How to Take Care of Roses in the House

How to Take Care of Roses in the House

Roses are quite difficult to care of but not impossible. The important aspects of rose care are the planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning, as well as, winterizing. With the appropriate amount of water and sunlight, alongside grooming, your roses will definitely thrive. To take care of your roses:

1) Water Regularly

There is a rule of thumb for watering roses which involves ensuring that roses get about two inches per week. Deep soakings are known to be much preferable to frequent, shallow watering.

To water your roses, you need to set the hose at the foot of the rose and allow the water trickle in. You can use a soaker hose for big beds of roses or perhaps, if you have a big bed of roses and companions, you can install an in-ground system.

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2) Feeding of the Roses

The roses should be fed consistently both before and throughout the blooming cycle and make use of fertilizer to support their healthy growth. It is best to use an all-purpose garden fertilizer as it contains balanced amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium as well.

Fertilizers touted most especially for roses can be used but not compulsory to be used. In spring, as the plant emerges from dormancy, you can have the roses watered with a tablespoon of Epsom salt which has been dissolved in a gallon of water. Ensure to water before applying fertilizer for the plant to be plumped up and under no stress.

3) Groom your Roses

This is to improve flowering and also, keep the plants healthy. To groom your roses, use sharp clippers. To groom your roses, cut out materials such as dead wood, damaged wood, misplaced stems, and suckers.

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4) Tidy up your Roses

This is to achieve a cleaner, more bountiful rose bed. Your rose plant appears better when spent flowers are gotten rid of. You should deadhead your rose plants. Badly damaged, diseased, or dead leaves should be removed and tossed into the trash rather than in compost pile.

5) Prune your roses in the Spring

Pruning of roses in the spring helps to destroy all old or diseased plant material. It is best to do this in early spring. To prune your roses, remove all non-negotiable growth, thin the rose plants, and proceed to have them shaped.

How often do I water my Indoor Roses?

Roses require a lot of water. You can water when the top one inch of soil has dried out. Ensure the compost is moist but not wet.

Do Roses need Sunlight?

Yes, they do. Roses need direct sunlight which should be for a minimum of four hours. However, your roses can still thrive without direct sunlight.

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Is Sugar Water Good for Roses?

Yes. Sugar provides food for cut roses and can help in lengthening the life of your flower arrangements.


Roses require regular periods of light and darkness alike. Also, the humidity around your mini rose should be raised.