or foam to minimize stress and enhance control.

The Socket

When you select a garden spade with two parts, the entire head and also the handle, you must evaluate the quality and design of the fitting that connects the both.

The lengthier the socket and the additional connections, the further durable it will be.

Search for sturdy rivets that hold the two aspects altogether, but make absolutely sure they’re flush against the major grip so they shouldn’t get in the side.

The Foot Treads

Occasionally using only your muscular force doesn’t really get the spade sharp blade into the soil, and you will need a little more force to achieve your target.

A few of the finest spades have food handrail that enable you to dig the soil with the necessary force.


We spend a quality time to review the garden spades listed in this article. We also made sure that it is written in an easy to read and understanble manner.

Therefore, the information contained in this article should be able to guide and help you to make the right selection.

If you want to buy the best garden shovels, check our article about the best garden shovels for digging. We also have article about the best garden shovels for snow.

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