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How to Germinate Apricot Seeds Fast

by Idris Ya'u
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Gardeners and apricot lovers must know that fast seed sprout can be rapidly achieved by learning to do the right things from the onset.

At foremost, prospective apricot planters must ensure to collect pit from a well known and trusted source.

It should ultimately be about getting the pit that would be best appropriate for your local climate; since the apricot tree has its best climates that support its optimum growth.

In addition, it’s also important that the apricot seeds should pass through the needed preparations before planting so as to ascertain an effective germination.

Such of these preparations which include; the removal of residues from each pit using cool water, as well as the air-drying process that could take about 24 to 48 hours.

All of these and many more could contribute to the rapid germination of apricot seeds.

How to Germinate Apricot Seeds Fast?

At foremost, seed must be separated from the pit and germination can either be done indoors using a refrigerator or outdoors via direct planting.

1# Indoor Germination

At indoor germination, seeds are stored before planting for up to 4 to 6 weeks in a cool medium.

Under room temperature, the seed is soaked overnight, buried in a peat moss, moist sand or paper towel using a plastic container or gas jar.

Hence, set your refrigerator between the temperatures of about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and put the container. At maturity, white rootlets begin to appear.

2# Outdoor Germination

For outdoor germination, direct planting is done in sand as you cover the pit slightly with the soil. The soil helps to avoid crusting that could occur at cold winter.

Aftermath, a screen or hardware cloth will be needed so as to safeguard your pit at every side especially from animal diggings. At maturity, the screen is removed as the seedlings begin to appear.

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What’s the Fastest Way to Germinate Apricot Seeds?

When looking for how to germinate apricot seeds faster as briefly highlighted above, the indoor way or method remains the fastest way to germinate apricot seeds.

The indoor way or method involved using a refrigerator under a controlled temperature that helps hasten the germination of your seeds.

The indoor method allows your seed to germinate at about four to six weeks while the outdoor method that involved direct planting using sand takes longer time to germinate, with the duration been up to about 18 months.

Is it Easy to Grow Apricots?

Many gardeners and apricot lovers might want to accept the fact that growing an apricot tree is fairly cheap and simple, in as much as you have the necessary knowledge and materials to put things in place.

The only thing that could prove difficult is having the patience to wait till it matures and start bearing fruits.


To grow or germinate apricot seeds faster, adequate efforts must be rightly channeled from onset so as to get your desired results. Apricot seeds will grow faster when you know under which conditions to keep it.

You must also be aware as this article had revealed that knowing/learning the indoor way or method of germination gives your seed the best conditions to germinate faster as rightly compared to the outdoor method which definitely takes longer.

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