How to Build a Tiered Raised Strawberry Bed

How to Build a Tiered Raised Strawberry Bed

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Creating an accurate place to grow strawberries is an amazing idea. Strawberries are generally consumed by many people, and they are always in demand in the market. Therefore, knowing how to plant them, either for personal use or for business, is very important.

The unique feature of a tiered raised bed is that you can be the architect of the design and structure. Make sure that after structuring, it will be easy to plant the strawberries.

If properly planted, it will increase your yields of tasty, savoury, delicious, and juicy homegrown strawberries.

Kindly read through this article to learn more about how to build a tiered raised strawberry bed.

How to Build a Tiered Raised Strawberry Bed

Building a tiered raised strawberry bed is not difficult. Considerably, it gives you no less than three levels and nine sections for nurturing and growing your strawberries. The tiered raised bed does not have an enclosed bottom.

If you have decided to put it in an open space or enclosure, you can make use of a cedar box to hold the soil or use a garden fabric to line it in a flowering row inside the tiered raised strawberry bed.

By doing this, you are making sure the soil stays in place and does not scatter out of the box when watering your strawberry plants, because your strawberries need a constant and stable place to grow.

What are the necessary things needed for building a tiered raised strawberry bed?

  1. Exterior wood glue
  2. Cedar board
  3. 11/4- inch exterior screw
  4. Chop saw or mitre box
  5. Soil and strawberry plants
  6. Drill with a Phillips bit and a pilot hole pit
  7. 2-inch exterior wood screws
  8. Optional exterior wood sealer of stains

What is The Method of the Cutting?

Below is the cutting list for building a raised strawberry bed. It is advisable to follow the recommended dimensions. Do not add or reduce the inches given in the details.

1# Bottom box

Finished box dimensions of 32×32 inches, two 32x1x6 – inch cedar boards, two 30×3/8x1x6-inch cedar boards, four 5-1/2x2x2 – inch cedar boards.

2#The Middle Box

Finished Box Dimensions: 23-1/4×23-1/4 inches, two 23-1/4x1x6 inch cedar boards, four 11x2x2 cedar boards, and two 21-1/2x1x6 inch cedar boards.

3# Top Box

finished box dimensions of 16-7/8×16-7/8; two 16-7/8x1x6-inch cedar boards; two 15-3/8x1x6-inch cedar boards; and two 11x2x2-inch cedar boards.

Building The Tiered Raised Bed

Step 1: Use a mitre box to bisect the wood

Use a mitre box to bisect the wood following the measurements provided in the cut lists. Do not add any numbers to the dimensions and inches given. Organize the pieces of the cut wood by box size to safeguard the measurements.

Step 2: Collection of the Boxes

Make sure you begin with the first box by chiselling a corner brace in a line matching the length of the boards at the short end of the line, along with the short end and the brace or supports at the corner.

Put in the screws down to the corner braces. It is compulsory to follow the steps I gave above when setting up the middleboxes.

Step 3: Stack plants and boxes

Put the box in an inclined measured reference line (either vertical or horizontal), but here it is in a diagonal line and you should put them in order from the largest to the smallest (make sure it is in descending order).

For the descending leg support of the middle and top boxes, chisel through the legs into the box to join the boxes together. You can also seal the tiered strawberry raised beds after setting the desired structure of your planter box.

Once all this is successfully done, you are ready to plant by filling all the beds with healthy potting soil and tamping them down.

Make sure you use your trowel to prepare the soil by digging tiny holes for each of your strawberry plants. After doing this, remember that all this work will be done in a durable pot.

You will have to remove the plants from the pot and plant them in the desired hole, guaranteeing their space by pressing down all the soil around their planting area. It is also important to constantly water your strawberry plants.

What Type of Crop Can Be Planted In A Tiered Raised Bed?

Any type of plant can be grown in a tiered raised bed, but I decided to go with strawberries because they are tasty plants to grow. They spring up and develop to maturity quickly and grow vigorously in a tiered raised bed.

The wonderful part of growing strawberries in a tiered raised bed is that you will have many strawberries produced and an encouraging harvest.


It’s often a wonderful experience to grow strawberries in a tiered raised bed. The cost of a tiered raised strawberry bed is about minimum of $100 or more, depending on the quality of the materials used.

That is excluding equipment, tools, and screws for setting up the tiered strawberry bed. It’s not very expensive considering the benefits.

Don’t look at the cost of setting it up; look at the production yield of the plant. I hope I have been able to teach you how to build a tiered raised strawberry bed.