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How To Grow Apricot Plant from Seed

by Idris Ya'u
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Apricot plants are fruit plants that produces apricots; thriving with pinkish-white flowers in the early spring.

Apricot is a stone fruit, that’s often sweet, round and juicy. It has some kind of peach taste, a slight fuzzy skin, an inner flesh with a large seed within.

As the apricot plant blossoms with its flowers, apricot is been produced after about 120 days later.

However, having the intention to grow apricot plant from its very seed will require two factors to help you kick start the process; one is to learn to be a little bit patient, and another thing you need is an apricot pit.

How to Grow Apricot Plant from Seed?

You can grow your own apricot plant from its seed, following the steps below;

1# Indoor Method of Germination

First separate the seed from the apricot pit, by using a device like a hammer to carefully break them apart to unveil the seed. Now soak the seed overnight under room-temperature using a bowl to prepare it for germination.

Next is to enfold the seed in a paper towel, preferably a wet one and put it in an enclosed plastic bag; storing the bag under the range temperature of 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit using the refrigerator.

Aftermath, keep the seed in the refrigerator to allow apricot to germinate. This could take about one to two months.

Tip: Learn how to apricot in pots

2# Outdoor Method of Germination

Apricot plants grow optimally in cold winter climates that help induces its dormancy period, as well as warm summer climates.

Hence, plant your seed in early spring, particularly after the last frost and remember to choose a full time sunny environment that allows your apricot grow best.

Plant your seed with loamy soil that is well drained; to allow your apricot plant grow well having a sturdy root system, that as well supports Large fruit yield.

Now do this by digging and putting your seed in a six-inch hole, covering it with an appropriate mixture or combination of soil and organic compost.

Safeguard your planting environment with a screen that can cover your seeds at every side. This can specifically prevent animals from tampering with your seed.

Finally, your seed needs watering. It’s recommended to only water just once in a week during cool climate, but it’s important to water the seed up to about three times a week during hot climate. In the act of watering, ensure that your soil remain damp but not waterlogged.

Do Apricot Seeds Need to Dry Before Planting?

For you to grow your apricot plant from its seed, you need to select a sweet apricot preferably the one that falls between the mid- to late-season.

When you eat it, make sure you hold onto your pit and remember to only eat a few of it to increase its chances of germination.

Hence before planting, dry the seed by eliminating the flesh and putting it out for some hours on a paper towel.

Can you grow an Apricot Plant from an Apricot Pit?

The apricot seeds are contained inside the pit; hence, any moment you eat an apricot, you must stick to the pit left and use it to cultivate your apricot plant.


Growing your own apricot plant requires a bit of patience and your apricot pit; this will get you kick started, as you meticulously follow the procedures in this article to germinate and successfully fruit your apricot.

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