How Often Should You Change Hydroponic Water? Now Answered

How Often Should You Change Hydroponic Water? Now Answered

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Hygiene is not only practiced by humans alone; it should also be practiced in other activities we venture into in our daily lives. The fact that the water in your hydroponic tank remains unchanged for days, weeks, or months should be of concern to you.

The rate at which you change your hydroponic water depends on the size of the hydroponic farm or garden and the result of the PH test.

What is the Best Water Type Used by Hydroponic Farmers?

Distilled water is the best liquid you can use for your hydroponic plants. When you use distilled water, it certainly assures you that the plant culture is only susceptible to the nutrients that have been added by the farmers, not harsh chemicals or minerals in the source of water.

Before changing your hydroponic water, it is necessary that you know and do the following:

1# Constant Refill of Water

Once your hydroponic water decreases, make sure you tap your tank off. The need for this is so that you will not encounter water absence, which will affect the growth and yield of the plants.

Make sure you don’t change the direct source of the water, because if the water source changes, it affects the plant. If you feel the water needs to be treated before usage, then do it. Adding the same water from the same source brings a balance to the pH.

The level of water in the tank decreases based on the size of the farm or garden, and also based on the environment in which they are grown, especially the lighting components.

Hotter lighting in the garden or farm accommodates greater water evaporation. You must always think about this carefully when you want to change your hydroponic water.

2# Constant Water Change

Your hydroponic water needs constant water changes. When I say constant, it doesn’t mean frequently or every day. Some hydroponic farmers change their hydroponic water every two days, which is wrong and also stressful in the long run.

The actual time for changing the water in your hydroponic water tank is after you have topped it off to fill your tank full. If you have an average hydroponic system, it is advisable to change the water every 2-3 weeks. But if it is smaller, it will be shorter than the average time.

Before changing it, make sure you wash your hydroponic water tank with a clean, plant-friendly solution. On some occasions, depending on the health of the plant, you may need to change the water in your hydroponic tank.

3# New Fertilizer

Once you change the fertilizer you use in your hydroponic farm or garden to a new fertilizer or a new brand, you will need to change all the water in the hydroponic tank.

Don’t be so compassionate with yourself that you throw away half of the water and retain the other half. This is done because the water nutrients can cause problems for your plant if they are not changed.

4# PH Level

If you notice that the leaves of your cultured plants are turning yellow despite changing the water and following the right procedures for taking care of your plants in your hydroponic farm, then your pH is imbalanced.

Always do a quick pH test before topping off your hydroponic water tank. Being aware of pH imbalances will help your plants live longer.

Most of the time, the pH imbalance is caused by changing the source of water to a new water source. Note that you are culturing different types of plants, so feed them cautiously and attend to their needs.

5# Bacteria and Algae

Hydroponics is a system of soilless farming because the irrigation technique directly works under the root of the plant.

The closeness of your plant to the soil, which also brings it closer to the water, may increase the number of harmful and deadly algae and bacteria living in your tank, causing diverse types of plant diseases. You really have to be watchful to prevent harm.

If an incident of any harm or bacteria happens, it is advisable to change the water and thoroughly clean your tank.

How Can I Maintain My Hydroponic Tank?

  1. All stagnant water should be changed.
  2. Constant and proper aeration is necessary 
  3. Regular pH check
  4. Constant cleaning and filtering of the water.
  5. Be cautious of the temperature and nutrient solution of your plant.
  6. Use an EC Meter

How often should you add nutrients to your hydroponic plants?

When it comes to adding nutrients to our hydroponic plants, 7–10 days is recommended. Adding a flush solution treatment (EC 0.6) nutrient in a small amount will safeguard the plant from harm. But you must make sure that the temperature and pH are suitable.

Can You Overwater in Hydroponics?

The fact remains that you can overwater hydroponics. But note that there are diverse definable aspects, explanations, and justifications for why such things happen. The main reason is that it depends on the type of hydroponic farming you are working with.

Does Hydroponic Farming Sink the Roots of Plants?

The hydroponic farming system does not sink the roots of plants because of the presence of an air pump.

The air pump safeguards the nutrient solution and keeps it constantly oxygenated by the air bubble. Through this, the root will still stand firmly in the plant system.


This detailed guide will help you carry out a proper hydroponic water activity. You need to fully change your hydroponic water every 2-3 weeks for an average-sized hydroponic system. I hope I have been able to explain to you how often you can change your hydroponic water.